Amazon Listing Optimization

Sellers can compete with big brands through Amazon listing optimization. Mike McClary and Jason Katzenback joined forces to teach sellers how to optimize their Amazon product listing in order to beat the big brands selling on Amazon. They reveal their insider tips for creating the best titles, images, bullet points, and descriptions, as they review real product selling on Amazon.

Amazon Listing Optimization Contents:

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Product Selection Formula
Secrets to Listing Optimization

    Amazon Product Title
    Quality, Informative Product Images
    Bullet Points
    Amazon Product Description
    Optimizing Amazon Review Section
Amazon Listing Optimization Examples
How do you take a product selling MILLIONS on Amazon and make it sell even MORE? – Full Product Listing Optimization Transcript

Due to the high demand on Amazon, sellers do not have to be number one (or even two!) to crush it in sales. People do not just pick the top product and rely on keyword search terms to find products. Big brands do not focus on optimizing their listing because they have their name to rely on. However, new sellers can beat those brands if they optimize their listings to provide better keywords, descriptions, and product images.

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Product Selection Formula

Members of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) learn everything about optimizing a product listing and getting traffic on Amazon. These are the things the big brands miss when they just depend on their name. ASM provides a step-by-step guide through an 8-week online web class, teaching sellers how to create their own brand and get started selling on Amazon. Members have access to the exclusive ASM community and mentor program, live weekly coaching calls, the private resource vault, and other added bonuses. Sellers learn everything from finding a product to ranking it on Amazon.

ASM reveals that selecting a product comes down to finding products that meet the criteria in the following formula:

  • Selling Price: $18-70, allowing for a good profit margin that does not break the bank when purchasing inventory.
  • Best Seller Rank: Ranked between 500 – 5,000. The lower the number the more popular and competitive the product will usually be.
  • Weight: Less than 3 pounds, lighter weight means lower shipping costs and high profit margins.
  • Reviews: Less than 1,000 reviews, to avoid super competitive products.

Secrets to Listing Optimization

Amazon Product Title

The title should grab the customer’s attention. It should contain more than five words, with top level keywords added. Opportunities can be missed if a seller does not use at least three key search terms in the title.

Quality, Informative Product Images

Just like the title, the first image needs to grab the customer’s attention. Amazon allows sellers to display 8-9 images, and sellers can optimize their listing by using all image slots.

Image slots should include a photo of the product as well as lifestyle images that give a customer a sense of how the product works in real life, showing the product in different situations. Sellers should also look at competitor images, find flaws, and improve their own product listing.

Bullet Points

The bullet points are an opportunity for the sellers to create desire within the customer. Sellers should list the benefits and features of the product, starting sentences with high impact phrases that summarize what the benefit of the product is.

Amazon Product Description

The best kind of description is enhanced brand content. This content includes images, videos, large paragraphs, and a call to action. Sellers should not repurpose the same images from the original image slots, but optimize by getting new angles and images of the product. Avoid large, compacted paragraphs, so that you keep customers’ attention.

Optimizing Amazon Review Section

Sellers should comment back on reviews, especially bad ones. Personalizing the customer experience helps beat big brands. Even commenting on good reviews gives sellers an opportunity to optimize their listing and add additional information.

Amazon Listing Optimization Examples

Changing Pad

  • Estimated Sales: $390,000 a month
  • Title: The title is only 5 words. The seller can gain more customers by adding keywords to the title, such as the words babies and toddlers.
  • Images: The seller used simple pictures and only four images total. The seller could improve their images by adding more lifestyle images and different babies using the changing pad.
  • Bullet Points: The bullet point only says durable quality. An optimized listing would provide a benefit or solution to a problem. A high impact phrase like “Durable, easy to clean” grabs the attention of customers who skim.  explanation following keeps the attention of customers who read everything.
  • Description: This seller wasted space by using the same images from the image slots. They could improve this by adding new angles and images of the product. The did provide enhanced brand content with images, large paragraphs, and a call to action.
  • Reviews: Reviews act as a chance for the seller to add more information. If a customer commented they love that the product does not skid, the seller could have commented and said they’ve tested it on multiple surfaces and there is nothing it can’t stick to.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

  • Estimated Sales: $310,000 a month
  • Images: Seller only has one image. They can optimize their listing by adding images with the lid off the product and photos of people applying the product.
  • Bullet Points: The bullet descriptions are too short and do not tell the customer the added benefits of using the product.
  • Description: The description text is clumped together. If the seller were to leave white space between text, the customer would feel less overwhelmed and become more likely to read through the description.

Vegetable Slicer

  • Title: The title uses the word ultimate which may not be the best keyword. It also does not contain the sellers brand name.
  • Images: The images have nice pops of color. The seller optimized their images by featuring the product in a kitchen and showing it used with different vegetables.
  • Bullet Points: The seller optimized the content further by capitalizing the high impact phrases in the bullet points, really drawing the customer’s attention.
  • Description: The seller used long paragraphs in the description. By adding white space, the seller is more likely to keep customer attention.

Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Estimated Sales: $420,000 a month
  • Title:The seller uses the term “Upgraded Version” in the title and in the images, but does not describe how it is upgraded. Describing the upgrade may help to draw better keyword searches.
  • Images: The seller did a good job of providing clear images of the product and packaging and including lifestyle images of the product being used on both a dog and cat.
  • Bullet Points: One bullet point says, “Noted only DelmonoDirect sells authentic item,” which may scare a customer away. Instead of saying the brand name, the seller could say original so the customer does not worry about buying a counterfeit product. Another bullet point says hair remover. The seller could optimize this by explaining why this hair remover is better than anything else on the market.

Pet Hair Remover

  • Estimated Sales: $316,000 a month
  • Title: Uses good keywords, but does not use the word fur anywhere which could help optimize the title further.
  • Images: The image does not show the main product, just the packaging. The seller should include lifestyle images of pets and people using the product. The seller did a good job of adding a video to gain customer attention.
  • Description: This seller provided a nice header and logo, in addition to giving clear instruction on how to use the product.

How do you take a product selling MILLIONS on Amazon and make it sell even MORE? – Full Product Listing Optimization Transcript

Jason K.:                       Hey everyone, Jason Katzenback here along with Mr. Mike McClary. Thank you for joining us. On this live, what we’re doing right now is we’re going to be addressing something that is one of the big roadblocks that we find with people interested in getting started selling their own brand or physical products with Amazon. That’s the question is, how in the world do you compete with those big brands? How can a new seller come on to Amazon without any experience, without any brand exposure anywhere else create a brand new product that will not only compete but actually beat the competition. The primary answer to that is …

Mike McClary:              Listing optimization.

Jason K.:                       Listing optimization. We’re not going to fool anyone and say that if you have a poor product, listing optimization will save you, no. It always starts with the good product. That’s why we always have strict guidelines for what your products are. In fact, just yesterday, we had a dinner with an individual that is very experienced in buying and selling Amazon businesses. The number one thing he said, it comes down to a formula of picking products. A big mistake a lot of people make is they get too personally vested into product selection. You pick a product that hits certain criteria, which is a criteria we give you. Can you just explain that criteria again?

Mike McClary:              Sure. You want to look for certain things such as the selling price of it. We recommend anything from 18 to $70 for prices. It will make a really good profit margin but not break the bank on getting inventory. You also look at the bestsellers rank. We recommend the BSR, anywhere from 500 to 5,000. The way Amazon works, the lower the number, the more popular that product is. That’s why we skip one through 499. Those are way too competitive. We want to focus on ones where you could easily get in and start making sales and moving up the rankings immediately.

Mike McClary:              You also want to make sure your product is not too heavy, because shipping costs are a big part of the whole prop formula. We recommend products that are three pounds or less. Then, you also want to look at the reviews. We recommend going for products that have a thousand reviews or less, because you get above a thousand reviews, those products tend to be really competitive, they’ve been around for years, doing exceptionally well, a lot of raving fans. Trust me, there are tens of thousands, a hundreds of thousands of products out there that have less than a thousand reviews, because it is harder to get reviews sometimes now so that makes it better for us to find products that we can sell.

Mike McClary:              Then, the last criteria and Rich Henderson by the way, who’s here with us is giving the thumbs up because I just listed off all the criteria that he teaches in the Amazing Selling Machine. The last criteria is make sure that your products have private label potential. It’s a product that you can sell and brand as your own, not a Google Pixel phone or an iPhone or a Tesla. You want it to be a product that you can put a label on and put a package around and anyone can sell. There’s tons of products out there like Jason’s water bottle, like a spatula or any kind of like cooking utensils. There are millions of products that have private label potential.

Jason K.:                       Absolutely, thank you very much for that. If you’re on this call, chances are you know about the Amazing Selling Machine. We have a free video series that we actually just, just took down, and now video four. If you go to, we told you that the video series is up temporarily. That video series has come down but we still have the one main video up that tells you exactly that you can get started building your own business right now. You’re going to want to check that out,, because I think it is an exactly about, what, 30 hours or so.

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Jason K.:                       We are going to be closing the doors on Amazing Selling Machine. That means we’re also going to be removing some killer, killer bonuses. You’re going to want to check that out with It should automatically redirect to and you’ll see on the top that the free video series that was originally available, three videos, is now grayed out meaning that they’re not available anymore. Once you sign up with the Amazing Selling Machine and in the welcome module, I believe, those are available in the welcome module?

