Amazon Product Packaging and Product Inserts

Product packaging and inserts help Amazon sellers create a great customer experience, leading to brand loyalty. Jason Katzenback and Rich Henderson review products selling on Amazon and share opportunities to create better packaging and branding to increase sales. They share insider tips on using packaging designs that increase perceived value, using inserts to build customer email lists, and including ways for customers to reach a seller directly (to quickly and directly address customers’ concerns and potentially avoid negative reviews).

Packaging to Create Brand Loyalty
What is ASM?

Amazon Inserts to Create Repeat Customers
Product Showcase: Packaging and Branding Review
What do these 5 products have in common? – Full Product Review Transcript

Jason Katzenback and Rich Henderson review 5 products making $80K a month or more. They share tips for developing packaging and branding that create repeat customers and increased sales. Spending time on creating a customer experience through packaging allows sellers to stay competitive against the big brands.

Packaging to Create Brand Loyalty

  • New sellers can crush competition through better branding, images, and packaging. Overcome product deficiencies by creating an experience through the packaging.
  • Do not overanalyze you first product, because you are not stuck with it. ASM provides the tools to switch or add new products.
  • Continuously improve your packaging, this will help you beat the competition.
  • It is okay for you to start off with simple packaging and upgrade it when the product proves viability and cash flow increases.

What is ASM?

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a step-by-step guide to starting an Amazon business that teaches sellers how to start and grow their business through an 8-week web course. Members of ASM get access to weekly coaching calls, the private ASM community and mentors, the private resource vault, a free product listing evaluation and more. The membership comes with a 6-month buyback guarantee – if a seller follows the system, does everything required, and decides this business model is not for them, ASM will buy back up to $10,000 of inventory and refund the ASM membership fee.

The ASM experience focuses on finding products that are easy to get running quickly, in a cost-effective way, to generate revenue and grow a product line. Sellers on Amazon are most successful when they are adding new products and have a system to grow those products.

Amazon Inserts to Create Repeat Customers

  • Amazon does not provide customer phone numbers or emails. Adding inserts to the packaging allows you to direct customers to sign up for an email list. Building up a customer base helps when you start launching new products.
  • Somewhere on the package, usually on an insert, include information about your company’s website, social media, or at least one way a customer can directly reach you if they have a question or issue. If you can get a customer to reach out to you directly instead of through Amazon, you may avoid negative reviews and solve the customer’s problem faster.

Read the following section to get examples of products and their packaging, so that you understand how to make your own product more successful!

Product Showcase: Packaging and Branding Review

Cystic Acne Spot Treatment
Estimate Sales: $100,000 a month in revenue

Packaging: This product’s packaging is too simple. The polybag it comes in makes the product seem like it is cheap.

Insert: The seller included an insert with an email address and website, but the font is too small to read.

Opportunity: The listing states this product is “hand crafted natural made.” To keep up with the natural niche, the seller could put the product in recyclable packaging and encourage customers to recycle the packaging themselves. The seller should also create larger font sizes to encourage the customer to go to the website.

Wrist Brace
Estimated Sales: $80,000 a month

Packaging: The wrist brace comes in a polybag inside a box with a custom design. The design includes phrases like “best seller” and “5-star guarantee.” The box provides instructions, all of which increases the perceived value of the product.

Insert: Inside the box, the insert provides instructions on how a customer can get a free wrist brace by visiting the seller’s website. This will help the seller build up their customer contact list.

Vacuum Suction Beauty Device – Blackhead Remover
Estimated Sales: $117,000 a month

Packaging: The blackhead remover comes in a high-quality box with colors that pop. If the product came in a polybag, it would look like an item from the dollar store. The magnetic seal of the box enhances the professional look of the product.

Packaging Opportunity: The seller can improve their branding by adding the brand name on the back of the packaging, the social media pages, and adding their FDA approval.

Insert: The insert provides instructions on how the product is used, but does not contain any branding.

Insert Opportunity: The seller could add their website or Facebook page to grab the attention of the seller. People in the beauty market are usually interested in other beauty products, so giving them a reason to provide their email will help this seller when they launch a new product.

Multi-Tool Knife
Packaging: The knife comes in a holster, inside a solid box. Having packaging and brand name that relates better to the product may appeal to the target customer and increases sales.

Insert: The insert comes with instructions in different languages and information on the brand’s website.

Dog Chews
Packaging: The dog chews come in a plastic bag that states the chews have no preservatives and are all natural.

Opportunities: The seller could add an insert to gain emails and a website location for customers to get more information.

Crimping Tool
Packaging: This product comes in a simple plastic box, with instructions on how to use the tool on the back. The seller includes the website.

Opportunity: Adding branding to the box can increase the perceived quality of the item. An added insert would help the seller gain customer contact information, because a customer buying this tool is probably interested in other tools and may care about new product launches.

What do these 5 products have in common? – Full Product Review Transcript

Jason:               Hey everyone, Jason [Katzenback 00:00:06] here, along with my good buddy Mr. Rich Henderson, and we have a great call for you today. What we’re going to be doing today, is we are going to be doing a product showcase. We’ve got some products over there, where we’re going to show you good opportunities on Amazon. On top of that, we’re going to do some product optimization. We’re going to look at the packaging, and really figure out how to make the packaging that much better. Before we get into that though, we want to talk about the Amazing Selling Machine.

Jason:               As you know if you’re on this page, the Amazing Selling Machine is closing tonight, in pretty much exactly 12 hours from right now. 12:00 PST, so Pacific Standard Time I believe it is. When it turns 12:00 in California, chances are the doors are gonna be closed. Well the doors will be closed. When the door’s closing, what that means is that all the bonuses are off the table and we’re shutting the doors.

Jason:               That means, if you don’t sign up now, and you like try to email us later, it’s just not going to work. You’re going to want to get in before the doors shut. We do this all the time, we close them tight, and sorry no bonuses. That means no six month buyback guarantee. There’s the eight week coaching call, the product listing evaluation, which is-

Jason:               What is the product listing evaluation bonus?

Rich:                The product listing evaluation is, once you get your product live, we’ll actually have one of our own ASM mentors go and take a look at it, and completely evaluate for you. Look at the keywords, look at the title, look at the images, bullet points, even in the backend keywords too. They will basically optimize your listing so that when you actually launch, you’re gonna start making sales straight away.

Jason:               Awesome, a huge value, huge value, and this is a bonus. I don’t think we’ve ever offered this bonus before.

Rich:                Nope, never offered it before.

Jason:               Awesome.

