Amazon’s War on IP Part 2 | Project Zero & Transparency By Amazon

Guide Contents:

  1. Amazon Project Zero
  2. Remove Counterfeit Products Manually
  3. Transparency By Amazon
  4. Eliminate IP Infringements Completely

Hey there, If you’re interested in selling on Amazon and wanna completely wipe out any chances of having your intellectual property stolen then you absolutely wanna watch this video. The second in my series on Amazon’s war on Intellectual Property Theft. In the first video in the series you learned about Amazon’s Brand Registry program and how it helps you protect your brand and gives you some incredibly valuable marketing tools that only you can access once your brand is registered. In this video you’re gonna learn about two more tools that Amazon’s developed to take brand protection to the next level.

Amazon Project Zero

The first is what Amazon calls their Project Zero and what the zero stands for is their zero tolerance for any counterfeiting to exist on Amazon. What’s unique about Project Zero is that it’s a combined effort between Amazon and brand owners. Once you gain Brand Registry with Amazon you’ll be invited to participate in their Project Zero program which is a self service tool for identifying and removing products that you know are infringing upon your intellectual property rights such as someone using your brand name or using your images. On this screen here. You can search for offenders multiple ways by entering their product name, their brand name the order number, the ASN or even just uploading an image. Once you do that you’ll then be shown all the products that could potentially be using your intellectual property.

Remove Counterfeit Products Manually

Now here’s what Amazon has done something completely unprecedented. When you identify a violation of your intellectual property rights Amazon is going to give you the ability to remove the product in question. You simply select the product right here hit next at the top of the page and Amazon will completely remove it and all offers for it off of Amazon. This is incredibly powerful and even potentially dangerous. So you wanna use it with caution and be absolutely certain that the seller is indeed using your IP. Whenever I use this tool I always like think about the quote from Spiderman. With great power comes great responsibility so be sure to keep that in mind as well.

Transparency By Amazon

Now while Project Zero gives you the ability to remove violations as they happen, Amazon Transparency can completely stop any type of brand violation before they’re ever even going to reach Amazon’s warehouses. With transparency which is an invite only program for brand registered sellers Amazon gives you the ability to print off serialized labels for each of your products. These labels verify that your products are authentic and are scanned in at Amazon’s warehouses so that no product without these labels are even allowed to be stored there. In addition these labels can also be scanned by your customers using the transparency app. It’ll let them further verify your authenticity and even give them additional information about your products. Such as where and when they’re manufactured and even the contents of each package.

Eliminate IP Infringements Completely

These two tools Amazon Project Zero and Amazon Transparency can virtually eliminate any and all counterfeiting and IP infringements and help you grow your brand on Amazon faster and safer than ever. Now if you like this video be sure to like our YouTube channel and check out the third video in the series where I show you how to get access to all these tools in a matter of weeks instead of years. And if you wanna get a completely free video training series on building your own brand and business from scratch then click on the link in the description below and you’ll get immediate access. Take care and I’ll see you soon.

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