Mike McClary:              Yeah, they are, sure.

Jason K.:                       They are in the welcome module. Let’s get to the meat of what this call is about. This call is about going over some listing optimization tips because what we’re going to do is Mike went through last night and he selected a bunch of products that are absolutely crashing it, like I’m talking about like quarter million dollars and up per month in revenue potential in sales that they’re doing but they have huge opportunities. Mike, maybe just give a little bit of background about what we’re going to be covering here.

Mike McClary:              Yeah. One of the things that Jason is talking about is that an easy way to make your product standout is to simply make your product look better on Amazon. You need to have a good product, we teach you that, we talk about that all the time. That’s the foundation of this business but that’s only one part of the formula. It’s a big percentage but it’s definitely not even more than half of it, because there’s so much more to it. The marketing side of it, the listing optimization, your images, your titles, your bullet points, your descriptions. If you don’t know what those are, that’s totally fine, we’re going to walk through those here.

Mike McClary:              I was able to go out and easily within about 30 minutes, find half dozen products that are doing well over a quarter million dollars each. The minimum, I think, is like $300,000 and these products are crushing, so they must be good products. They fit that first criteria that Jason talked about. When you see these products, you’ll see some things that they could easily do to make their listings look even better to convert better so the more people that go there and see them will buy and they’ll make even more sales. Or on the flipside to that, if you’re competing against one of these products, you could do these things with your product to make your product look even better than theirs.

Mike McClary:              I’m going to actually start sharing my screen. Before I do that, let me welcome some people here. We’re getting a lot of people showing up. I want to say hi to [Carol Stewart 00:05:54] from Texas. [Paul Barron 00:05:556] is here. [Sylvia Rigbower 00:05:58] from Switzerland. Awesome, welcome from all the way over there. We have [inaudible 00:06:02] and several other people. Welcome to the call. Feel free to share this if you want to. We’re going to be for probably about 35 or 40 minutes or so. I’m going to start sharing my screen so let’s make sure I do this right here, bear with me.

Jason K.:                       I just want to say hi to [Ronnie Lanvin 00:06:21], Russian Club. I’m naming names from YouTube right now. People that are checking in from YouTube. Eduardo [Oyecleva 00:06:31] saying hello. Some from Russia, from Virginia, got a lot of people saying hello so hello and thanks for having me here. You’re going to get some great information.

Mike McClary:              All right. I have my screen shared here and just so you know, like there’s the countdown timer Jason was talking about. We are less than a day and a half. We’re right about a day and a half away before the doors close. If you have not joined yet, watch us for the next 30 minutes and then go join right away. I think that’s what we want you to do.

Jason K.:                       Yes.

Mike McClary:              Let’s get to the first product that I’m talking about and I’m going to … let me mute my Skype here as a matter of fact, because we’re going to get lots of messages coming here and I don’t want to have those go on there. All right. Let’s talk about this first product. Hold on a second. Things keep coming up on Skype and I don’t want that to happen. Let me exit out of here.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. We’re seeing his Skype and that’s good.

Mike McClary:              Oh, no. Okay.

Jason K.:                       Shouldn’t you close your bank account stuff?

Mike McClary:              Yeah. The first product we have here is a changing pad. As you can see from this product right here, it’s a very basic product. This product is used for changing babies, we all know that, we have them in the past. At first glance, it’s very, very basic listing, where we have just a simple picture upfront. They’re only using also four images. If you look over here, you’ll see the different images that are available for this product and they’re using four. Most products on Amazon, you can actually use up to eight or nine images.

Mike McClary:              One of the things we tell all of our students, take advantage of that real estate. Use all of these images, put up all four because you can show lots more with them. For example, they have a little picture of a baby but that picture is just one of many they could put. They could show different types of babies, a boy and a girl and babies from different countries and actually the mom or the dad doing the changing, showing how this product makes their life so much easier. They’re definitely missing out on that opportunity.

Jason K.:                       With these images, you want to do here is think of lifestyle images so the whole idea, you got to remember, when people go into a store like in town, they go to Walmart or Target or something like that, you can pick up the product, you can see the product, you can inspect it. Online, you can’t. What you need to do is using the images and the text that you put on the page, you’ve got to be able to give them the sense of how this will be in their life. With images especially you want to show different scenarios. This is a portable thing so you could show them actually bringing it in, into one of those bathroom fold-down things in restaurants.

Jason K.:                       Different situations like that, like what are my customers looking for. A big thing to do is look at things like what the competition is doing. If there’s some like let say for example a competition said this thing, one of the reviews said this is really hard to clean. If yours is easy to clean, show a picture of it, just rinsing off and saying, super easy to clean. You want to figure what the triggers are that people are looking for in this product and how you can show it being used in real life.

Jason K.:                       Example, having the baby in it in different situations of what you’re using it for. Think about the user and also give the user the information. You can’t expect, oh, they’ll get what this means with these four images. Don’t do that because your other competition might be using all of those images and really relate to the seller where all you had to do is one extra image and you would have solved the issue. Think of lifestyle images, how can I show this product being used to my consumer the best way possible?

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Can’t underestimate the value of lifestyle like Jason was talking about. There’s also a couple other things on here that they could change. For one, that title is only four words, summer infant contoured changing pad. Why you don’t want to go ahead and …

Jason K.:                       Five words but we won’t …

Mike McClary:              Thanks, Jason. Thanks, Rich Henderson for holding up the five fingers in the back there. Yes, it’s the summer infant contoured changing pad. We can use a lot more characters in there. They could actually put in some other keywords at the end of that to get some more traffic when people are searching for that product. It’s not a bad title but they’re not taking advantage of what they can do on Amazon. Yeah, go ahead.

Jason K.:                       Can you scroll down for a little bit. I just want to look at the bullets for a second because I know we’re going to talk about it but, yeah. What you got to think is what are the main things people are going to be searching for? What are those top level keywords? Guarantee, there’s going to be more than, what’s the name of the product again? They say, infant contoured changing pad, like people might say a baby contoured changing pad or you got to think of what those primary keywords are and then you want to structure a title that really represents what your two to three top search terms are.

Jason K.:                       When you think of a top search term, a top search term wouldn’t be pad or changing. It would be a combination of at least two to three words like changing pad. Primarily, like infant changing pad, I think baby changing pad and then it might be toddler changing pad. It just might be making sure you have baby, toddler and infant in the title. By not adding those two extra words, you could be missing a huge, huge opportunity. You want to really identify what those three primary keywords are that you really want to focus on that show good potential on Amazon and make sure your title has them, because your title is, I would say, it’s the number one rank.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, yeah. It’s a different ranking.

Jason K.:                       Yeah, so there you go.

Mike McClary:              Yes, I mean, to do exactly what Jason just suggested, they can leave it as the brand name of summer infant contoured changing pad and then simply put in perfect for babies and toddlers. You got both those words right in the title.

Jason K.:                       What a simple thing to add and you’ve got that keyword in there. It’s great.

Mike McClary:              Back down to the bullet points. When you …

Jason K.:                       Actually, let me just add one thing. Because I could just picture people, oh, does the word have, so for example, like does it have to be baby changing pad? No. If you have those three words, you want to figure out, out of those three words, which one is your primary one. Let’s say, it’s like they have there, infant changing pad. Then, the second and third ones are baby. Then, as long as you have those words after, just like Mike said, Amazon will see that and put in ranking for those so it doesn’t have to be the exact order. Amazon looks at everything. For your primary one, I do recommend having it in the exact order because it just gives it that much more power.

Mike McClary:              Excellent. Yeah, we’re down to the bullet points. You see that in this section, it’s where it says, about the product. These are what we called the bullet points, sometimes called features of the product. You have a lot of space to use in here. What we like to talk about is talking about the benefits and features of the product. This one doesn’t necessarily like reach out to me. The first bullet says, durable quilted vinyl, it’s 100% waterproof. I might say something and there’s lot of way to do this. I might say something like never have a leaky changing pad again. Talk to what the problem is and how you’re benefiting someone using this product.

Mike McClary:              Then, the next bullet is, contoured walls and quick release safety belt. How about, make sure your baby is comfortable and will never roll off the table. That’s probably one of my concerns.

Jason K.:                       Yup.

Mike McClary:              Talk about those things, the benefits and features that they’re getting out of it and not just tell them the exact feature in that bullet.

Jason K.:                       You can’t assume that people are reading everything you put. You’ve got to design, it’s your responsibility to speak to the customer. For example, me, I’m a notorious skimmer meaning that I don’t want to read, if you give me a big blocks of texts, I’m just going to read the first opening sentence and that’s it. I want to quickly skim. Your job here with the bullets, just like Mike is saying, is make it easy. I can look at those five bullets without reading and know what you’re saying.

Jason K.:                       Like for the first one, you could say in capital letters, durable and easy to clean; and then explain. Then, the next one could be, contoured walls for your baby’s safety and then an explanation of it. You want to start the sentence with something that like a high impact phrase that really summarizes what the benefit is that they’re getting. What it is that if I buy this, these are the five things that I’m going to right away benefit from, from having them so I don’t have to sit there and try to figure it out. You’re telling me what those benefits are. Does that make sense?

