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How to Start an Amazon Business in the U.S. and Europe

Biswa Malla, an IT consultant with no selling experience, joined Amazing Selling Machine and was able to quit his job just two months after starting to sell on Amazon (all while living in Europe). Biswa shares his insight on how to start an Amazon business in the U.S and Europe, customizing products with manufacturers, and marketing products on Amazon.

International Amazon Seller Success Story

Biswa Malla was an IT consultant for 10 years and did not have any selling skills when he first started selling on Amazon, after joining ASM5. Just two months after starting, Biswa quit his full-time job and started living solely off his Amazon income. He found that he was making enough income to sustain his family and the more products he launched, the better off his family became. During his interview with Mike McClary and Rich Henderson, Biswa shares that everyone is always in a rush, but now that he owns his own business he doesn’t have to rush, and he can do his own thing at his own time.

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How to Sell on Amazon Revealed

Ben DeVries revealed how to sell on Amazon during this live interview. In only two years, he started and grew his brand into a multi-million-dollar Amazon business. Just last week, he was able to quit his full-time day job to just work on his Amazon business due to the success he found on FBA. Here, Ben shares his insider tips for creating a million-dollar Amazon business using the Amazing Selling Machine, finding like minded people for support, and competing against the big brands on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine 9 (ASM9)
Starting an Amazon Business Using Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)
Working with Your Wife
Surround Yourself with Other Sellers and Likeminded People
Next Steps for New Sellers
Investing in New Ventures to Diversify Income
Selling an Amazon Business for Millions
Amazing Selling Machine Review
Competing with Big Brands on Amazon
Employee to Million Dollar Business Owner Video Transcript

Ben DeVries went from an employee to a full-time entrepreneur in just two years. During his interview with Jason Katzenback, he explained that he felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders when he finally quit his job last week. After watching Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) free training videos, he realized he could start an Amazon business with very little capital up front. The free training videos led him to Amazing Selling Machine, where he enrolled as a member and gained access to a step-by-step guide and course teaching him how to start and grow his own Amazon business.

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How to Sell on Amazon Successfully

Learn how to sell on amazon successfully to beat the big brands: Norm Farrar, an established veteran in the world of strategy and business, is a branding expert. Norm shares how sellers can beat big brands on Amazon, build their own brand, establish customer trust, and use their branding to grow their product.

Amazing Selling Machine Free Training and Tools
Competing Against Big Brands
Creating a Brand and Building Customer Trust
Building a Brand vs. Just Selling Product
Creating the Customer Experience
When to Start Investing in Branding
Building a Brand on a Budget
Bad Customer Reviews and Refunds
Brand Building and Growing a Product
Quality of Logos
Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents
Beating Big Brands on Amazon… No Experience Necessary! – Video Transcript

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How to Get Started Selling on Amazon

The Umlauf couple learned how to get started selling on Amazon through Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). Jim and Maggie Umlauf grew a multi-million-dollar business and sold it in just three years. Less than a year later, the couple took their business back. Jim shares his insight on lifestyles changes after starting an Amazon business, customer experiences and journey maps, selling a business and taking it back, intellectual property protection, expanding beyond Amazon, and more.

Amazing Selling Machine Success Story
ASM Training and Community
Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Videos
Lifestyle Change and New Work Hours
Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
Mapping Out the Customer Journey
Selling a Business and Taking It Back Over
When to Get Intellectual Property Protection
Expanding Business Beyond Amazon
Working with Your Significant Other
When the First Product Doesn’t Sell
Unique Investing Approach to Maximize Profit Margins
Surveying Customers to Better Business
Key Takeaways for Building an Amazon Business
Create & Sell a Successful Brand (for MILLIONS) in Just Under 3 Years! – Full Video Transcript

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How to Build an Amazon Business ($4.5 million in 2.5 Years!)

Learn how to build an Amazon business the same way Paul Miller did. Just 2.5 years ago, after taking the Amazing Selling Machine training course, Paul started selling on Amazon and has now hit $4.5 million in annual sales. He is now projected to make up to $8 million this year. Watch as Paul shares insight on the benefits of starting an Amazon business, picking the first product to sell on Amazon, customizing a product, and landing licensing agreements.