Jason:               Bonus number two is we’re actually gonna send you targeted traffic, meaning once you become a member and you get your product up there, everything we teach, and you get your product selling on Amazon, we are gonna send you free traffic. We’ve actually bookmarked, ear-marked, whatever you wanna say … Oh. Sorry. Technical glitch. I’ll keep talking.

Jason:               So we’ve ear-marked, budgeted $100,000 that we are focusing to spend on all of our ASM9 students who get a product live. Now that doesn’t mean we’re gonna spend $100,000 just on you, but we’ve got $100,000 of a pool of very powerful strategy to make sure you get targeted traffic. Again, this is something I don’t think we’ve ever offered before.

Rich:                Never done that before.

Jason:               So, three cool bonuses.

Jason:               So those bonuses are going away plus the six month buyback, meaning that you have the standard 30 days, but beyond that if you follow our system and if you do everything in our criteria, after a six month period if your product’s selling on Amazon and you’re just like, “You know what? I don’t like this business model. This isn’t for me, I’d rather do something else” and you’re just not happy, we will buy that business back from you from up to $10,000 in inventory plus we’ll refund your ASM membership. That’s how confident we are that you can do this, you can succeed with it, and you can love doing this.

Jason:               Now the reality at the end of the day, some people, this just isn’t for them. They can do it, they succeed with it, but they’re like, “I’m just not happy. It’s not my thing.” They wanna do something else. So we take all the risk from you. So what that risk is, is there’s the Amazing Selling Machine. We have it available tonight until 12:00 tonight PST, but what it contains is it’s a complete course. A-Z, a complete program. It’s like you’re getting a degree that will show you from start to finish how to create your own physical products business, leveraging the power of Amazon.

Jason:               It doesn’t mean that you stay on Amazon forever, but for right now the reality is like Amazon is the God of the eCommerce world. You get on there, you leverage the traffic, you leverage all that stuff, and you can get selling really quick. So what we do is over an eight week period, Mike and Rich specifically have created the exact steps and training, meaning each module has … How many videos?

Rich:                There’s anything between sort of 10 and 20, but the vast majority is sort of about 14, 15 lessons in each module.

Jason:               And each lesson is about how long?

Rich:                Again it varies, but an average of about 10 minutes per lesson.

Jason:               And each lesson has an accompanying PDF that’s not just a transcript, it’s actually a training guide plus you have the Q&A section with each lesson so that if they have any questions about a specific lesson they can get help right there, right?

Rich:                Absolutely, yep.

Jason:               And on top of that … So you get that for the eight weeks, and one important thing, in the eight weeks is the training roll out. We’ve been doing this a long time with the most successful course out there that teaches people how to essentially create their own business on Amazon. Well that’s exactly what it is, and so we know that over eight weeks … We’ve tried 12 weeks and we’ve considered shorter. We found eight weeks, the magic spot, but after those eight weeks we don’t just say goodbye to you. You’re still a member, you still get access to everything from the training you went through, plus a community. Maybe Rich, you could talk quickly about the community and the mentors.

Rich:                Yeah, sure.

Rich:                First of all, like the ASM mentors … We’ve had them for about, I think it’s about four and a half years now. We basically wanted hands-on expertise for our members. Like we have obviously existing members helping out, but we wanted a group of people to help mentor all our students, but also from point of view that a member could go in there and ask a question, and if a mentor answers it, they can trust that answer because it’s so important.

Rich:                Like moving forward with a business like this that you feel confident. So if you see an answer from a mentor, you trust it and you know you can have confidence in it. Right now I think we’ve got 17 ASM mentors and they’re from all over the world. They’re actually members. If you join, just like you, who we went to and asked. They were already helping out. That was the main thing. They were giving their time freely, so we went to them and we asked, “Look, we wanna create this ASM mentor program. We’d love you to join” and just surprisingly, every single one of them said yes.

Rich:                That’s the main part, but also we have a community which is basically a place you can go and it’s two things … You can ask any question you like. So if you’re going through the course, we teach you everything you need to know, but there’s always gonna be things you’re not quite sure about and you know that you can go into this community and ask that question, and you’ll likely get an answer from one of the ASM mentors or from Mike or myself, or one of the other advanced members.

Rich:                There’s another factor to it, and that is you start building … You’re almost networking online. You’re creating relationships with other people doing exactly what you do. Because this business, it’s an incredible business, it’s a very profitable business, but it can be a lonely business is probably the way of putting it because sometimes it’s very hard to explain to your family and your friends what you’re doing. I’ve still got friends to this day, and I’ve been doing this six years, who I’ll mention something about it and they’re just like, “What?” Like they’ve got no idea. Whereas in that community you’ve got like thousands of other members that are in the same boats as you, they’re doing exactly what you’re doing, they understand what you’re doing, and they’re there to help you, and also to like encourage you to keep moving forward.

Jason:               Yeah, a really important point on that. I’ve been through this journey, I had a full-time job and then it was in 2005 that I actually ventured out on my own and created my own business. It was very lonely because my family didn’t understand it, my friends weren’t entrepreneurs. All of a sudden you’re doing something and a lot of people still have a stigma about using your computer and your internet to build a business, wherein it’s completely different than how it was 15 years ago, but the cool thing is with this community and with the mentors, you feel like you have a family. You really will feel that way because you feel like these people get me, these people … There’s so many people in there, you’ll … You might have a bad day and you’ll post in there a little bit of a rant about how you’re feeling, and you’ll get 20 replies from people saying, “I get what you’re feeling. I felt that way, too.” It just is a really cool community and it’s I’d say, probably one of the most powerful aspects of our entire system.

Rich:                Yeah, and there’s another thing we see quite a lot of as well, and people have come up to us at live events and said this, and sometimes you’ll be doing something and you think like something happens, and you think it’s the end of the world. It’s the end of your business. It’s like the sky’s falling, and really in reality it’s a tiny little thing that’s really easy to overcome, and you post it in the community and you’re panicking. You’re like, “Oh my God, what am I gonna do?” And a mentor or even another member just steps in and goes, “It’s alright. It’s just really simple to get around this.”