Mike McClary:              Yeah. It makes perfect sense, great advice. We’re only in the first one here. We have a lot more to go through. I’m going to go down the description. I do think it’s kind of funny, the last bullet says, non-skid bottom. Are they talking about the baby or the pad? I’m not quite sure. All right. We go down and we look at their actual description. When we get here, this part of their description is nice, from the manufacturer, this means they have something called enhanced brand content, which gives them a lot more space to put images, maybe even a video and some larger paragraphs and calls to action on here. This looks great.

Jason K.:                       I feel like they got lazy though.

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Jason K.:                       Because they’re using the same images. Again, you got to think like they already know … like first of all, you’ve got two of the exact same images one on top of each other. What a waste to real seat space, at least show it from a different angle, show like something like you got to think. What I’m seeing here is someone just making assumptions. They get it, it’s a simple product. You’re hurting yourself making those assumptions. What you want to do is think, “What are all the angles that I can show possible that really help people understand.” A perfect example I would show here even like one image would be your picture, your product and maybe like measuring dimensions beside it so people can understand, “Oh, this is how it’s dimensioned. This is how thick it is. This is how it looks when I have it.” What you see in that one image for example, it looks like it’s a crate. If it’s in a crate, well, that’s supporting the walls like show me this on a table so you can see like from the flat edge, show me different scenarios.

Jason K.:                       Don’t repurpose the same images. You only have four images and then you put it in the description again, it’s just a repetitive waste. You should be optimizing that, we should give the viewers different angles to look at.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely, yeah. Definitely, take advantage of this. As you scroll down even more, then we finally get to the product description and that’s really just one sentence. They put a little bit more there as well but what I wanted to put some for the last part of these is the reviews. They have good reviews. If you look at their average, it’s 4.5. I’m going to zoom in on that. They have four and a half stars out of five, that’s great. They got a ton of reviews as well. One thing they’re not doing is not they’re commenting on any reviews.

Mike McClary:              When I went through and looked at all these reviews, they didn’t make any kind of comments back to the customers. If they have any negative ones, luckily, they don’t have any on this one. Here’s a three-star review right here on the screen.

Jason K.:                       I see a one star.

Mike McClary:              Oh, yeah. There are some poor reviews but they’re not commenting back. As a seller, you have the ability and I think the responsibility to reach back up to customers. You don’t feel like they got the product that they thought they were buying. One of the easiest ways, simply comment on here. It can be as simple as, “We’re really sorry you didn’t like our product, but we want to take care of your, please reach out to us and we will make sure that you are perfectly satisfied.”

Jason K.:                       Think of it from this perspective. Also, don’t make the mistake of just commenting on negative reviews. You should comment on everything because what people will do is they’ll you call out of this. “Oh, how come you only comment and defend your negative reviews?” It’s very simple, just every day, you just go in. Make it personal. Don’t say, “Oh, thank you for the review.” Say thank you and why you’re thanking them like for what part. I’m glad you enjoyed the product. We’re really proud of this. Because then, that’s the point you get to share another benefit.

Jason K.:                       If someone say, “I love this product, it’s non-skid.” “Really glad you like the non-skid. We’ve tested it on multiple different surfaces and yeah, there’s nothing this thing doesn’t stick to.” Just a perfect example of how you can really emphasize the benefit. The other thing is who really goes through all the five stars and reads the five stars? They don’t. Usually, they want to go to around the two to four star things because usually those ones are definitely of more value. People are going to them and they’re just seeing the negatives and they’re seeing no response whatsoever, that the product is just like, I’m distanced from the customer. That’s the feeling you will get is that they don’t want to engage with us. They just want to sell to us. If you engage with the seller, that’s the thing the big brands aren’t doing. That’s how you can compete and beat the big brands because you can be personal.

Jason K.:                       People don’t want to deal with big cold corporate conglomerates. They love dealing with those mom and pop businesses that are personal reaching out to you, that cares you as an individual, so care for them as an individual. React to each of them as an individual and it will go a long way. Believe me. The other thing with commenting on reviews, don’t get defensive. Don’t sit there and say, “Oh, this can’t be, this is not true. I don’t believe you,” because what you’re going to do is you’re just going to get into debate that you can’t win. Thank everyone for their feedback, let them know that they can reach out to you, that your priority is their satisfaction, that you will take care of them. Just really drive home the point that you’re not thinking they’re a liar and that you just want to solve their issues so reach out them.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. That’s like some of the best advice you can ever give to a new seller. Don’t take it personally. Chances are …

Jason K.:                       Yup, if you will.

Mike McClary:              You will and the first thing tonight will be that.

Jason K.:                       We know people that on their first review they’re like, “Let’s [inaudible 00:19:37] product, it doesn’t work.” It’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re going to get bad reviews. You’re going to get someone that’s just grumpy that day. You’re going to get someone that maybe didn’t mean to order your product or had a different idea of what the product is because they didn’t read the listing, you’re going to get negative reviews. The thing is, your job is to interact and figure out how to make your product better all the time and make those reviews possible.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Even with everything that Jason and I went over, talking about how they need more images, how we don’t really like their short title. They’re not really making a very good use of the bullet points. They need a lot different variety of images on there and they need to start commenting on their reviews. This product by our estimates is making $390,000 in sales a month.

Jason K.:                       Repeat that one more time.

Mike McClary:              This product by our estimates is making $390,000 a month in sales.

Jason K.:                       We’ve got a lot of experience with Amazon. We know the right tools. We sell in different categories and we know how those rankings are. These are real numbers and these are real estimates. This product is absolutely crushing it. First of all, the baby industry is absolutely huge. You rank top on there, you are absolutely crushing it. The cool thing is this, and actually, I see a comment on here about this brand itself, like they have notorious poor listings and they’re a huge, huge seller on Amazon. That just shows you, you can come in here, make better images, a better optimized listing, really, a better product quite easily. The thing is, with the way Amazon works and the advertising processes that you can use there, you can compete, you really, really can and that’s the cool thing.

Mike McClary:              Awesome. Let’s go on to the next one. We probably would spent as much time as on the other ones because some of the things that Jason does talk about will be repeated on the other ones, commenting on reviews, more images and that but this next product, yeah, go head.

Jason K.:                       If you’re getting value out of this, please, please, please share, please, please like, heart it whatever like let us know the feedback because we give a lot in these calls and we want to make sure it’s worthwhile. If you’re getting value, please let us know by commenting and sharing and liking. We really appreciate it.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Before I show the next listing, and I want to do the next one if that’s okay with you, Jason, because I have reason for this. I want to show a picture. I am staying at a really awesome Airbnb, I’m here in Austin, Texas this week, last couple of weeks actually, just hanging out. Everyone here is amazing. Away from my family but I’ve gotten myself a really nice Airbnb in downtown Austin. In the bathroom, they have this really cool setup of essential oil and little flowery things. In the upper right-hand corner, is this jar of stuff and I have no idea what it is, I was kind of laughing about it, it’s called Indian healing clay. No idea what this product is so I haven’t even looked at it or touched it.

Mike McClary:              Last night, I’m doing research and lo and behold when I’m trying to find products selling really well in Amazon, there it is. Number one in its category, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, and this product by our estimates is doing $310,000 a month. I kind of felt a little dumb after laughing at that product up in their cabinet there. Talk about some real areas for improvement. The baby product we looked at were only showing four images, this one is one image. One image and it is nothing more than an image of the jar. I mean, at least, show like the lid off, show applying it, like do at least four images of that.

Mike McClary:              I don’t even know what it’s for, really, but I want to buy this now because I know how well it’s doing. No lifestyle images. If this is to be used in the face for cleaning pores like it says in the title, show someone, show Jason and I putting it around the face and slathering it all around us. Also, let’s go look at their bullets. Their bullets are, here’s their first bullet, world’s most powerful facial. I mean, that’s not a very descriptive bullet. They do say it doesn’t contain additives, fragrances and animal products. They give you a warning in the bullet, don’t leave clay mask on skin longer than five to 10 minutes.

Mike McClary:              Again, they are not making use of their bullet points. Then, let’s go down and look at their description as well. This is the product description. Can you read that quickly?

Jason K.:                       When I said earlier, if you give a lump of text like I won’t read that. You’re making me work too hard. White space, and if you look at how Amazon, like the listing itself, Amazon has big white sections between areas. For example, the product dimension, shipping rate and all that, they don’t make it all clumped together. They know white space; it makes it easier to read. It makes it easier to skim. For your product description, you give a clump of text, they’re not going to read it and you’re missing out on the chance to be able to really sell and connect with the seller.

Jason K.:                       Make it easy. To me, when you’re doing your description, there’s no reason to not more or less paragraph, between every second sentence minimum. I recommend actually making almost every line its own sentence, because you can do more damage with adding more words than less. For example, Google AdWords, you look at Google AdWords, you’re only allowed like 35 characters, very little per line. They do that on purpose because it makes you focus on what is the absolute essentials I have to put here.

Jason K.:                       Think about that with the description. What is the point of the description, because you want the person that will look at the images, the title, the bullet points and this description and have a complete 100% understanding of what your product is. Make it easy for them to be able to achieve that by separating and focus only on putting the text that really, really matters and really just focus on, again, making it easy to read and digest more or less for the consumers so they want the product. They understand why I’m picking your product over the competition and this is why.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely, yeah. I couldn’t even read that if I tried, there’s so much text.

Jason K.:                       I just don’t want it.