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How to Make Money on Amazon

Angie Chacon learned how to make money on Amazon using the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). Once a single mom struggling to make ends meet, Angie now owns and operates a multi-million-dollar Amazon business. Listen to Angie as she offers her Amazing Selling Machine review and gives advice on using the ASM course to pick the right product, investing back into your Amazon business, sourcing suppliers, and hiring employees to grow your business.

Amazing Selling Machine Success Story
Using Amazing Selling Machine to Pick the Right Product
Financial Freedom and Investing Back into Your Amazon Business
Finding a Supplier – Overseas, Local, Yourself?
Hiring Employees to Better Grow Your Business
Amazing Selling Machine Training and Community
Amazing Selling Machine Bonus
Full Video Transcript: Single Mom Builds Amazon EMPIRE

Amazing Selling Machine Success Story

Angie Chacon went from a stressed single mom—finding it difficult to pay the bills—to a multi-million-dollar Amazon business owner. Angie felt stuck in her 9 to 5 job and was lacking both the freedom of time and the financial freedom she wanted in her life. She knew she wanted a job she could do anywhere (whether that was traveling or being at home), and something that allowed her to spend time with her kids.

After hearing her friends’ stories about the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course and their Amazon business success, selling on Amazon made sense for Angie. Having no Amazon or e-commerce experience, Angie studied the ASM courses on evenings and weekends, and began to build her multi-million-dollar business.

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How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA

Anne Ferris learned how to start selling on Amazon FBA from the Amazing Selling Machine training course. She just started selling on Amazon, and in under 5 months already made $75,000 in sales. Here, she offers her Amazing Selling Machine review and advice on picking your first product, competing against similar products, price selection, increasing sales, ramping up traffic, and allocating funds to have higher profit margins.

Matt Clark and Rich Henderson interview Anne Ferris, a mother of two who went from a corporate lawyer, sleep deprived and stressed out from her 140-hour work weeks, to a successful Amazon business owner—all thanks to the Amazing Selling Machine training course.

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How to Sell on Amazon

Get insider advice on how to sell on Amazon from Ben and Charity DeVries, who started selling on Amazon less than two years ago and have already hit $1.9 Million in sales.

Here, they offer their Amazing Selling Machine review and advice on launching one product at a time, using software to manage advertising campaigns, when to launch a second product, how to build a customer email list, researching new products to launch, and the importance of following the Amazing Selling Machine course exactly. So if you’re thinking about getting started selling on Amazon, keep reading!

Amazing Selling Machine Success Story

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How to Become an Amazon Seller

Eric learned how to become an Amazon seller and to grow his business through the teachings of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). Eric’s business made $1.5 million in 2017 after he used the tools and training he received from the ASM course.

Amazing Selling Machine Review
What is Amazing Selling Machine?
The Value Behind the Amazing Selling Machine Community
Getting Started Through Amazing Selling Machine
Expanding the Business Team: Hiring Help at the Right Time
Life After Amazing Selling Machine
Amazon Brand Registry and Trademarks
Tips for Starting an Amazon Business
Conference for Amazon Sellers: SellerCon
Amazon is the 2nd Biggest Company in the World – This Guy is Making Serious Money Because of it: Full Video Transcript

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Eric Toohey went from a single dad, fed up with his construction job, to a successful Amazon business owner after taking the Amazon course – Amazing Selling Machine.

Eric shares his story and explains how he got started selling on Amazon. He was a single dad, struggling in a job that didn’t fulfill his passions. After months of thinking “This isn’t what my life was supposed to be,” Eric began looking for a solution. He was introduced to the Amazing Selling Machine course, launched his first product, and quit his job just three weeks later. 

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Amazing Selling Machine Review

Paul Baron gives his review of’s Amazing Selling Machine. His review comes two and a half years after launching his Amazon business, just as he projects $1 Million in sales for 2018. (Read more Amazing Selling Machine partner reviews here)

Through the teachings of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), Paul started his own Amazon business and began selling physical products on Amazon. His brand is less than three years old but Paul has already grown his business to generate almost half a million dollars in sales for last year alone. He projects that he will be able to hit $1 million in sales for 2018.

Watch Paul’s Amazon Seller Success Story:

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