Rich:                That’s one of the biggest keys for me, is that it can be a scary thing especially if you’ve never run a business of your own. I mean like this is for anyone; anyone can do this. So you might not have run a business, you might not have any business – or your might not think you have any business knowledge – and you start this business, and something comes up and you’re like, “Oh my God, like what’s gonna happen?” So having like that sort of crutch if you wanna call it that, to help you keep moving forward [crosstalk 00:08:32]

Jason:               Speaking of a crutch actually, and there’s one more thing in the community … We have the public resource vault, but before I get into that, speaking of support … ‘Cause you’re sitting there like we have the mentor and we have the community, but I also want you to know we have a really strong support system here, too. We really wanna make sure that you get like if you have questions answered, you can either talk in the community or talk to our support people, so I’m gonna actually … Actually, Andy. Could you just show us our support team right now? Maybe you can see like how [crosstalk 00:09:01] that we got a lot of support members. They all work together and do a great job, and so we’re just gonna say hello to them and hopefully they’ll give a little wave to us.

Rich:                Nope.

Jason:               Say hello [crosstalk 00:09:13]

Rich:                They’re so busy helping people.

Jason:               So busy working.

Jason:               Get them to say hello, Andy!

Rich:                He can’t hear us.

Jason:               Oh, he can’t hear us.

Jason:               Alright, well lets bring it back then.

Jason:               There we go! Yay!

Rich:                Yay! Andy!

Jason:               Cool, thank you very much.

Jason:               So we’ve got our support team in our office, so some people might be on live chat [inaudible 00:09:31] looked like there was more people in there earlier, but believe me we got your back. We make sure that we have a great response time. I think our first response time on emails is right now, it’s just about 30 minutes. So we guarantee you like we’re digging in and we’re making sure that we’re taking care of all of our customers.

Jason:               So the last thing you get … So not only do you get seller support, stellar support through the community, through our customer support system and through the mentors, but you also get with the training, step-by-step training that’ll walk you through the whole process, which makes it so easy to be able to go … The whole saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That’s how it’s designed, but on top of that we have the resource vault. The resource vault might kinda not sound as exciting at first, but what it is, is like … If you could tap into the Rolodex of the most successful people in the thing that you’re trying to do, that’s what this is.

Jason:               This is the hosting providers, technology providers, software providers, all of those things. Graphic designers, everything that we have proven to use, that we know work, and in a lot of cases with these tools and all that, because of the reputation we’ve established for creating real Amazon business owners, real physical product business owners that use the tools, we get great deals on these tools. We’re able to save you a lot of money by using tools that you otherwise have you use anyway. I think we said it’s about $10,000 savings altogether.

Rich:                Yeah.

Jason:               10,000 bucks savings just because we know these are things you’re gonna have to use in your business eventually anyway.

Jason:               A lot of them you won’t need to use right away, but a lot of them we’ve designed them actually in a module-specific organization, so I think you can search from category-wise or module-wise for the resource vault, to be able to find everything really, really simply.

Rich:                And we use a lot of these tools and services ourselves.

Jason:               Absolutely.

Rich:                It’s not just recommendations, so you can be like you’re guaranteed that you’re gonna get a good service from these people, or the tool’s gonna deliver what it’s meant to. So it is. It’s an incredibly valuable resource.

Jason:               Very cool.

Jason:               So now lets get right into this. We’re gonna be looking at some product opportunities, plus I’m gonna talk a little bit about packaging with them because it’s so crazy what people can sell on Amazon and make an absolute fortune, and the first one we’re gonna start with is something that you would never guess. How much are they doing a month?

Rich:                This one is just over $100,000 a month in revenue.

Jason:               $100,000 a month in wait for it, bang. That’s it. Can you see it? Do you see it? It’s so small. I gotta bring it closer.

Jason:               What it is, is it is a cystic acne spot treatment.

Rich:                It’s so small I can’t even read the writing.

Jason:               Yeah. My eyesight’s getting bad and I have no idea what it says above it. Earth grown hand-crafted. Very cool.

Jason:               So there’s an opportunity, just make it a little bit older for people over 45. It would really help us. But this little product right here in this packaging, this is their packaging. No fancy box, no fancy anything. They’ve got it in this little package that has a little logo on it, but this is the … Because there’s minimum things, there’s certain products that you have to have delivered either in a box or you have to have like a poly bag they call it, or whatever. But there’s so much opportunity in here.

Jason:               Can you imagine if you get this or you get a competitor’s, but the competitor’s comes in like a box that all of a sudden has an insert that makes it super easy to follow. ‘Cause right now, like getting this … First of all, if I’m using this and I’m trying to read this at my age, I’m getting frustrated ’cause I’m like you’re gonna have to give it to my daughter to have her read it to me. So I don’t even know how it works.

Jason:               So you’d really wanna address that, but the cool thing is at how light this is, how small this is. They could ship a boat load of these so easier. Do we have anything heavy?

Rich:                Not particularly heavy, but we’ve got bigger stuff for sure.

Jason:               Yeah. Just give an example like that.

Jason:               When we talk about starting small and really like going as easy as possible – We’ve got some fans that are here. That’s cool.

Jason:               The one thing you gotta think of when you have a shipment container going to Amazon, whether it’s from China or wherever it is, you’re gonna pay for space and you’re gonna pay for weight. So when you have something bigger like this versus this, like how many of these could you fit in a space of here? You’re gonna be able to ship these so inexpensively, so it’s a nice small easy product. You don’t have to invent big, big crazy things. This is something that I guarantee you people could get someone to manufacture. I guarantee you, you could compete with this and come up with ways that you could make it better.

Jason:               For me, a big thing is get rid of the poly bag. It looks so ghetto in my opinion. It looks so cheap, it’s just like it comes to you like mm. This is kind of the cheap product, I guess. In fact like it’s a plastic bag like and it’s supposed to be like earth-grown, hand-crafted, like I feel hypocritical. I know my wife would be frustrated at this. You’re saving the earth, but now you’re creating plastic waste. Like think of that. What’s your niche? If your niche is hand-crafted nature-made, then everything about the product has to give you that feeling. Don’t deliver it in a plastic bag, get a little like those Earth-colored cardboard box that you say, “Recyclable. Please recycle.” Really give another level, because if your whole model is it’s natural, all healthy and all of that, well then show them. Show them that you live that way. That’s your whole product.

Jason:               I think that was a stellar insight, what do you think?

Rich:                Absolutely.

Jason:               Give us a like if it was a good insight.

Rich:                With a bit of luck, the owner of that product’s watching.

Jason:               Exactly.

Rich:                We just improved his profits.

Jason:               Exactly.

