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How to Earn a MASSIVE Payout in the Next Few Weeks By Helping Others Start Their Own Ecommerce Businesses 

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The video above was a note from one of our top affiliates, Stefan James.


Stefan earned nearly half a million dollars in two weeks during our last launch. 



How??! It comes down to three keys. 


  1. We have a proven offer. After 11 years in business, our flagship program, Amazing Selling Machine, has helped over 35,000 people worldwide start an ecommerce business from scratch. And we keep revamping it to make it even better.

  2. We pay high ticket commissions. You can make thousands with every sale, just by pointing people to a program that has a public track record of helping people get life-changing results.

  3. We supply you with email swipes, social posts, and blogs. All you have to do is send traffic to your affiliate link. 


We’ve had affiliates in all kinds of niches do well promoting Amazing Selling Machine.

That’s because people are hungry to secure their financial future. 

Now that corporations are dragging people back to the office, even more, people are looking for a way to work from home

This is why you can be a hero, and share how starting an ecommerce business can help them do both. 

Now Is The PERFECT Time To Promote
Amazing Selling Machine 


If you Google “ecommerce statistics 2023” right now, you’ll find that: 

  • The U.S. e-commerce market will reach over $1.1 trillion in sales in 2023

  • Ecommerce makes up about 20% of total retail sales…with lots of room to grow

  • Amazon accounts for 37% of all ecommerce sales and has the highest market share of all ecommerce companies 

That’s been the growth trajectory for the last few years and how…


We’ve Helped Countless Members Build 6, 7, And 8 Figure Businesses On Amazon


katy kopstad


Katy Sells $1,200,000 A Year Was Named Entrepreneur of the Year in Her Florida Hometown

“Guess who just hit their 100k badge. I honestly can’t believe it and wanted to thank you personally!” 

- Katy Kopstad

Paul N (2)


Paul Quit His Boring Office Job to Run His Business and Travel With Family  

“I have been selling for just under 11 months now and have 6 products. My monthly revenue is $86k with an overall bottom line profit of $13k. I am far more passionate about what I do now.” 

- Paul Nicholl

Anne F


Anne Runs a 7-Figure Ecommerce Brand from the Beach in Costa Rica

“I wanted to be doing $50,000 a month in sales by the beginning of 2020. I hit that goal within the first nine months of starting on Amazon. And this past month I did over $81,000 in sales.”

- Anne Ferris

But things are different now. 

It’s not as easy to succeed just selling on Amazon anymore. 

The costs of getting started are higher. The competition is stiff. And there are a lot more places to sell. 

We’ve taken the last two years to think through how to help people succeed in this new environment while testing strategies in our own ecommerce businesses... 

And discovered a NEW way to help people go from idea to sales in as little as 4 months. 

"I got more done on launching my ecommerce business in 4 months after joining than I did in the previous 12 months trying to piece everything together on my own."

Jeremy S 

"Within four weeks I am already driving $4,000 a DAY in revenue... My favorite thing about the training is the fact I have 1-on-1 support"

Mae R

The All-New Amazing Selling Machine 14 

This next version of ASM builds upon the INCREDIBLE successes our members have had creating Amazon-based businesses…

And now includes the power of A.I. plus expanding into other channels such as Shopify and Walmart to make it truly Omnichannel.

This is our most powerful program yet. 

Inside the Amazing Selling Machine course, we show students exactly how to:

  • Find a profitable product

  • Find trustworthy suppliers
  • Create a powerful brand
  • ​Automate the business
  • Scale sales on Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and beyond!

Plus, every step of the all-new ASM includes using the power of A.I. to build your business faster and better than ever.

We've also included world-class support like never before, such as:

  • Live Coaching Calls 3 Days a Week

  • 1:1 Support from a Dedicated Client Success Manager on Slack 

  • Private networking and resource group on Facebook 

On top of that, we now have TWO ways people can join Amazing Selling Machine.

They can either pay once for lifetime access OR pay a monthly subscription as they build their business.

Which means as an affiliate...


You Get Paid Two Ways

1. Sell Amazing Selling Machine

  • Get paid up to $1,198* for every person who pays for lifetime access to ASM. 
  • Paid out on the 15th of each month after the refund period has ended.
*Affiliates with more than 3 ASM sales qualify for $1,198. Affiliates with less than 4 ASM sales qualify for $749

2. Sell the Amazing Academy Plus

  • Get paid 25% of the monthly subscription fee until the person cancels. 
  • Paid out on the 15th of each month after the refund period has ended.


Here’s How to Get the Highest Payout Possible 

We’re launching Amazing Selling Machine 14 in July. 

To build excitement and kick off the launch, we’ve got three content-filled videos that we will be releasing.  

Here are those dates that you’ll want to mark your calendars for right now:
  • Monday, July 10th - Release of Video 1
  • Wednesday, July 12th - Release of Video 2
  • Friday, July 14th - Release of Video 3 and open the cart
  • Friday, July 21st - Cart closes at midnight

We’ll send you all the emails, social media posts, blog posts, and page banners to promote to your list.

All you have to do is plug in your affiliate link and hit send.


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During Our Last Launch, 
Affiliates Earned A Combined $1,096,925

Here are the commissions from the top 3 affiliates: 

Affiliate A

Sales: $1,398,469

Commissions: $559,388

Affiliate B

Sales: $589,776

Commissions: $235,910

Affiliate C

Sales: $112,174

Commissions: $44,896

The best time to become an affiliate is when you can take advantage of all the launch buzz that leads to crazy commissions. 

Sign up to become an affiliate now. 

The more people you send to the launch videos, the more you can earn! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much can I earn as an Amazing Ambassador?
Some Ambassadors earn as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. You can earn up to $1,200 per referral. Your leads are cookied for 60 days, so you earn commissions on any commissionable products they buy for the next two months.


What products can I promote?

We’re adding more and more opportunities for Ambassadors to earn commissions by sharing great content and products we create. Once you are an approved affiliate you will have access to the complete list of products you can promote. The main products are listed below.

  • Amazing Selling Machine
  • Amazing Academy
  • SellerCon Tickets
How do I apply to become an Ambassador?
We want to make sure you are aligned with our mission and are a good fit to work with us. So, you must apply to become an Ambassador before we approve you to start promoting.

Click here to apply now and our Affiliate Success Team will follow up within 24 business hours.


How long are my leads cookied when I send them to you?
Your leads are cookied for a full 60 days. Whenever you use one of your affiliate links to refer someone to one of our products or pieces of content, you will earn commissions on any commissionable products they buy during the next 60 days.


When will I get paid?
Affiliate payments go out once a month AND after the refund period has passed.


In what ways can I promote?

We encourage you to promote every way in which you can ethically and honestly reach an audience of people who might be interested in building successful online businesses.

Some of the most successful promotion methods of our top Ambassadors include:

● Emailing their own lists
● Running ads on Google and Facebook
● Posting on their own social media accounts
● Personally contacting friends and family to share our free content with them
● Via webinars, Facebook Lives, and other live training


In what ways am I NOT allowed to promote?

You are not allowed to promote via any search campaigns such as Google Adwords Search and Bing Ads Search bidding on the name of our brand or any products such as “Amazing Selling Machine”.

You are also not allowed to create any social media profiles that might be perceived as impersonating one of our leaders, such as Matt Clark or Mike McClary, or our brands, such as Amazing or Amazing Selling Machine.


What if I have a question not addressed in any of the FAQs?
We’d love to hear from you! Contact us anytime at and our Affiliate Success team will be in touch!

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*This student’s results may not be typical. Some may make little to no money. Results shown may not be typical. Many will make little to no money.