Mike McClary:              Then, I’m going to zoom it on this, I mean, with everything we’re talking about, look at this bestsellers rank. It is the number one in beauty and personal care. This product, even with that low-selling price, I think it’s something like eight or nine bucks, is still doing over $310,000 a month on Amazon.

Jason K.:                       Here’s an important thing, so then we’re telling people how do you compete with this brand? That’s the other thing with Amazon which is great. You don’t have to be number two to this product to be crushing it. There is so much demand. People don’t just pick the top product. It’s not like, “Oh, if you’re not one or two like you don’t even exist.” There are so many keywords you could go for. There are so many different ways. You can drive traffic from external sources. There are so many things that we teach you. One of the things that we teach you, we’ve got a small version of it if you watch the free series but the marketing system that we put in, our goal is to make sure your product is ranking and beating the competition in certain areas.

Jason K.:                       That’s the thing, we focus the right way. We make sure that you optimize your listing which these big brands don’t because they’re just relying on their brand. They’re just relying, “Oh, people know who we are,” it’s like Coca-Cola. The thing is, that’s why Coca-Cola has to keep advertising because the competition is always trying to steal from them. With these people, I feel like they’re just like, “Ah, we have the bestselling product, we don’t have to optimize their listing.” This is a perfect opportunity for people to come in and start grabbing pieces of that pie, right?

Mike McClary:              If you think about the numbers they’re doing over $300,000 a month, that means, $10,000 a day in sales of this product so that’s about $400 an hour they’re making with this product. It’s just kind of crazy. It’s probably, I don’t know, 40 or 50 units they’re selling every hour so like one every minute or so they’re selling. This product is crushing it and you wouldn’t have to necessarily even charge as cheap as this product. If you had a better listing that looked better and you show some lifestyle images how this is really going to make you look beautiful and make your pores shrink and get small in your skin, you could easily sell a skin care product like this for like 20, 30, 40 bucks something like that.

Jason K.:                       It’s funny. [Nickalie Dean 00:27:22] is just saying one of these comments here in YouTube. You can use, it’s great multiple uses. It’s like, we don’t get that from here. You know what I mean like say that in the benefits, great multiple uses and then explain what those uses are. There’s just so many things that they’re not doing here that you could do better.

Mike McClary:              All right. Let’s go to the next one over here, all right. Jason, you want to take a stab at this one here?

Jason K.:                       All right, sure. First of all, if I could pull [inaudible 00:27:50] say images. You look at those images like correct me if it’s wrong, it’s the showing the …

Mike McClary:              Bottle every time, yeah.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. It’s like, you don’t need to show an image of the label. What they have there is actually not bad. Let’s say they use those four images because you really want to make sure people are seeing everything. That’s perfectly fine, people want to see it but why are you showing it twice? Why are you showing them an up-close of the label on the container and then the label by itself? To me, that’s again, just a waste of real estate. You want to show people like what does the cream look like. How does it work, how does it roll into your hands? Whatever it is, show it being applied, show the type of people that use it, the scenarios that they use it.

Jason K.:                       This is a pasture-raised, grass-fed collagen peptide, paleo so it’s for those diets. The other thing if it’s for diet, show someone like a couple with ripped abs using the product.

Mike McClary:              Like us.

Jason K.:                       Yeah, exactly, yeah. That’s why we wear a black. You want to show them like, the idea is you want the customer to look at it and say either, I can relate to this or I want to be like that. You want to show what the end result is of using the product as well, that they’re happy, that they’re like, yeah, this is great. You look at those out, like the clay mask, show someone like using it with a smile on their face saying, so obviously, that tells them it’s comfortable. With this product, the same idea. Look at the reviews, what are people saying like, “Oh, it’s sticky.” You can have a picture if you show someone using it and happy, that gives you the impression, “Oh, it must not be sticky, it must go in really clear.”

Jason K.:                       Again, lifestyle images. If we look at the title doesn’t seem too bad to me. The title, I don’t know the keywords on here. It’s easier to read, vital proteins pasture-raised, grass-fed collagen peptides. They have those different words in there, kind of like we talked about with the first listing where you add those other keywords. It’s a decent job there. About this product, again, benefits and features. It’s great that it’s pasture-raised, but what does that mean? Grass-Fed, like you want to hit on those whole things like pasture-raised, grass-fed so initially, say something like 100% all natural no antibiotics or something like that.

Jason K.:                       Just summarize what that means and then go into what the features are. The next thing, promotes youthful skin, look younger and healthier than you ever have, dot, dot, dot and then the benefits. That might be a little bit aggressive but that whole idea again, the features and the benefits and you start like … and I sometimes, I mess them up. The feature for example, would be like for this booklet, it’s a leather bound booklet. That’s not a benefit. To me, what’s the benefit of it leather being leather bound is, it’s long lasting high quality and easy to clean. You got to think, okay, so don’t just tell them the feature. The feature is, it’s an all-natural beauty cream. Or all-natural peptides or collagen whatever it is, that’s the feature. People want to know, okay, but what’s in it for me? What is the benefit of using this?

Jason K.:                       Start off with that benefit. Tell them, boom, here’s the benefit and this is the feature. It’s like whatever it is, it makes you feel healthier and more energy, that’s the benefit and then explain the feature of the product that it adds to that. The reason why this product will make you feel better … am I explaining it?

Mike McClary:              Yeah. No, absolutely, yeah.

Jason K.:                       Okay, perfect. Anything to add?

Mike McClary:              Just the amount of money this product sell.

Jason K.:                       Before we do that, what’s it selling for?

Mike McClary:              Okay.

Jason K.:                       $15?

Mike McClary:              23.75.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. The other thing you know is, this is one of the nice things we certainly … products on Amazon is if you can get that subscribed and saved. Especially, when your first start out, it’s hard to get that sometimes for certain categories. I want to get into that a little bit about picking products to get started with versus picking products to really expand your brand on. For this one, that’s a huge benefit because right away, if you’re selling well on Amazon, right away, people are like, “Yeah, I’m going to need this every month plus I get a discount.” Boom, that’s absolutely huge.

Jason K.:                       The pricing, I mean, I guess it all comes down to profitability, that seems like a decent price to me for that. Let’s go down to what was the one … oh, yeah, the … scroll that down.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, sure.

Jason K.:                       I want to look at the description. Nice description. See, this is perfect. This is beautiful. This is what we’re talking about. Not just reusing previous images, putting new images in, making it so that it’s really engaging. It’s a good job, they’re actually using lifestyle images and I have no idea why they wouldn’t have images this up top. Show that it’s … how to use collagen, key features, great, great description.

Mike McClary:              There’s more color too.

Jason K.:                       Yeah.

Mike McClary:              Above was all blue now they have some good contrast between violet and that light …

Jason K.:                       Yeah. Like when you scroll up, it kind of looks almost like a cheap product, doesn’t it? Like there’s just not a lot to it. You’re not really sure like geez, there’s not a lot of color to the different images. Then you scroll down and all of a sudden, now things start popping on the screen, start drawing. Oops. He’s got a touchscreen.

Mike McClary:              Yeah. They’re definitely at that, that’s great use of that. You want to talk a little bit about the reviews because, I think, of the same issue as the other company did. I don’t notice, like here’s for one star review, a couple one star reviews.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. The other thing too is, for example, beware, the product has changed and Vital Proteins will not respond privately. Guess what, here on the comment, they’re not responding privately. Like not only is this review saying something bad, you as the seller whoever the seller is, is validating this negative review because you’re not responding. People want engagement. People want to know just like this that if I have a bad issue, like they care, they want to see it.

Jason K.:                       This should be number one review that you’re responding to because they’re saying, “They don’t care about me.” You’re validating that. Show them that you care. So many of our successful students are people that know like people ask, what do you do if someone wants a review? I mean, a refund, you give them a refund and you apologize and tell them, “I’m sorry, we didn’t mean it. What can we do to make it better? Can we send you another product for free? Meaning, you get a refund plus we’re going to send you the product for free because you must have got a bad batch. We’re really, really sorry.”

Jason K.:                       You get such a small amount of refunds, at the end of the day, it’s building that customer experience. Think about you as a customer. How do you want to be treated? How do you want the company to treat you when you invest in them? You want them to treat you with respect. You want them to show that I care about not just selling you this product but making sure you get the best results possible using it. If you’re unhappy with my product, I don’t want you to have it. I want you to give it back because your customer experience and satisfaction is my outmost priority,” that will lead you to beat those big brands.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. All right. Before I pull up the next one …

Jason K.:                       Hello, from Turkey. Joseph, hello, amazing family. [Scott Wayne 00:34:53], [Panero Ryder 00:34:54], [Mariel Electie 00:34:55] so a lot of people saying hello from Florida, we have from Turkey and from Atlanta. I just wanted to do a couple of shout outs for them.

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Jason K.:                       This is so amazing. This product right now, we’re estimating makes $475,000 a month.

Mike McClary:              Almost half a million.

Jason K.:                       Almost half a million dollars a month. That is absolutely incredible. Think about it, that one product is making, what, $5 million a year, $6 million a year revenue. I want to explain something about that too because we look at the Amazon ecosystem and think about this, over five years ago now, the ex-CFO, he’s still with Amazon but I’m drawing a blank of what his name is right now, Schmidt, something like that, anyway.

