Facebook Traffic Secrets: Boost Your ROI and Conversions on Amazon

Learn how to boost ROI and conversions on Amazon with Facebook ads. In an Amazing.com SellerPro training course, Manol Georgiev reveals how sellers can identify their ideal customer, maximize ROI with the high affinity targeting system, and create high-converting ads for maximum efficiency on Facebook ad spend.

Learn how to boost ROI and conversions on Amazon with Facebook ads

The simple and effective techniques Manol Georgiev reveals in his training course, Facebook Traffic Secrets: Boost Your ROI and Conversions on Amazon, can be applied to a broad array of product categories and niche markets. This is where you will learn how to boost ROI and conversions on Amazon with Facebook ads. 

Manol reveals how Amazon sellers can run profitable Facebook campaigns. He drives high impact campaigns through niche research, targeting, and ad creativity. Those three components help sellers to achieve maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by not just acquiring customers but acquiring high value customers.

Who is this Facebook Advertising Course for?

This course is beneficial to both seasoned sellers who have hundreds of products and also those who are about to launch their first product. Whether you are a Shopify store owner with no experience with Facebook ads or a person who spends more than $100K a month on ads, the systems Manol teaches can still potentially improve your ROI and conversion rates.

Meet the Instructor to help you learn how to boost ROI and conversions on Amazon with Facebook ads

Manol Georgiev is an entrepreneur and a Facebook traffic expert. He has helped clients with businesses and brands scale their operation, while growing his own brand, and managing over $30 million in ad spend on Facebook and Instagram. He has developed a unique skillset through his diverse portfolio of clients ranging from Amazon and eCommerce to SAAS and mobile app companies. He is the man to help you learn how to boost ROI and conversions on Amazon with Facebook ads.

Facebook Traffic Secrets Lesson Breakdown

Manol’s course is 3 modules and 13 lessons, totaling just over an hour in length. In the first module he covers the importance of identifying the ideal customer, the power of precise targeting, the 3-step internet research system, and validating interests. In the second module he discusses how to analyze key metrics in Facebook Audience Insight, the high affinity targeting system, and how to validate your targeting list. In the final module, he reveals how to maximize ROAS with top performing ad formats, how to create simple videos that convert, how to write engaging and effective ad copy, and how to launch your first campaign.

What Viewers Are Saying

Viewers of Amazing.com SellerPro have the ability to comment on the courses they view and get direct feedback and answers from the course instructors. One viewer said, “Very well done!! Great and simple course. One question. I realize Amazon won’t allow for pixeling. What then is the best proxy to measure to know the ad effectiveness?” Manol commented back and revealed how the viewer would be able to optimize the advertising experience and campaign with Facebook pixels on Amazon.

Amazing.com SellerPro Membership

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