Jason:               So again, just something … The nice thing I like about this product too, is it’s simple from that fact is you’re gonna know whether or not it works. If it does what it says it works, you’re gonna get great reviews. Don’t try over-complicating. Don’t say, ” Oh, I’m gonna try to beat this guy, but I’m gonna make my product better.” Don’t make the product better yet, unless you’re an expert in that. Make the packaging better and just …

Jason:               Here’s an example. When I started back I think six years ago, I was telling you to do this, I used to sell … I’ve told this story many times, but I used to sell a Raspberry Ketone supplement. I sold the exact supplement that my manufacturer had on Amazon. I charged three times at much. They were charging $10, I was charging $25. Okay, two and a half times. Well I went over 30 a couple times. All I did is I made my branding better, my label better, and my images better by putting like little raspberries beside it, made it look more all-natural. I crushed the competition, all because I hit the market. They wanted nature, they wanted health, so I hit on those things instead of just being a sterile little thing that doesn’t really live by the message it’s giving. [crosstalk 00:16:13]

Rich:                You can literally overcome deficiencies in your product by giving them an absolutely amazing experience with the packaging, because I remember when Jason first showed me that. I knew the product he was selling, and all of a sudden he goes, “My sales are going through the roof” and all this kind of thing. It was like it was improved packaging, but the beautiful thing for me was … Oh you don’t sell it anymore, I’m not giving away a secret. It was literally, it was raspberry ketones, and he put a tiny little raspberry next to it on the label, and it’s just things like that, that distinguish it. It was the same product as his manufacturer’s selling, and his review rating was much higher as well.

Jason:               Oh, yeah.

Rich:                That’s exactly the same product.

Jason:               And it was all because, and that … We talked about that. I believe we had a call yesterday, me and Mike McClaren, where we talked about how you could compete with brands. Or it was somebody we talked to. So many calls this week, but I know we had it. The whole thing with that, with competing brands, is that big brands don’t do that. They just put their stuff on Amazon and that’s how we come in, like I said, not only did I beat the bigger brand, I beat my manufacturer. I started to become bigger than them for selling on Amazon, and so they wanted to start giving me other products.

Jason:               Now here’s an example too, and this is the cool thing. Starting with your first product on Amazon, you are not stuck with it. That’s the thing. Don’t overanalyze it, don’t sit there and say, “Oh, you know like what if I don’t want to keep selling this?” That’s fine. Follow the formula and get started with the formula we provide in the Amazing Selling Machine. That’s why you wanna get in there. It’ll show you, and the whole thing is, by the end of the eight weeks, by the time … You know, if in six months from now you’re crushing it with this, you can sit there and say, “Do I wanna keep selling this product or do I wanna expand my line into different division?” You have all the knowledge plus you’ve built up a platform where you can have an asset to start adding new products to it.

Jason:               So please, please, please, action, action, action. I wanna drive this home. When you wanna make this business work, you have to take action every day and that means not sitting there over-analyzing, trying to figure out, “I need the perfect product.” No, you need a great product to just get going, but you just need a great product. Don’t try to make it the perfect product.

Rich:                That’s exactly what we teach you inside the course, too. Like we’re teaching you … Everything we teach you, all the criteria we give you, is to get you a product that will not lose money, you’ll get it live, you get the experience of how it all works, so you can keep moving forward. Basically the course is, is we like renew it every year. The latest training we’ve put out there, it’s later than anyone else, it’s newer than anyone else, but it still requires you to take action and it’s the one thing, you’re absolutely spot-on, that we keep emphasizing the whole way through. It’s like, just pull the trigger, just make it live. If you followed our criteria, the product will work. Absolutely.

Jason:               I’m not trying to be a pushy salesman here, but I’m talking about like even right now. Like really challenge yourself, like if you’re sitting there and thinking like, “Oh, this sounds so great. I’m not sure if I can do it.” That’s that fear thing. You’re protected by 30 days, so now the thing is, make that commitment with yourself. Say, “I’m gonna do this. I am gonna make this work and I’m gonna test for real over the next 30 days” ’cause it’s completely risk-free. Take the payment option, only do the 9.97, that way you can say, “Over the next 30 days” – and even, and here’s an important thing, after the 30 days if you’re like, “Oh yeah man, I’m game for this” and if you just wanna pay off your entire balance, we’re open to that too.

Jason:               The thing is, we want you to test this as effectively as you want. If you’re just not sure, just take the one payment, really test it out and then I promise you after 30 days you’ll be like, “I’m in.” I guarantee you. We have a refund rate of course, we do. We always have people that come in, but it’s the lowest in the industry, and the whole thing here is if this isn’t for you, we don’t want you in the membership. We don’t want you sitting there saying, “I don’t even like this.” You will know in those first four weeks if you love it and if you love it, you’re gonna stick around and I know you’re gonna love it.

Rich:                That 30 days will actually give you access to five modules. So there’s only eight modules, so you’re getting 5/8 – I don’t know what it is in a percentage. Mike.

Jason:               Five eighths percent?

Rich:                You’re getting like over half the course. YOu’re getting access to it all before you have to make a decision, so …

Jason:               Yeah.

Rich:                We’re desperate to make you succeed. We will do everything we can to make you succeed.

Jason:               Thank you for that. That’s a great way to say it. Like we can’t keep doing this ethically, morally, or as a business if you don’t succeed.

Jason:               If we were trying to sell this and this business model doesn’t work anymore, we couldn’t have success stories. Look at our success stories, they’re incredible. We have so many people becoming multi-millionaires because of following this business model. Of course we can’t guarantee anything because of course it depends on the effort you put in and all of those kind of things, but we have such a high success rate, it’s … And the thing is, also with the community, everyone feels like close friends now. Everyone feels like my goodness, I have more friends online now than I do, and better friends a lot of people say, than I have in my own community because everyone relates, encourages, lifts up … They just want everyone to succeed. It’s fantastic.

Rich:                Something I didn’t mention about a community too, you can even …

Jason:               People trying to knock down the door to get in!

Rich:                You can even meet people in the community that live a few miles away from you. You’d be surprised, like there’s so many members in there and you can meet up with people locally, too. Through the community, so …

Jason:               Awesome.

Rich:                … it is an amazing resource.

Jason:               Do we wanna jump up this one?

Rich:                Absolutely, sure.

Jason:               All right, so this next product, it’s a wrist brace, adjustable, comfy. It says “Best seller”.

Jason:               So this is a pretty simple product. It’s just gonna be one thing. What I like about this product is it doesn’t have many parts, it either works or it doesn’t. You wanna make sure it’s got good Velcro, but it goes on and it’s a wrist brace. It’s pretty easy, you don’t have to get too scientific with this. A perfect example is I’d wanna make sure that the Velcro works and all that, but here’s a perfect example. They come in, they have this little poly bag. They could have just sent this like in the other example, and been 100% perfectly okay, to send the product just like this. They could have had it just in the poly bag, however look at what happens when you throw in this box.

