Want to Sell on Amazon?

Guide Contents:

  1. Want to Sell on Amazon?
  2. Don’t Launch Products Without Demand
  3. Don’t Get Attached to a Product
  4. Only Sell Viable Products

Want to Sell on Amazon?

Hey there! My name is Rich Henderson. I’m the co-creator and chief mentor for the Amazing Selling Machine program. In this short video I’m going to cover two common product selection mistakes that new sellers make that you absolutely need to avoid.

Don’t Launch Products Without Demand

The first mistake we see is sellers choosing a product they love without knowing if the market will love it too. Just because you love a product or product idea does not mean there is going to be sufficient demand for it on Amazon. Launching a product without establishing demand is like buying a lottery ticket and expecting to win and complaining when you don’t. Looking for a product or niche you are passionate about or have some level of expertise in is a valid strategy but not without checking if it is viable first.

However if you select a product that you are not passionate about that has good sales volume, and low enough competition, then you will soon become passionate about it once you launch it and start making sales. You can also become an expert on any product or niche in a relatively short period of time.

When I first started on Amazon seven years ago I sold supplements and knew nothing about them and had never even used them. The success I had soon changed that and I learned everything there was to know about them. Now if you go to amazingsellingmachine.com we even give you an awesome free product selection tool to make this even easier for you. Just plug in our criteria and away you go.

Don’t Get Attached To Products

Now the second mistake is very similar. Do not fall in love with your product once you have launched it. We have seen so many people do this and struggle because of it. You need to remain detached and objective. This is a product not one of your kids. If it does not succeed then you need to be able to let it go rather than vesting more time and money in a product that is not successful enough.

If you end up with a product that is not successful enough then recoup as much of your investment as you can and then find another product. Ideally this should be a product in the same niche because you will have a ready-made audience to sell the new product to. Now just because your first product was not a home run does not mean your next one will not be a home run product. In fact the experience you gain from launching that first product will mean you are far more likely to have a big hit with your next product. But you can increase the chances you never have to worry about picking a product that does not succeed by following our criteria and training.

Only Sell Viable Products

It is so important for you to make sure the product you select is viable. To make sure you get the right product you can use all the criteria both ourselves and all our successful members use to choose the right product on Amazon FBA. Simply go to amazingsellingmachine.com and watch our completely free training!

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