Jason K.:                       He said that Amazon was their number threat. Meaning that Amazon was taking search away from Google, before everyone no matter if they were buying or just wanted information they go right to Google. Now, people know, “No, I go right to Amazon if I actually want to buy something,” and we met, and sites like that, big, big, huge, huge e-Commerce stores are now all dying because everybody is going to Amazon. It’s just easier. They have free shipping. They have Prime. They have all of these great things plus you know with dealing with Amazon, if you’re not happy, you can send it back.

Jason K.:                       You have that authority of a platform to use that people trust. Plus, as I said, they become the number one shopping search engine. They’re getting over 200,000 million certainly more than that now, that was from about six months ago. Hundreds and hundreds and millions of searches every month.

Jason K.:                       For example, a product that ranked like this five years ago, would have been making probably about one-third of what they are now. That’s the thing, everything is growing. If your products even rank 50th and you were making five sales a day five years ago, you’re probably making 50 sales a day now. The ecosystem on Amazon is so awesome and they give you so many tools to be able to take advantage of that through giveaways, through sponsored products, through like everything, lightening deals.

Jason K.:                       You’ve got so many tools at your disposal that you just want to focus on Amazon because there’s so much leverage with Amazon and any of the successful sellers that we talked to, I would say easy 99% of them are making 95% of their revenue on Amazon. They’re not wasting their time going to those other sites like e-Bay and everything because it’s just not worth it. Amazon, you get started and really scale.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. All right. Let’s head on over to another product. Jason, you love vegetables now with this diet you’re on and looking good.

Jason K.:                       It’s a lifestyle change, it’s not a diet.

Mike McClary:              Okay.

Jason K.:                       It’s a lifestyle change. I got to keep telling myself.

Mike McClary:              Yes. Do you want to talk about this one here? I can tell already, I love that main picture.

Jason K.:                       What I love about this product is right away you show it. I’m a little surprised about one thing, that the main product and it says only seven blade. Amazon, sometimes, is a little inconsistent with things and you’ll say … well, they’ll reach out to you and say, “Sorry you have to take this image down, it has a word on.” You could say until you’re blue in the face, “Hey, what about all these other products?” They don’t care. They’re telling you, you have to do this.

Jason K.:                       There’s one thing you can take out of this is when you start a business on Amazon, if Amazon tells you to do something, do it. Don’t argue, just do it and comply to them. They’re very easy to work with, but the thing is you’re not going to win in those back and forth so if they tell you, change something, change something. Right away, you look and first of all there’s colors that pop but they show you different vegetables. They show you in action.

Jason K.:                       Right away, I feel like I already am kind of familiar with this product. Then, they show it to you in a really nice kitchen, makes it, again, so I can see about the proximate size, I can see how everything works. Let’s see another one. Again, then they show you without the kitchen which is a good idea because then people can relate it to maybe looking at theirs. Shows you different … like a potato, whatever those healthy things are. Great, great images. One thing I’m a little surprised on is they didn’t show people actually using it, they just show the product. Again, people want to see them, just in my opinion, I like to see people. I want to see someone using this and looking like it’s really easy to use.

Jason K.:                       Show them, because you might be wondering, “Oh, is it going to be clunky to use? How do you use it, like you hold this handle?” Show them using it and show them like happy using it in different scenarios.

Mike McClary:              Yeah. This is one of the products we pulled up here that this is actually has a lot of good things going forward. I thought maybe the title is a little awkward, spiralizer ultimate only 7-blade vegetable slicer. I’m not sure what that word ultimate is doing there.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. That’s why I’m looking to see if … yeah, I don’t see it in their brand name or anything. That’s …

Mike McClary:              Their bullets, you know what? You talked about this how you start your bullets off sometimes with capital so maybe you want to touch on these.

Jason K.:                       The idea here is you really just want to be able to pull the person’s attention into it. They actually did a great job here because you show with the capitalization, it draws my eyes to it so I don’t have to sit there and read everything that they have. If it’s a good enough benefit that they’re showing me though, I am going to want to read it. This is also a great opportunity where not only they’re getting the features and benefits, but they’re using enough text because this also helps with ranking. It helps with identifying in Amazon what your product is about. This does help not only on Amazon, but don’t forget Google as well.

Jason K.:                       Google looks at this stuff and they examine the page for keywords. You want to cover as much as you can without going overboard. I think they’ve done great. It looked practical and innovative. I’m not sure about those words. They’ve got a good listing, maybe that’s why they’re doing it, but to me like practical and innovative. What does that mean to the average? Innovative, what do you mean? Does that sound like something that would resonate with the average person buying this? You want to figure out those words, but they might have done the research and that might be exactly what people are looking for.

Jason K.:                       Again, that’s the idea. I love the best rated latest 2018 design, like right away, best rated, oh cool.

Mike McClary:              Then, one other really interesting thing I noticed here was their live friendly customer support, what a great … and their team is in Cheyenne. They’re demonstrating that they are United States-based and if you call someone you will get a US-based support representative.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. You guys think about it any country, but if you’re primarily selling in you’re primarily selling to US-based people. That’s just a little thing that you can add right away make someone might want to pick yours over someone else, because they’re like, oh if this one is not from the United States, I want to support this one. Great, great point.

Mike McClary:              Here’s their product description, one of those long paragraphs that you love so much.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. That one is not even so, so bad because there’s only a few sentences, but then I ask myself why? Why wouldn’t you just add extra? Just make it so that you’re considering that this person needs to know more about your product. This one, they don’t have enhanced …

Mike McClary:              No, they don’t. I thought they were going to, but it’s not the enhanced brand content that we saw early with extra pictures and video. This is the description of their product. It is one paragraph.

Jason K.:                       I got a question for you though. Why would this not be maybe the best product for someone to start with?

Mike McClary:              I think it’s still too competitive. This particular product, if you’re watching this right here, and you want to get joined in selling on Amazon and following the guidelines that we teach you, we show you awesome products like this. We also show you how to find hidden gems where there are really underserved markets that you can come in and much more easily start making money quickly. You could. Absolutely.

Mike McClary:              If you’re out there and you want to sell a product like spiralizer, there’s a huge amount of demand out there. You’ll be able to find great suppliers with high quality products. You could make your product listing look better than this one. The only downside would be that you’d spend a lot of money on imagery and marketing in order to really compete.

Jason K.:                       There looks like a lot of complicated parts.

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Jason K.:                       There’s two phases. There’s your get going phase and then there’s your scale and grow phase or grow and scale phase. For your just get going, you want products that meet our criteria, but also are so easy to use. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your product delivers to the expectation that the buyer has. If all of a sudden, you have something that’s really complicated like has multiple parts and you’re still trying to figure out how to get started and running and manage all these aspects of Amazon, but you’re constantly getting these technical issues, you’ve got all this kind of thing, that really can slow you down. You want to start with something smaller or something simpler meaning not so many components.

Jason K.:                       We’re not saying you can’t start on this, as he said already. If you’ve already got experience, if you’ve got this really hard drive and you want to go for the challenge, absolutely. We know many people that do that. They go for the most competitive products right away, but just you got to understand all those issues, especially what is your initial focus on getting started, is to learn the system, get things up and running and start making revenue right away. You don’t want to go for the people with 5,000 reviews and really establish products. You want to find those hidden gems, those sub-niches where people are just starting to get things going and it’s like a new discovery almost.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Speaking of competition, there is a reason I put this on here as well because it’s pretty good, I found some areas of improvement. If you look at this main image, I thought when I saw it that it looked pretty enticing. I’ve not seen a product like this probably because I don’t cook a lot of vegetables myself. I liked how they showed the different blades at the bottom and how they’re specifically for different types of vegetables and seven blades. I thought that’s very innovative and an interesting picture maybe that’s what I talked about. Then, when I …

Jason K.:                       You just said you’re not a good market for this, so we’ll go there.

Mike McClary:              If we go down to the other products, look at all the images for their competition. They’re doing the exact same thing. All of them are now, and I don’t know who is the leader who is the follower, they’re showing their product there.

Jason K.:                       Click on the Brieftons real quick. I just want to see if this … Let’s see their images, maybe they show any people actually using the product.

Mike McClary:              Yup. I see hands.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. Which again, so great cool, cool. That’s the thing, look at what other people are doing. Again, think of yourself like what is it? That’s what we tell people to start with products that they’re familiar with, their niche that they’re comfortable with. We’re not saying you have to do that. We know many sellers that are selling products that you’d never guess that was their niche. At the end of the day, when you first getting started, for example, if you don’t like to cook, if you don’t like to deal with vegetables and you have no interest in this market, if you’re initially starting with a product like this it’s going to be work, because you’re going to have to figure out what to write about and all those thing.

Jason K.:                       Versus if you start in a market that you’re at least somewhat familiar with, like you like to cook, this is something that you’d like to try and use and figure out how to make better then absolutely go for it. That’s, again, a big thing where you’ll hear us. I don’t know if we ever mention passion.

Mike McClary:              We talk about passion and interest and the difference between those two.

Jason K.:                       Awesome. That’s the big thing, when you’re getting started, we just want you to get started with something that’s easy to get going and then you can get going. Then, once you’re established on Amazon, this is when you start getting innovative. This is when you start looking at products like this and figuring out, I have a lower risk factor now because I know I got my niche and my product established, so now I can start scaling. I already have an audience that I cannot only sell to at a lower price, but I can also leverage just the traffic that’s coming into my current niche, my current site or my current funnel on Amazon and they’ll start seeing my other products. There’s a lot of leverage to that.