Jason:               Right away, you’re gonna pay more. IF you had this hanging there or you had this hanging there, these two things side-by-side, you would pick the box nine times out of 10. It’s been proven over and over again through everything we do on the Amazing Selling Machine, because this all of a sudden gives a higher perceived value. Especially they’ve done a great job, it’s wrist brace, adjustable, happy person like right away it’s showing, “Look, you will be happy.” It’s a very pretty person, they say “Five Star Guarantee, customer satisfaction”. It’s just great. THey’ve done a good job. They explain everything, and it’s big. I can read everything.

Jason:               Maybe because a wrist brace might be for older people, I don’t know, but I can read everything on here. Nice bright colors, kudos. The other cool thing is this. So many people don’t do this and they’ve done a great job, too. They got an insert. Why an insert? Now i think they could do a little bit better, because it doesn’t really pull my eye into things. Well I guess it does, it says, “Get a free wrist brace. Visit” and then it gives the website. So that’s pretty cool, but what they’re doing … You gotta remember now, your job here is not just to sell, and not just to sell once. Your job is to create customers and provide solutions so people keep coming back.

Jason:               You need to find what the solution is your customers are looking for and make that solution, and figure out how to provide other solutions to that customer. So if you’re selling on Amazon, what happens is you get some of the data from Amazon of customers, but you don’t get their – pardon me – their real email address and you no longer get the phone number, I don’t believe. Or do you?

Rich:                Nope. Don’t get the phone number.

Jason:               So you don’t really have some critical data, but you have so much power leveraging the power of Amazon, because of the massive amount of traffic and all of those good things. So by doing things like this, by having an insert, what you’re doing then is you’re getting the customer to voluntarily now start to engage with you, and by them engaging with you, by you providing them value, now you’re starting to really sync the brand name into their hand because now they’re seeing it in multiple different … ‘Cause that’s the thing, if you look at something in multiple different ways … So if you read it, then you hear it or see it and then you hear it, it’ll stick in more. So you give them different ways, so you send them to a page where there’s videos, where there’s other products, so that they start to really become familiar with your brand. Now you collect their email address because on something like this it would probably be, “Register your email address and send us your order number and we’ll send you a free wrist brace.”

Jason:               So now all of a sudden this person comes up with a new product, they know this person is into that market. Hey, how’d you like to get this product for 50% off to help us launch it on Amazon? We’re gonna give you … Don’t need a review, just you get a discount. All of a sudden your new product sky-rockets quickly because you’re able to get tons of sales because you built a brand and an asset with a mailing list. I hope that makes sense how I said that.

Rich:                No, absolutely. Yeah.

Rich:                Amazon’ll allow you to send emails but it’s very restrictive, whereas if you can get people to add to your own email list, it’s so much easier to get reviews from them and cross-selling is so important when you start adding other products. So yeah. They’ve done a really good job.

Rich:                That product actually, I forgot to mention about the acne cream before. We said it did the $103,000 roughly in revenue every month. It also makes $50,000 in profit every month.

Jason:               Estimated profit [crosstalk 00:25:32]

Rich:                With this one, this one’s doing $80,000 a month in revenue and about $38,000 in estimated profit too, so it’s an insane product. [crosstalk 00:25:43]

Jason:               So estimated profit, just to let you know, is pretty much gross profit. The cost it takes to get this product made and sent to Amazon.

Jason:               Now you’re gonna have some marketing expenses, if you’re gonna hire people eventually, that might come out of that, but that’s money in your pocket now. If I sell this for $50 and it costs me $10 to ship and I’m making 50% profit on that … So not only am I getting reimbursed my money that it costs to buy the initial inventory, but I’m making profit on it now so that I can reinvest in new inventory, order bigger items of inventory, lower my cost because now you’re ordering bigger inventory, you start to build a relationship with your supplier. The supplier and you work together to figure out other products and you can just scale your company so well, but it really starts with a good product and good packaging.

Rich:                Yeah, they’ve done a really good job.

Rich:                I’m actually gonna skip ahead one because we’ve got another one that’s got … I’ll let you play with it.

Jason:               Thanks.

Rich:                It’s actually an even better box. It’s like it takes you a while to figure out it’s one of those magnetic lid things.

Jason:               Okay, I see what you’re saying. I got it.

Jason:               A company that is stellar at this right now is Apple. When you buy a new iPhone, when you buy anything, they actually have a “swish” when you open. It’s like, [00:27:03], and they actually have researched that, implemented that because it provides an effect. It provides an idea that this is air-tight seal, vacuum-seal, high quality, and it’s all about that perceived value. You pay more because of that packaging, you really do. Now look at this. It says, “An [inaudible 00:27:22] vacuum-suctioned beauty device.” So that’s kinda … I don’t know what is, like a blackhead remover or something?

Rich:                Yeah, so basically if you got a blackhead you put it on your skin, push the button … We’re not gonna demonstrate it.

Jason:               No. Okay. I don’t even wanna touch it right now, to be honest.

Jason:               So that’s it. They’ve done a very good job, they’ve got nice, clean, good colors. It looks like it was used, that’s why I’m a little [inaudible 00:27:44]

Rich:                Yeah. Matt used it on Mike.

Jason:               Nice. All right, see this is real TV people, real TV.

Jason:               Yeah.

Rich:                Yeah.

Jason:               Great product, good packaging though. You see it, it looks high quality, good colors. But you know at the end of the day, like it’s really just a piece of plastic and it’s got these … So if you delivered this in a poly bag, just all clumped together, it would look like a dollar store item. You’d think ’cause it’s just plastic, “Oh, this is pretty cheap. I could probably get it at the Dollar Store.” But because of the way they have the packaging, the way they enclose everything with the magnetic seal, right away you’re like, “Oh, this is a $30 item.” It completely changes the price because it looks professional. Very clean, nice white space. They don’t try to throw too many things on the packaging. They’ve got “Remove blackheads, reduce grease, reduce skin acne” all that kind of stuff.

Jason:               In my opinion though, they could probably do a little bit more branding. They could have their brand name on the back. Definitely I would be putting like if I have a Facebook page, Instagram account, like I’d wanna give them ways they could actually get ahold of me so that they could … You want that brand and you wanna be reinforcing all of the ways you communicate to people. Make sure if you have YouTube videos, you put it on here somewhere in the branding and they’ve done okay with this. This is nice, but this isn’t what I call … This is an instruction insert.

