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How To Sell On Amazon (2)

Amazon Strategies for Increased Sales this Holiday Season

Amazing’s Jason Katzenback (CEO and Co-Founder) and Kristin Dickson (Learning Strategist) were live on Facebook to review the successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There were reportedly $7.9 billion dollars in online sales and Amazon broke previous sales records! In this video, you will learn Amazon strategies for increased sales this holiday season.

The Amazing duo goes on to offer valuable Amazon seller tips, including the importance of creating off-Amazon content, focusing on your brand, and optimizing your Amazon product listing. Katzenback also reveals lower pricing techniques that create sales velocity (providing long-term benefits) as well and the importance of leveraging Amazon promotions (like lightening deals) and learning  how to effectively run Sponsored Ads.

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How to Drive Traffic to Amazon With Content Marketing

Learn how to drive traffic to Amazon through content marketing. Jason Katzenback introduced Shane Oglow and Norm Farrar to explain how to maximize content to drive traffic and sales to your Amazon listing (while minimizing marketing efforts). They share the importance of maximizing a single piece of content, their step by step guide for maximizing content, and additional insights to make sure content is driving Amazon traffic and sales.

Amazon Content Marketing
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Maximizing Each Piece of Content
Step by Step Guide for Maximizing Amazon Content
Expert Content Maximizing Steps
Use Press Releases to Further Maximize Content
Tips for Using Influencers
Additional Content Marketing Tips
Discover the #1 Mistake Sellers Make That Destroy Their Marketing Momentum – Full Video Transcript

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Finding Products to Sell on Amazon

Mike McClary and Matt Clark joined forces to give sellers tips for finding good products to sell on Amazon. The duo review 9 products that are currently selling well on Amazon, so that you know what to look for in a viable product of your own.

They also offer advice on sourcing and ordering products, packaging and branding, product listing optimization, ranking product listings, and developing ongoing marketing strategies.

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How to Increase Sales on Amazon | Free Amazon Traffic Strategy

How do you increase sales on the Amazon without paying ad spend? This article will teach you the free Amazon traffic strategy that will help maximize sales transactions and increase profit.

Matt Clark (of recently sat down with Stefan James (of Project Life Mastery) to present a $50,000 check to WE Charity, on Stefan’s behalf. Stefan was recently the top referrer to’s “Amazing Selling Machine” online course for how to grow a successful business with Amazon , and earned this gift for the charity of his choice (you can learn more about WE charity in the full interview, below).

During their rendezvous, Matt asked Stefan to share his knowledge about how a   seller looking to increase their sales on the Amazon marketplace can take specific steps to get buyers to their Amazon product listing, with zero ad spend. Sellers can make almost any product they are selling profitable, if they are getting their own traffic instead of losing profit by paying for ad spend. But how?

You can do this by effectively utilizing your relevant social media platforms.

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Day 8 – Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

One of the things that have the most influence on people’s buying decisions on Amazon are reviews.

If there are more positive reviews we feel more secure when buying. On the other hand, if there are more negative reviews, we’re much more hesitant. And most often, we decide not to buy.

(Think about how you buy something nowadays. We are in the “Age of Reviews”)

But here’s the thing… negative reviews do not mean that it’s a bad product. People can – and will – give negative reviews for all sorts of reasons.

But still, they are an important buying decision factor for the majority of people.

For you, as a seller, this presents a huge challenge.

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Day 7 – Simple Tactic To Increase Your Amazon Listings Conversion Rate by up to 8%

Would you spend 1 dollar to double, triple, even quadruple your results? These are the results our students are seeing with courses like our Amazon Traffic Blitz: Launch Your Product to the Top and Amazon Conversion Maximizer.

Sign up RIGHT NOW and for the next 30 days, we will give you access to these courses and the rest of our treasure trove of results producing experts… Results for themselves, and results for those who follow their instructions. This could be you!

For today’s episode of the 12 Days of Christmas we are showing you a simple tactic on how to increase conversion rates of your Amazon listings. This is one of the most important things you can do as an Amazon seller.

The most obvious reason, is that you’ll get more revenue per dollar invested in marketing.

But there’s also another, equally important reason.

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Day 3 – How To Do Amazon Product Research

Hi! Jason here, and I’ve got your third gift how to do Amazon product research!

Product selection is one of the most crucial steps in building your Amazon business.

Choose the wrong product to sell, and you’re pretty much doomed to fail. You’ll have a hard time getting your product in front of the right people. That means low conversion rates, lower search positions, and low profit.

On the other hand, if you choose the right product, your chances for success are much, much higher.

But, how do you choose the right product?

That’s what my good friend and instructor, Rich Henderson, is talking about today, in the third gift training in our 12 Days of Christmas series!

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The Top 5 Myths About Sourcing from China

Are you new to sourcing from China for Amazon FBA?

It is difficult to ignore China as the manufacturing powerhouse in today’s global economy. And, there exist tremendous opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs who recognize its value.

For those prepared to start taking advantage of doing business with China,  I hope to bust some of the myths held by business owners and entrepreneurs.

Working with many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies over the years, I noticed that there were some common misconceptions coming up over and over again.

To save you from countless expensive errors, let me address them here, so you don’t have to go through the growing pains that I experienced when I first started working in this field.

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