Mike McClary:              Awesome. Okay, let’s get to a couple other one as well. I’m going to shrink those down right here. Let’s see. Okay. I’ll go over this one. These are pet grooming gloves. You can tell the picture that I see there, that does pop out of me. The colors are pretty good. The images are very, very clear. However, I thought that there are some other things also that they could be doing better.

Mike McClary:              For example, in the title, they say upgrade version. I don’t know about you, I going to call it the upgraded version. Even in their image over here, let’s see if I see it. Even in the image that they paid up someone put they have upgrade version too instead of the upgraded version. That’s nice. They are telling us this is upgraded, but they’re not really talking to us exactly what that means as well. That word upgrade as to upgraded is pretty much everywhere.

Mike McClary:              Also, if we go on to the bullet points, look at this very … This is going to drive you crazy Jason. Look at the very first bulletpoint. Noted that only DelomoDirect sells the authentic items. I know what they’re doing here. We all know how [inaudible 00:47:52] know what they’re doing. They’re trying to make sure that when people come here and buy this product that they’re only buying at true, authentic Delomo pet mit.

Mike McClary:              If I were to go to this product and read that very first bullet point, that’s going to turn me off. It might scare me away that, “Oh my gosh, am I going to buy a counterfeit product if I buy this product on Amazon?” It’s not exactly what I would want to do.

Jason K.:                       You can even just say instead the original and then the brand name. That’s the thing. Here’s a good tip, always talk in the positive. A lot of times, there’s the scare factor that people like to throw in there, nine times out of 10 the positive is going to do better than the negative. You could say, the authentic true and then the positive reason why that is. Instead of saying like there’s scammers out there stay away from them only buy mine. That often is like, there’s scammers on here? There’s people making fake products? You start seeding things in their mind that might scare them from … or might cause them to start looking at other products and say, “Oh maybe there’s imitations that are cheaper.”

Jason K.:                       You’re causing questions right away that you don’t need to. Your job is to pull them through the page to get them to buy, not to tell them about other competitors out there and always stay positive.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Then, as I go through the other bullet points on here, you can see they do none of the things that we talked about. The second bullet point starts off with hair remover, the third one starts off with bath brush, fourth one starts off with eco-friendly.

Jason K.:                       That one’s got [crosstalk 00:49:20] isn’t it saying the title already hair remover. It’s like saying brush, like we know it’s brush, we’re buying a brush. What is the benefit? The benefit to me isn’t it’s a hair remover. There’s got to be … effectively remove hair better than any other brush in the market. Something like that where it’s like, okay, this is why they’re saying word hair brush.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. There’s some other grammar things in here. I’m not going to really like go off on that, because the seller might not be from the US and has translated this. If you’re not from US, you could absolutely hire someone for five, 10 bucks, if you don’t feel comfortable, make it easily rewrite this in a matter of minutes.

Jason K.:                       Absolutely, when you’re doing revenue like this guy is doing, yeah.

Mike McClary:              What’s interesting now I’m going to … look at the images real quickly because they did to a good job in some of these images. They’re showing the packaging that it comes in. They’re showing the size and this is info graphic how they’re actually … what I like here on this image is they’re showing that they’ve increased it from 180 to 255 silicone tips.

Mike McClary:              They’ve done a lot of good things on this image. There’s a dog, a lifestyle picture. They’re having a product used. There’s a cat also, and look at all the hair.

Jason K.:                       That’s a great one.

Mike McClary:              That is an awesome picture, it really is. If I’m reading this correctly, this is most likely a picture sent in from a customer because the way they’re talking about the bottom that’s says By Yana.

Mike McClary:              Then, also the last I wanted to show is all the … another great montage of all the different. They’re doing a lot of good things and I think that shows in their sales because even, again, with everyone we’re talking about, we estimate this product sells over $420,000 a month.

Jason K.:                       420,000 a month, that’s wow.

Mike McClary:              All right. I think, Jason, we have one more we want to get to here. This one is on here and it ties in to the last product.

Jason K.:                       Before we do that, I just want to remind everyone. Please, first of all, if you like what we’re sharing please like this post, please share this post. Please comment on it. Let us know where you’re from. We want to engage with you. We really want to know like if we’re offering value or anything. Also, if you haven’t checked it already please go to the door is close in one day, in about 12 hours, one and a half days. Once the door is close, you’re going to lose opportunities on the bonuses which are fantastic bonuses. We got the six-month buyback. There’s lots and lots of great things that we’re giving you to take all the risk off of you.

Jason K.:                       This is the exact same model that has taught like hundreds and hundreds of people who are now literally multimillionaires because they’ve gone through this. In fact, we’ve taught … why am I saying hundreds? We’ve taught thousands of people and it helped change their life. This is a real business. You’re learning how to create your very own physical product that is branded with your own brand. Nobody else owns a brand, it’s your brand that you’re leveraging the power of Amazon to launch your brand. Whether you go off of Amazon or not Amazon has international platform, they have so much you can do with them. That’s why we start you on Amazon.

Jason K.:                       This isn’t Amazon business. This is a physical products business where you’re creating your own brand and leveraging Amazon and it is huge. Everyone sees the doors close sign. You’ve got Sears, Toys R Us. You got all of these stores K-Mart, Zellers, I mean, if you’re in Canada. I’m a Canadian that’s why, you don’t know what Zeller is.

Jason K.:                       Anyway, the whole idea here brick and mortar stores like this big box stores, they’re struggling because everyone is going to Amazon. You don’t fight it, go with it, take advantage of it. Amazon has grown from a $70 billion a year company, when I started to now over 200 billion in only five years, six years. In only six years, in that multiple that they’ve expanded is because that’s that many more people coming, they’ve expanded their warehouses. I mean, here in Austin I know you get same day delivery like that’s insane like Amazon is just constantly innovating and you can’t miss it. You don’t want to miss this like right now is a prime time to get in because it’s just growing exponentially.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely.

Jason K.:                       With that said, is there anything else you wanted to add before we back into?

Mike McClary:              No, no, he’s covered it all. That’s awesome.

Jason K.:                       All right, cool. Can you just …

Mike McClary:              Yeah. There we go. There’s the name of this product here. Let me get going. You don’t mind if I start up on this one here because …

Jason K.:                       No, but I hate that image, look at that.

Mike McClary:              That image right there, yet, that doesn’t really show what the main product is or what it’s doing. This is a roller dog cat hair, pet hair remover. The brand name is ChomChom Roller.

Mike McClary:              First thing I’m going to say is that, you know what, this product is on our list, we know it’s doing well. Probably not the brand name I would have chosen, but then again, maybe the brand name isn’t always as critical as we like to think. This product is doing really well, but even that title is not very good. They’re not taking advantage of really the other things they could be talking about. This is a roller for dog or cat or pet remover to remove the troublesome hair from pets of all sizes.

Jason K.:                       Even the word fur being there somewhere …

Mike McClary:              Yeah, you would think [crosstalk 00:54:23].

Jason K.:                       You have the word fur in there once like the ultimate fur remover like just something like that. Other thing I don’t like about with the … if we can go to the image is that it shows you how the image would be in this package. That’s great, but show me what it looks like outside the package first of all like really giving a good idea. That’s what Amazon wants right there. They want a white background, a crisp image so that when you mouse on the image, if you could show me, so mouse the image.

Jason K.:                       When someone wants to like look this, exactly just like that. They want to be able to have it so that you can really see it. That’s a big tip. What you want to do is when you have your images, you want them to be a minimum of either thousand by thousand pixels so that this can happen, so that when someone clicks on it, they get a nice crisp image so they can look closely at everything.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. I mean, the first image isn’t great but that’s another thing too is you want to have multiple images and you’re going to want to test different images. You’re going to want to see what your primary image is because your primary image … Can you do a quick search on Amazon?

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Jason K.:                       Let’s put in dog hair remover.

Mike McClary:              Let’s duplicate and then we’re going to pull up dog hair remover. Dog hair remover.

Jason K.:                       As you can see like your primary image, that first image you have is your primary advertising thing, so that’s what’s pulling them in.

Jason K.:                       This product is doing great but you look at that like I had no idea what the product really looks like. That’s just showing you in the package. That’s why it’s so important because your title in your primary image are the first thing people see. It’s what draws their eyes to it. Obviously, reviews and prices are important too, but those things right there. If you have a poor image, it’s going to affect your sales. Always remember that. Think of a high quality good image that really represents your product.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. All right. Speaking of images, this is a product used for pets, right.

Jason K.:                       Yeah.

Mike McClary:              If we go through their images, you’ll notice one thing is missing. There’s not a single image for pets on here.

Jason K.:                       Something we want you to know is we’re telling you facts because we have so many students, we have our own businesses. We know this for a fact that these things help. Our whole point of this call is how you can beat the big brands. This is how because these are the things those big brands aren’t doing. A lot of these big companies sit there like they know they got to get their products on Amazon so they just put it up there and they have no idea how to optimize it. They’re sitting there scratching their head.

Jason K.:                       People that go through the Amazing Selling Machine are miles and miles ahead of those big companies because they know everything that we know for optimizing, strategizing, growing, getting traffic. Things that everyone else seems to be missing and it’s those little things like he just said like show me that this is actually a pet brush not just a brush. Show me it working with a pet, huge.

