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5 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you have so much to do and so little time to do it all. You have to work smarter, not harder. Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. The best way to cut down on time spent working on your business is to use productivity tools. Here are some of my favorites that will keep you productive:

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7 Steps to Delivering Outstanding Customer Service [Infographic]

Every business owner knows that excellent customer service is important, and as a customer, we should all have high standards when it comes to customer service. However, a lot of business owners make the mistake of not prioritizing customer service, or simply fail to follow customer service etiquette.

Jason Katzenback, co-founder and President of, recently shared 7 Steps to Delivering Outstanding Customer Service and we compiled the tips into a neat little infographic for you to always refer back to. Pin it, share it, use it as your background! Whatever it takes to improve your customer service strategy.

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An Entrepreneur’s Do’s and Don’ts: A Visual Guide

When you’re an entrepreneur, mistakes are inevitable. Entrepreneurship is a learning process, and the mistakes are the lessons. But not all mistakes are worth making, and there are shortcuts to starting your entrepreneurial adventure with smooth sailing.

At, we’ve put together a neat infographic showcasing do’s and don’ts  for first-time entrepreneurs based off of Jason Katzenback’s 10 common mistakes he personally made as a first-time entrepreneur and how to avoid them.

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8 Hard-Earned Lessons About Following Your Passion While Building a Business

I am a huge proponent for building a business built on what you are passionate about. I am truly passionate about creating businesses and teaching others how to build businesses so they can live a life they want through personal financial freedom. I’ve also worked on businesses that I wasn’t passionate about, thinking money was all I needed, and trust me, it is NOT worth it!

Below I share eight hard-earned lessons I’ve learned over the years about following YOUR passion in business. I explain why passion is so important when building a business, and also why it isn’t the only thing you can rely on for success.

1. Money doesn’t provide satisfaction.

In my experience, more and more money can actually equate to more and more stress. Luckily, I love what I do, so it excites me. However, I have abandoned profitable businesses that did not align with my passion. If you think that… “once I get money, everything is going to be better”… you may be in for disappointment. Money does not provide satisfaction. Money is a tool, and that’s all I ever look at money as. Money, in my opinion, should never be an end goal, but a resource that helps you achieve that goal (such as in my case money is the tool that helps me achieve my goal of a specific lifestyle I want to live). The reality is you usually don’t need as much money as you think you need to achieve and if the way you are making money now is causing you to be stressed and miserable? Do something else (yes, YOU are in control of that choice)!

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4 Simple Time Management Steps to Increase Productivity

Let me start this off by mentioning that this was originally an email shared with the team at I realized the advice was TOO valuable not to share with all of you, so of course I am going to!

Most people never spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the most done in the shortest amount of time possible.

There’s always going to be “too much to do” and you’re never going to be able to get everything done. The goal of time management isn’t to complete everything on your list, it’s to prioritize what’s on there.

After reading thousands of pages of time management material, going through workbooks, and even attending seminars, here is what I’ve found to be the simplest, quickest way to get in control of all the things you have going on starting today:

1. Know the bigger goal

First, start off with the bigger picture. For, the big picture is that we want to be THE place for helping entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses. We want to add millions of members over the coming years and help them achieve financial freedom.

Ask yourself: What is YOUR business’s long-term objective? If you don’t know it yet, now is the time to figure that out. Everything you do (goals, tasks, etc.) should be tied to your long-term objective.

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10 Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make (and How to Avoid Them)

I have been a first-time entrepreneur and I’ve known and mentored many. In my experience and theirs, I’ve come across so many mistakes that are made that can often times lead to failure. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you can avoid them and achieve success even FASTER.

1. Negative mindset.

People often just don’t believe in themselves for whatever reason. They think, “It’s not possible for me, there’s something missing, I don’t have the abilities, I don’t have the friends, I don’t have the brains, I don’t have the tools.” There always seems to be an excuse. Thinking this way is self-destructive. What ends up happening once they start believing those things is they become their reality. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How do you avoid this?

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9 Signs You Should Be an Entrepreneur

Not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur, but if you possess these qualities, you are one of the few who truly should be their own boss.

1. You’re independent

You can’t imagine the idea of anyone managing you…but you. Working for someone else for the rest of your life doesn’t sound ideal to you.

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8 Tips For Productively Working From Home

Tips for Working from Home

As an entrepreneur, especially when first starting out, it’s highly likely you’ll be working from home quite a bit. Although working from home is freeing and allows for a lot more flexibility, being productive at home is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we put together this list of tips for people like you who work from home on a regular basis:

1. Set your hours

It’s easy to let yourself sleep in and “get off” early when you are your own boss, so strictly set your working hours and stick to them. Your hours should also be recorded in your voicemail so you don’t have to constantly be on-call.

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