Jason:               So there’s two types of things. This is good because you wanna make sure your job when it comes to selling your product, is to ensure that the person consumes the product. If they consume the product and use the product, they’ll review the product, they’ll recommend the product, and they’ll buy more of your product. So you wanna make sure you provide clear instructions, and they did this, this is a good job like when you open this up it’s right on top. So the operations manual, you see everything, but what they’re not doing at all … Like not only do they not put anything on the front of the packaging anywhere, they don’t have any branding for you to do anything anywhere. No.

Rich:                I can’t even see it.

Jason:               I have no idea if they have a website, Facebook page, there’s no reason for me to give them their email. This is the beauty market. If there’s any market out there like weight loss, beauty, that kind of stuff, create a list because those people will buy … You know if someone’s buying this, they’re gonna have interest in other acne medication, they’re gonna have other interests in other skin toning stuff, like that’s why you wanna do that. Don’t just think like, “Oh, they got the product. I have to help them consume it.” It’s not only consume it, but it’s also how they can engage with you. So you wanna really make sure you cover both of those.

Rich:                I was just gonna say that what’s interesting is on their listing, you can actually see they’ve got FDA approval. That should be on the box, too.

Jason:               Absolutely!

Rich:                Like that’s a huge thing.

Jason:               Yeah.

Rich:                What’s interesting is that we went and looked at this product, we looked for suppliers. You can pick this product up, because it’s just basically a piece of plastic with a couple of batteries in it, for about $7 and that includes like getting them shipped if you use shipping by sea. Totally lost it there. But because of this box and because it looks high quality and gives the customer like a feel of high quality, they’re selling this for almost $40, which if they put this even in a box like this, ’cause although this box is good it’s a lot lighter weight. It’s more lightweight cardboard, and it’s not as classy as this, but because of this they’re selling at $40, their estimated revenue is over $170,000 a month, with an estimated profit of around $88,000. They wouldn’t be able to do that, I guarantee you they would not doing that if they didn’t have this high-end packaging.

Jason:               So at that point too though, we’re not saying that when … Because you need to be cashflow friendly to yourself. You only have a certain amount of resource to get started, so lets say that you could get $500 worth of these, you could 100 of these for $500 if you just put them in a poly bag. My recommendation is go that route, because if it’s gonna cost you twice as much just to get started to have better packaging, you wanna prove the concept. So what you can do is with the way you design your landing page, really highlight the product better. See that it’s a proven seller for as low cost as possible, but once you’ve got those initial units selling saying, “Yeah this is gonna take off” then make sure your next order has packaging. Then what you should do, a really great strategy, is every time you do an inventory reorder, make sure you check the check marks that you’ve analyzed your product, you’ve analyzed the competition, you’ve identified any improvement you can do.

Jason:               Little improvements like okay, this time we’re gonna make sure the FDA is on the box. Always be improving and that’s how you can continue beating the competition.

Rich:                Now I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m looking again, looking at their listing. They might well be an ASM member, so I’m sure I’m gonna get an email about this call but they probably started with a plain box because that’s what Jason’s describing to you is exactly what we teach. It’s getting the product up there, prove it ’cause if you put that in a normal box and you sell it for a cheaper price but it works and people like it, then they start selling and you get more money back, then you can start improving the packaging and I’d guess that’s what they did.

Jason:               Absolutely.

Rich:                I’d imagine.

Jason:               ‘Cause the other variable too, is there’s the anxiety variable. Because you’re gonna sit there and the more complex you make the product and more complex means adding a box, the more anxiety you’re gonna have because you’re trying to figure out all the other avenues. In the Amazing Selling Machine training, Mike and Rich do a stellar job of giving you everything you need to know, but sometimes you wanna think too big or get ahead of yourself or you’ll try to do things that are just … Trying to do things that just won’t work and ti’s like, “Don’t do that. Stick with what you know works, prove that it sells, and then start getting feedback from customers and everything of how you can improve it.”

Jason:               Anyway, we go through all that in the training and you wanna check it out.

Rich:                So this one’s interesting. There’s no way you’ll guess what it is from looking at the box, and on top of that their brand is [inaudible 00:33:42] Power, but it’s actually a knife, it’s a multi-tool.

Jason:               Wow.

Rich:                So that’s an example of, it’s a nice solid box but the actual thing, like the holster I guess it is that it comes in, is really cool, but [crosstalk 00:33:57] have no idea what it is.

Jason:               Yeah, it looks like it’s kind of an electronic thing here. Maybe not. No.

Rich:                Yeah, it’s just a normal multi –

Jason:               It’s cool, it’s like a Batman –

Rich:                Jason knows a lot more about these kind of things than I do.

Jason:               ‘Cause I’m violent.

Rich:                I meant ’cause you’re a handyman.

Jason:               Yeah, no. It’s pretty cool. It’s a nice product actually. Yeah it is just a utility knife. It’s really weird because yeah, you see [inaudible 00:34:24] Power. That’s the whole thing about branding too, is making sure you connect with the audience on … I haven’t totally connected, like if I woulda’ seen this on the shelf I woulda just kept walking. Like Power your life? I’m wondering like did someone mess up and put the wrong thing in the wrong box, ’cause …

Rich:                I think that company actually does sell stuff like solar panels and all that kind of stuff …

Jason:               Oh, okay. Multi-purpose pocket …

Rich:                Yeah.

Jason:               … tool kit. Interesting.

Rich:                It’s so easy on Amazon, they could have just like created another brand like for this product, to see how well it did and give it like a name that relates to the product, but …

Jason:               It’s a pretty new little box, so it’s [crosstalk 00:35:00] utility product, a utility knife. I think it’s cool, I like the color, I think I’m gonna keep this one before [crosstalk 00:35:07]

Rich:                This is why we do these things every time we launch, is so we get to keep stuff.

Jason:               Earth, hand-crafted, so this is actually supposed to go in here. I guess they did have that.

Rich:                Oh, it did have an …

Jason:               Yeah.

Rich:                So it got repacked.

Jason:               Yeah, so I’m going to go back and talk about the product in just a minute.

Jason:               So this is their insert and they’ve got different languages, they do have all of the different support ways, their websites, I don’t see anything social which is fine as long as you’re giving them avenues to … Your job in my opinion as well with this, is you wanna do … You need to be building your brand so people come to you directly when they have questions. Amazon’s fantastic. Amazon provides great support, but they’re not an advocate of your brand.