Mike McClary:              One thing that they have done really well and you don’t always see this on listings is they have a related video. They actually have the owner of the company coming on and talking about the product. Very cool. This is a new feature that Amazon is rolling out to sellers right now, where you can actually upload a video about your product. We can’t hear this one right now, but feel free to check this out, the ChomChom pet roller. What he’s talking about is customers who have issues using the roller and he’s giving them very clear concise instructions on exactly the three steps on how to use the product.

Mike McClary:              Apparently, it’s working because what they then do below, and I’m going to stroll on down is they also give really good instructions in this enhanced frame content area.

Jason K.:                       Nice job. There you go. You see pets, you see it. That’s the thing too. You got to remember, don’t assume while we got those images in the enhanced content, we don’t need it up there. There’s a thing called above the fold. You think of like a newspaper. When you get a newspaper usually, they’re folded like this. It was always the first part, the up part of the folded paper, which is called above the fold is where the big stories are. That’s the thing that you want. People are going to want to buy your newspaper because of what’s above the fold.

Jason K.:                       If you expect like to get the really big stuff above the fold what … I mean below it, you’re expecting the person to look at it and say, Not really interesting, is there anything on the back?” They have to now make the decision to do it. Just like a website. If it’s not above the fold, you’re expecting, well, they’re going to scroll down. No, they won’t. You have to get people right away. It’s about getting their attention and interest right away. Get their attention with the images and the title and then get them interested. You got my attention this looks like what I want. Now, get them interested in your product. That means making sure that the other images, you got your primary image and title, gets the attention.

Jason K.:                       The bullet points and the other images make sure they have an interest in your product plus it starts to create a desire. You want to think of that. Your job is to get their attention quickly because you got … you know what it is. They say that if your website doesn’t load in three seconds, every half a second above that is exponential in the amount of people that leave your website. The same is for this. If you’re not immediately getting their attention, they’re going to go elsewhere. There are so many distractions with the internet. If you’re not driving like getting their attention right away, you’re just losing out.

Jason K.:                       Make sure you have those high quality images right away. Don’t assume like I’ll explain this later. I probably went over on that …

Mike McClary:              No, that’s great point. Actually, you’re right. There’s no reason they could not have put this image up there as well. That’s a great picture of a person using it with the pet.

Jason K.:                       Step one and two like it shows like a pet. Like I would actually use that step one with the pet beside them so they can see like oh they’re growing a white dog hair.

Mike McClary:              With all that said, again, this section has some colors that pop out, nice header, nice logo, and they give very clear instructions on how to use it. That’s great.

Mike McClary:              Another thing that we’ve noticed when going down to the reviews is they actually are always responding back to any type of negative review. The owner, in the video that I showed you, actually contacts people who leave negative reviews in order to help them with any concerns that they had.

Jason K.:                       Huge. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. That’s the thing that people want to know. I am so sorry you have this, what can I do, I love to send you a new product, I love to refund you. Reach out especially at the beginning phase when you’re starting because you need to do that. You need to be the one doing that, but then that’s one of those perfect things that you could hire someone to do after, very low and inexpensive to be watching your reviews, managing those reviews and it just goes so far.

Jason K.:                       You might be sitting there. How does that actually make you money? It’s the long game. It’s building your brand. It’s making sure that people want to come back. It’s making sure as your reviews grow, people see like, “Oh wow, this is a really engaging company.” It’s really setting you up for growth. I can tell you right now it works and it works very well.

Mike McClary:              That is it for the products that we have to review.

Jason K.:                       Did we say how much they’re making? I think we didn’t.

Mike McClary:              This is one is only doing $316,000.

Jason K.:                       It’s the underachiever of the group. I hope you understand like that’s the idea we’re trying to tell you is that yeah, big brands can leverage Amazon, but the sad thing for them is they’re not. They’re just assuming by throwing it up that it’s kind of like build it and they will come. That is not true.

Jason K.:                       You need to get on there and you want to optimize your listing. You want to be able to look what the competitors are doing and make a better mouse trap. You want to be able to make sure your listing resonates with them and that’s the important thing to do.

Jason K.:                       With all of this said, and it starts again with picking a good product, which we go through. If you want step-by-step pretty much handholding where we have an eight-week online web class that goes into extreme detail from start to finish of how to create your own brand and get up on Amazon and start selling and making my, this is what you’re doing. This is the course you want to follow.

Jason K.:                       The bad thing for you if you haven’t signed up already where the doors are closing in just about 11 hours and 57 minutes, one day 11 hours and you are not going to want to miss this. First of all, you’re protected by a 30-day no nonsense money back guarantee. That means within those first 30 days … the 30 days don’t start until Friday.

Jason K.:                       If you sign up once we close the doors, everyone’s refund period starts from May 4th. Then, you have four weeks to go through the training, the initial few modules, and really say, “Yeah, this is resonating with me. I have the time. I can do this.” No questions. It’s not for you, you just let us know and we will take care of you.

Jason K.:                       However, if you’re really committed to making this work our job, so we are not sitting here just wanting you to join. We are sitting here, we want to change your life. I mean that 100% authentically. If there’s anyone on these calls that are already existing students please, please, please comment about how true this is. We are not about just teaching you how to create a business. We are teaching you how to live the life you’re dreaming of. To get that freedom, to be able to create a lifestyle where you can travel the world with your laptop, where you can take the afternoon off and go to the soccer game with your kids, where you can wake up in the morning and not sit there in bed like oh, I don’t want to do this. Where you want to jump out of bed because you’re so excited because you’re building something that’s going to be a long term asset for you that you get to be creative with and run however you want.

Jason K.:                       The cool thing with this model is, well, is not only could you create a legacy that you can pass down generation, you can sell this. We have people that are building a business a couple years later they’re selling out for multiple millions of dollars because these are real businesses and people are seeing the opportunities here. There are so many angles you can get. We walk you through over eight weeks exactly what you get, but on top of the eight weeks, what else do they get?

Mike McClary:              Oh, I’ was going to actually show them here as well. In addition to the eight weeks online web course, we’re also going to have exclusive access to our private community and our mentor program. The mentors are all, on average, million dollar sellers who live and breathe in the community. They’re there with you the entire eight weeks and beyond. They don’t go away. They’re living the community all the time, spending their time helping answering questions. They’re awesome. We work them, Rich and I work personally with them all the time.

Mike McClary:              You couldn’t get coaching like this from a group of people online anywhere else other than the Amazing Selling Machine.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. These people are customer success or customer support people that we just are paying to be able to measure. These are business owners. These are people that have been through our course, have created their own business, they are passionate about it, or passionate about how it’s changing people’s lives and want to give back and be involved. They are people that love this model, love coaching, love inspiring and they’re in there looking for you, making sure that they see people that are like needing help and they’re on the spot helping.

Jason K.:                       The cool thing is you can 100% guarantee that their advice is sound, because first of all, we vetted them, but we’ve known them, we’ve had good relationships with them. The only reason why they’re a mentor is because they hit our criteria of being knowledgeable, of being emphatic meaning that they care about everyone, but having good experience with this business, meaning they’ve run a successful business or they’re running a successful business.

Jason K.:                       You have that in your back pocket now when you join. These people are sitting there waiting to help you to make sure that in the community, you’re getting the answers you need.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. They do that all inside of our private and exclusive community. We have a place, a location, where you can go and ask any questions that you want, anytime of the day from anywhere in the world.

Mike McClary:              I forgot to mention, our mentors are all over the world. We have some Europe, some from Central and South America. We have Australia, New Zealand, United States, whenever, you ask a question, chances are one is awake to answer that question.

Jason K.:                       100%.

Mike McClary:              Not only are the mentors they’re asking questions, we have other successful members that are there as well all the time asking and answering and sharing their successes, asking for help with any struggles they’re having. It is an incredible place to feel like you belong and be among other people who understand exactly the journey that you are embarking on.

Jason K.:                       Excellent.

Mike McClary:              In addition to that, we have the private resource vault, where myself and Jason and Matt and Rich and all the mentors and all the successful members, we share with you the exact parts of our business that we use, the exact context and services and tools that we use in our own businesses with you, freight forwarders, photographers, videographers, accounting services that we use like QuickFIX or Zero all the things like that. Discounts on tools that we use, this private resource vault that we value at least close to $10,000 is invaluable in itself. It’s more than just a rolodex, it is an entire collection of services and tools that you get access to immediately when you join the Amazing Selling Machine.

Jason K.:                       Yeah. We do not have tools in there that we don’t believe in, that we don’t use, or that we don’t know are effective. We are very strict about this. The cool thing too is because you think … The leverage we have to be able to approach these people that we know have proven tools that we can say, “Hey, we love your tool. We have these members that we want to give access to at a discount rate, can you work with us?” so many of them do. You get discounts.

Jason K.:                       You know when you look at these resources they’re vetted. Believe me, we’re constantly updating this list. We’re pulling products if all of a sudden we don’t like the way they’re doing things, we make sure that we want to set you up with success and that means making sure that you don’t have to go through and test them to make sure they work. We’ve already done that for you so you could go on and use them with full confidence.

Mike McClary:              In addition to those four main components, the web class, the mentors, the private community and the resource vault, we also have lots of bonuses that everyone gets to join right now. Eight private group coaching calls every single week, Rich Henderson and myself, or Matt and Jason will hop on to a call with anyone who’s going through the Amazing Selling Machine and we will answer any and all questions about that week’s material.

