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Hire a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Amazon Business FAST

Learn to outsource your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on growing your business: In a new Amazing SellerPro training course, “Hire Your First Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Amazon Business FAST,” Paul and Rachelle Baron reveal how Amazon sellers can find the best virtual assistants for their business, create training for their virtual assistants, and monitor their virtual assistant’s work to ensure business success. You’ll discover how to hire a virtual assistant to grow your Amazon business

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How to Turn Unsuccessful Amazon Products into Winners

Learn to turn your unsuccessful Amazon products into winners. In a live interview with Ben and Charity DeVries, Amazon sellers learn how to identify whether or not their unsuccessful product is actually viable. The DeVries share that by answering a few questions about a product’s previous visibility and conversion rate, the viability of the product can be decided.

Has your product been visible since its launch? Does your product have a good conversion rate?

If so, your product may be dud. If not, watch as the DeVries share how you can increase visibility and conversions to help a viable product meets its full potential.

Turn Product Duds into Winners

*Ever had a product on Amazon that just wasn’t selling as well as you had hoped? Tune in to this exclusive interview to learn how to turn duds into winners.*(FREE GIFT?) Enter the comment ‘Download’ in the comment section below to get instant access to the bonus Product Viability checklist by expert Amazon Sellers Ben and Charity DeVries!? If you have experienced or are currently experiencing a product dud … you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, it may only be a tweak or two away from becoming a winner! These improvements are included and outlined in the download!Once you enter the comment, we will send you the download message via Facebook Messenger.Learn more about our special SellerPro promo of 50% off right here ?

Posted by on Monday, November 19, 2018

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Who are the DeVries?

Charity and Ben DeVries are physical product business owners, consultants, and course instructors for the SellerPro Membership by Amazing. The DeVries joined Amazing Selling Machine 6 and gained the tools they needed to get their physical product business off the ground. 3 years later, with the financial freedom they had found through ASM, Ben was able to quit his day job and the DeVries were able to buy an RV to travel the US with their kids—working from wherever they go. 

SellerPro Membership by Amazing – Special Discount

SellerPro Membership courses are taught by current sellers who have proven Amazon success, just like the DeVries. Many instructors have developed strategies using techniques that work well. They create courses to help fellow Amazon sellers on their path to success.  For a limited time, you can get your first month half off. Learn more about our special SellerPro Membership promo of 50% off now! 

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Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – FREE Four-Part Training Series! recently released a FREE Amazing Selling Machine four-part training series. The training videos teach you proven Amazing Selling Machine methods on how to get set-up to sell on Amazon, how to find viable products to sell, how to find quality suppliers, how to automate your business, how to launch your products to start selling fast, and how to scale your business.

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How to Find a Supplier in China For Your Amazon Business

Want to know how to find a supplier in China for your Amazon business? Watch as Jason Katzenback, CEO and Co-Founder of, interviews Athena Severi. Here she shares expert tips and proven techniques for building face-to-face relationships with your supplier. Her tips can help you get the lowest product prices your supplier can offer and gain access to brand new products before they hit Amazon.

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Amazon Product Packaging and Product Inserts

Product packaging and inserts help Amazon sellers create a great customer experience, leading to brand loyalty. Jason Katzenback and Rich Henderson review products selling on Amazon and share opportunities to create better packaging and branding to increase sales. They share insider tips on using packaging designs that increase perceived value, using inserts to build customer email lists, and including ways for customers to reach a seller directly (to quickly and directly address customers’ concerns and potentially avoid negative reviews).

Packaging to Create Brand Loyalty
What is ASM?

Amazon Inserts to Create Repeat Customers
Product Showcase: Packaging and Branding Review
What do these 5 products have in common? – Full Product Review Transcript

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