Jason:               So if someone has a question about your product, if someone has a concern about an order they received, you wanna be able to make sure that your customer sees as many options as possible and really make it seem like, if you have any issues with this product please contact us immediately and we will resolve anything. Like really drive in their face to reach out to you directly as the brand owner, instead of going through Amazon for those issues because the number one reason is if I ordered this product and let’s say for example that there was a mess up. That this wasn’t included or even just one of these things weren’t included, if I could call you right away and you could say, “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. You keep that knife, I’m gonna send you a brand new … So you’re gonna actually get two because I’m so sorry for that happening.” Boom, right away no negative review, an extremely happy person, and they’ll probably give you a positive review.

Jason:               Then you’re thinking, “Oh, that’s gonna be expensive.” It’s not like it happens all the time, and at the end of the day your goal here is to make a happy customer. If I get a product that’s missing a piece, I’m pissed. I get so angry, I’m like, “I paid for this. What a waste of time.” Especially if you’re trying to price something so that it’s actually like a higher priced item so that I feel like, “Yeah, I loved paying 30 bucks for this. It was fantastic.” But all of a sudden I pay 30 bucks for it rather than the 20 dollar one and something’s missing in it, I’m gonna be angry.

Jason:               You give me right away so I can say, “How do I get ahold of this person?” Boom, really clear if there’s any problems, get ahold of us. I can call, I can email, it just makes better customer experience, and that’s the thing. You always wanna figure out what the customer experience is gonna be, from the start when they first look at your product to when they have it in their hand and they’re using it. Think that thing through and then provide solutions to make it as easy as possible for them to use it, and that comes with inserts and instructions all those kind of things.

Rich:                It’s a super simple product as well, and if you actually … You go to Alibaba, which is a site where you can find manufacturers in China that will make things like this, these knives are all over there and they’re really, really cheap to buy. This one, it’s only making like $10,000 in estimated profit but that’s $10,000 from a super simple product, it’s real easy to put your brand name on it, but just do a better job with the box.

Jason:               Yeah.

Jason:               I think it’s great.

Rich:                Super simple.

Jason:               The answer could be a little better too, but overall good job.

Jason:               So before we into that [crosstalk 00:38:07] I have to do an apology. To this company that had this product, it looks like the insert actually fell out, so they do actually have an insert. One thing about it, it says, “USDA Approved” and everything, but again like I can’t even read the email address and the website to me, looks like just a flat line.

Rich:                It’s not just you.

Jason:               Can you read it?

Rich:                No.

Jason:               No. Okay.

Jason:               So you gotta think about that too. Who your audience is, but why do you need everything crunched on side? You have two sides. Do you need the warning and all this stuff along with the instructions? Have the instructions super clear, make it easy for me, don’t frustrate me as a customer. I mean I might not be your target audience, but make sure you know your … Then the other thing, this is empty real estate, so even if you kept everything here, how about this? Say, “Go here right now and figure out how you can save 50% off on your next order.” Bang.

Jason:               So not only am I looking at this, looking at this, and oh, I can save 50% on my next order, that’s awesome. I’m gonna go to your website, give you my email address, find out how to do that, buy the product, and now I’m super happy and you know I’m engaged and when you sell your next product, come out with your new brand, you can email me and chances are I’m gonna buy that product for half off to help you get sales going.

Rich:                Absolutely.

Jason:               Mic drop.

Rich:                So we got one more.

Rich:                This fascinated me when I saw it. We had to have a pet product on here somewhere, but this is bizarre. So it’s actually yak melt cheese, but then like [crosstalk 00:39:39] chews for dogs.

Rich:                How’s it smell?

Jason:               I can’t smell anything.

Jason:               It’s interesting. I see the silica powder, but I also see holes in here so I don’t understand why they’re doing [crosstalk 00:39:51] Anyway, so this is all natural, really cool. So one thing to know, what I love about this … I guess I don’t like that it’s a plastic bag when you’re trying to be all natural, but still at the same time, you get a feeling that it’s all natural because it’s kind of like a roughed up, like the logo looks kinda rough and it’s kinda neat looking. I like it.

Rich:                I do.

Jason:               Yeah.

Rich:                I’m with you, I just don’t know why there’s holes and the gel pack in there.

Jason:               Yeah, yeah. Exactly.

Jason:               They do a good job of no preservatives, fully digestible, keep it simple. I just don’t know why they couldn’t put a website on here somewhere. I don’t see any insert and if there is an insert, I don’t see it. But yeah.

Jason:               Here’s a perfect example of something. I don’t know if I would recommend starting with a product like this on Amazon because it seems like it’s kind of specific. I would start with something a little bit easier, something that you know, and maybe I’m wrong here ’cause I’ve never used these …

Rich:                I doubt there’s any other yak chews out there.

Jason:               Yeah. Yeah, which is really interesting, but one thing to do especially when you’re just getting started, and this is what we really focus on for the first eight weeks of the ASM experience. I like that [inaudible 00:41:05]

Rich:                ASM experience.

Jason:               So you’ve got the ASM experience, which walks you through how to get your own physical products business out there right, and what we focus on is figuring out products that make the most sense for you to be able to get running as fast as possible on a cost-effective way so you can learn the system, implement the system, start generating revenue, and then start reinvesting and growing by expanding the product line you have.

Jason:               The biggest success factor with Amazon is adding new products and having systems to grow your business with those products. So by adding products all the time, you’re gonna be growing. No business on Amazon … I shouldn’t say that, I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule. Any business that I know of right now that is just selling one product, the lifeline is very short because what ends up happening is all of a sudden they see you got this one product and you’re just crushing it. Competitors will keep coming up, and finally someone’s gonna come up with a better mousetrap, because you might get lazy with the product or there just might be a better product, and your sales might start to decline.

Jason:               Now they might not either, but this is why you keep having other products, because it’s like if you’re investing everything in this, you might only be getting 20% of the sales that you could because the next product you add might be three times better than this one. So you wanna constantly be doing this, and a big thing is, actually I just sat down with a guy and he’s got a big, big amount of money he’s putting together. He’s gonna be buying a lot of Amazon businesses, and that was one of the things he said. When he looks at businesses that he wants to buy, it’s businesses that are profitable but also always growing, always adding new products because those are the ones that constantly have cashflow increase ’cause they’re constantly listening to their customers and growings.