Mike McClary:              These recordings, we also make recordings available too. These are live calls that we’re interactively talking with everyone, but if for some reason you can make it, you don’t have to worry about it. We actually record them and then put the recordings up. The very next morning, you can go in and get access to those as well.

Mike McClary:              The next two are two that we’ve never ever done before. We’re getting crazy thinking about what is really holding people back. What might keep them from thinking that they can be successful? One of them, it’s kind of funny we’re doing it on this call here, would be an ASM expert product listing evaluation.

Mike McClary:              Once you launch your product, once you create your listing like the ones we saw today, we will actually review that for you. We’ll look at it and give you feedback on the title, on the bullets, on the images, on your description, on the keywords that you’re targeting. All the things that Jason and I just went through, you’ll have one person go through. One of our experts whose done this before go through and tell you exactly what they do and don’t like and how they would improve it. That is an awesome …

Jason K.:                       Huge.

Mike McClary:              It really is. We have people asking for this all the time, but we simply can’t do it for everyone so that’s why we’re only doing it for these ones right now where it’s very, very limited.

Jason K.:                       What that means is in one day and 11 hours, when we close the doors, this bonus is gone.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. The next bonus, another crazy one, is that the other issue, the other thing people think that they can’t do once they start selling in Amazon is they don’t know how to advertise or promote their products. We give you all that training inside the course, but this time we’re going a step further. We have budgeted $100,000, don’t have a heart attack, of our money to go ahead and spend on our student’s products.

Mike McClary:              Once you get your product listing posted on Amazon, once your product is in stock. Once we reviewed your listing to make sure that it looks great and it’s going to convert then the next step is we will spend our own money to send traffic to your products.

Mike McClary:              This is, again, we budgeted $100,000 to do this. We do Facebook ads all the time. We do YouTube ads all the time, Google ads. We’re going to use our own experience and expertise in this in order to send you targeted traffic. Not just random traffic, but people we know that are looking for products and looking for products in your category.

Jason K.:                       Awesome.

Mike McClary:              That’s it. That’s a lot right there.

Jason K.:                       One thing and couple things I want to add. First of all, I see a question here. Is Amazon saturated? Is it too late to get in? It’s like, oh why would we be here right now talking to you. I mean this sincerely if this isn’t a good opportunity.

Jason K.:                       I’m telling you 100% I know you might not know me from Adam. I’m not here to do anything but change your life. I mean that sincerely is that I don’t want to waste your time. I don’t want you to sit there and invest money and have no hope. I want to help change your life. We are focused here as a company to make sure that … and you come to our live events and you’ll see this is so true too. This is a fantastic time to get in. This is a great time to get in because Amazon is exploring.

Jason K.:                       Let me throw up a … Dana, she just started last year she’s already at over $200,000. That just started like a few months ago. We have [Anne Farris 01:11:33]. We have so many people that I can think of that are crushing it that just joined the last time we had the doors open. This is a huge, huge, huge opportunity. Trust me. The funny thing is about that question, I was asked that question when I first got started. Oh, is it too late now to get in? It’s like, did you hear me that I said Amazon has gone from 70 billion to 200 billion.

Jason K.:                       Here’s the other thing that’s a huge important thing, e-Commerce only represent 10% of commerce. That means that everything going on right now where people are buying, it’s only 10% of all commerce right now, but it’s growing exponentially. Meaning that every year, more and more people are buying online so it’s not like there’s this finite number of people that are searching on Amazon and we aren’t in it now, nope, there’s no more room.

Jason K.:                       Absolutely not, it’s infinite. It growing. It’s expanding. It’s like the time to get in right now. Another reason why it’s the time to get in right now it’s because Amazon has implemented so many changes over the last two years. It makes it tougher for fake people to just come in and start taking advantage. You need to run a real business and that’s why the Amazing Selling Machine is so powerful because yeah you could probably figure out how to do this on your own. You can search YouTube. You can look over the internet and try to piece them all together.

Jason K.:                       The thing is, first of all, if you’re getting outdated information, you better be praying because if you get outdated information and do something on your listing that is now not something Amazon wants, you could be in trouble. With our community, with everything we have we make sure you get the latest and greatest. Our students are just killing it and it’s because we give proven strategies on a business model that’s working right now. This is also why we have our six month buyback guarantee that is available until the door is close. Why would we give you a six month buyback guarantee? Because we are so positive, so 100% positive that we’re willing to put our money on the line here.

Jason K.:                       What that means for you is if you join Amazing Selling Machine and you see that yes, first of all, you get pass the first 30 days, you’re like, “Oh yeah, this is for me. We’re going to kill it.” You implement everything. We give you a very generous system to follow meaning that for example, you have to have your product picked by a certain time. You have to watch all of our training. You have to follow our training that over a six-month period, if by the end of the six months, if you’ve got your product selling on Amazon and you followed everything and for some reason you’re feeling, it’s just not for you or for some reasons something is not working.

Jason K.:                       At the end of the six months, what we will do for you is you can read as right on the screen right there, is that not only will we buyback your business, we’ll also refund you. We’re going to refund you the Amazing Selling Machine price that you paid plus for up to $10,000 worth of inventory, we’ll buy your business off you. That how much we’re like, “Hey, if you’ve gone through everything we do and you got a product sell on Amazon, I’ll buy that business off you 100% because we know we can grow it.”

Jason K.:                       In fact, we’ve had people do that. Yeah. That’s the thing because some people, like I’m not going to tell you everyone should be an entrepreneur. Everyone might be a business owner. Someone could go through everything and do it. You know what, I just like being a plumber. I just want to keep being plumber. I don’t want to do this business. That’s at the end of what this is all about is making sure that you’re happy, making sure that you’re living a life. You’re not getting out of bed being like, “I don’t want to do this.” If you love being an accountant, if you love being a plumber, keep doing that.

Jason K.:                       Here’s the other thing too, we’re talking big numbers. We’re talking about how to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. You might just want to earn a couple thousand a month. You might just want to earn enough for a mortgage payment. Let’s say, a thousand dollars a month. This is also a perfect thing for you. You can grow it how much you want.

Jason K.:                       The cool thing with this business is really at the end of the day, once you get everything optimized and everything up there, literally, an hour a day …

Mike McClary:              Yeah. That’s it, just to keep it going.

Mike McClary:              Just to keep it going, an hour a day. Of course, the more time you put into it the better, the more you’ll be able to grow and reinvest it. At the end of the day, this is such an easy business once you get established when you follow our system.

Mike McClary:              I’m going tell you one thing, it takes work. We’re not here telling you that this is a magic button. You’re building a real business. If you want to build a real business you’re proud of that can really change your life and get you so that you can live the life you dream of, this is it. It’s not outdated, it’s proven we’re the most successful course out there and I say that with authority and confidence and something I’m very proud of. We are the most successful course on teaching how to build your own physical products business, leveraging the power of Amazon than any other course.

Mike McClary:              Our students are doing billions of dollars a year collectively in sales. It’s huge, it’s huge, it’s huge get on now before the countdown goes out. You’re going to love it. It’s risk free. You got 30 days to decide if you even want it and after that, you have six months to implement everything and make sure it’s the business model that you want to do. I can’t say anything else. Get on now, please, please, please you’re going to love it.

Mike McClary:              Awesome. You know what? We have a ton of great questions and interaction on this call. Thank you very much. The feedback was awesome. Hopefully, anyone watching this call here sees the opportunity, sees how even today with the biggest brands out there, they don’t even know all the things that we know that we can help show you how to do to make your products, your listings, your business as good if not better than the biggest brands out there.

Mike McClary:              Hopefully, we will see as many people as possible joining us inside the Amazing Selling Machine hopefully in our live event sometime in the future. You get to meet us personally and come up and talk to us and we have so many people come up and thank us and just want to like thank us for the opportunity that we presented in front of them. That above everything else is the most rewarding part of what we do here.

Jason K.:                       It really is. It really is.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Hopefully, just to make sure that watch the fourth video if you haven’t seen that yet. By all means, get in before the door closes tomorrow night at midnight Pacific. I think that’s all we have now, Jason, is that right?

Jason K.:                       It is, yup. Thank you for joining us. We’re very, very proud of everything that we do. We hope that the quality you see from here just gives you a glimpse. If we do this for free, I can tell you, you will be blown away with the quality you get, the quality of the videos, the quality of the lessons, the interaction. The other thing actually, I wanted to add real quick is it’s not just an eight week thing meaning at the end of day, we say goodbye, so long. No, you get lifetime access to this community.

Jason K.:                       This is about that we have an eight weeks focus agenda because we want you to take action. A big thing that people do is they sit there and they hem and haw and they’re not sure and they don’t want to take action and they let things slide. The reality is, the people that are successful with this business are people that took action every day moving just one step closer. The old saying is how to eat an elephant one bite at the time and that’s the idea. We’ve broken it over eight weeks, but the end of those eight weeks, you still get access to everything you’ve got access to plus the community and plus the support because we are here for you, we want you to succeed.

Jason K.:                       On behalf of Mike McClary and myself and the whole Amazing Selling Machine team here at amazing thank you for being here. Thank you for giving us time today and we hope to see in the membership.









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