Jason:               You wanna start with just one. Don’t start with more than one. Start with one, learn the system, implement it, start with the easiest product you can get started with, get everything so you’re confident on how to do it, and then once after the eight weeks you’re confident in all that area, you can start putting in as many products as you want ’cause you’ll have the system in place to be able to do it. Again, that’s why you wanna join the Amazing Selling Machine. It closes tonight in, how long have we been online? So …

Rich:                11 hours 20 minutes.

Jason:               In 11 hours and 20 minutes, and you’re gonna lose the six month buyback guarantee, you’re gonna lose the product …

Rich:                Listing evaluation.

Jason:               Listing evaluation from an experienced ASM seller, like someone that knows what they’re doing there. Plus the free traffic that we’re gonna send you, and it’s just not worth it. You wanna get in now, don’t wait, don’t hope that we’ll open the doors again in a few months or in six months. Get in now before anything like that happens. You have 30 days to protect yourself and I promise you you’re gonna love the experience.

Jason:               Do we have another one?

Rich:                We can do one more.

Jason:               Lets do one more and then we’re gonna close this off.

Jason:               So if you’re getting value out of this, please share, please like, please comment. I like to get the little pats on the back knowing that we’re giving you good information, so please let us know.

Rich:                This one’s quite interesting. It’s nice simple box. I don’t actually know what this tool does. Well I do know what it does but I’ve never used one. I’m sure Jason has. We’re going back to the handyman thing here.

Jason:               That’s cool.

Rich:                It’s actually a crimping tool. Cable. I always remember last year when we did this one with Matt and Mike, and they had no idea what it was. They tried to cut a cable in half.

Jason:               Yeah, it’s not … Well sometimes they have cutters in them, but yeah. So this is pretty nice. So I’m guessing … I’m just trying to see what the packaging, why they have it like that. So to me … Oh, I see. This is how it came, so I want to …

Rich:                They have been opened.

Jason:               Yes.

Jason:               So this one was open. There we go.

Rich:                I should have checked that beforehand.

Jason:               It’s okay! That’s okay. Yeah.

Jason:               So it came in a box like this. A nice plastic box, and it came like this. Just kinda like how you see normal things. They did a good job on the back. It could work for they explain how you can use this tool, they show you instructions of how to do it to crimp the wire so you can … Then the tool has three different sizes, they show you their website. What I kinda like about this, is it’s simple and to me the whole idea is I wanna see how to use it and it’s good that you have a website. [crosstalk 00:45:17]

Rich:                At the end of the day it’s like you’re not gonna spend a fortune on packaging for a crimping tool.

Jason:               Exactly. [crosstalk 00:45:25]

Jason:               The concern here is the weight, too. That’s the one thing again, when you have a product like this versus a lighter product like this, even though they’re the same size almost, this one’s gonna cost you more out of the door because of the shipping. It just is. It’s a higher weight, but the cool thing is, being metal and high quality, you can charge a lot for these things.

Jason:               I’m missing the boat on the box. It’s nice and simple, but I didn’t even know what it was from the box. So it’s like I guess they probably don’t sell it like this in the stores, but they’re missing a huge opportunity again, to give a higher feeling of quality. Maybe it looks like it could be cardboard, but could you make the box look like it’s a toolbox, could you make it look like tools usually, like manly, remember Home Improvement? Just go for that kind of stuff.

Rich:                Like a lumberjack on the front? Do you have lumberjacks?

Jason:               This is an electrician thing [crosstalk 00:46:14]

Rich:                See? I don’t even know about lumberjacks either. I’m not from Canada.

Jason:               They don’t have an insert, so they don’t give you anything else. If someone’s buying this tool, they’re gonna be interested in other tools. They’re gonna be interested in work clothes maybe, or like lots of different things. Remember, your job is to get their information. Get them to consume the product, get them to like the product and then get them to get in contact with you and engage so that you can sell them more.

Jason:               The thing is, don’t think of it as selling them more because then it’s gonna be like, “Oh, you don’t care about the quality.” How you can serve them more, how you can provide more solutions that they are looking for that they will be thankful to get. That’s the mindset you want going into here, is how do I serve my customers so they are happy that they solution they needed, I could provide and they were ecstatic with the results? If you follow that, you will do great.

Rich:                Yeah, it’s such a simple product and it’s still … Let’s have a look, my eyesight’s really bad. So it’s doing about $35,000 a month in revenue and it’s making $15,000 a month profit. Again, it’s such a simple thing to [crosstalk 00:47:13]

Jason:               I wanna go over that math really, ’cause I saw a couple comments the other day that had be concerned. So what we’re saying is you sell $30,000, you make $14,000 profit but when you sell that product you’re still selling it for $30 … So you’re making $30,000 in revenue. So then you have about 15% fees. I don’t know what it works out to, but it’s I think 15% commission that Amazon takes, plus you have to pay for shipping, whether you ship it from Amazon or whether you ship it with your own third-party shipping. You gotta pay for shipping.

Jason:               So altogether, it’s a little bit over 15% I guess, ’cause I think it’s like three or four dollars for shipping altogether?

Rich:                Yeah, I mean Mike actually did the math on this one. So that estimated profit includes like roughly 30% that you lose on Amazon.

Jason:               Oh, perfect. So that talks about even with Amazon. So that’s the thing. So all that money, though … You also get back everything you paid for the original inventory, so with profit now you can divide that up and say, “Okay, I wanna put a little bit in savings, but I’m gonna put the rest of it, reinvest it right back into getting more inventory.” Because the more inventory you buy, the cheaper you can buy it for, and the more profit you make. So you wanna think about your business that way, too.

Jason:               I feel like we’ve overloaded you with information. The thing is, what we showed you right here is not even half of a quarter of a module, so I guess that’d be about 1/8 of a module, of what you’ll get and just a tiny fraction of ASM. It is the best, 100% I am proud of it, I brag about it, I will yell it from the rooftops. If you wanna learn how to create your own business on Amazon, your own business selling on Amazon, do this course. Mike and Rich, there’s no two guys that care more about your success from a teacher’s perspective. You’ve got Matt and me, who our job is to help you change your life for the better, and we’re using this system to help you accomplish that.

Jason:               Everyone in this company cares, from the people behind the camera like Make [Lemmons 00:49:08], Andy, all those great guys, our customer support team. We’re here to serve you. Sign up before it goes out at midnight tonight, PST. All the bonuses are off the table if you don’t sign up. I hope to see you in here. You’re gonna be able to talk to Rich, you’re gonna be able to talk to Mike. All of our mentors, all of our community, it’s a great experience. You will regret not taking action if you don’t do this. Take action now. We hope to see you in there, and have a fantastic day.





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