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Lynette Cano’s Amazing Selling Machine Story

Lynette Cano's Amazing Selling Machine Story

Lynette Cano has an already successful (and cult-following fan base) pet product business after a very short period of time. She was kind enough to share her Amazing Selling Machine story with us, and even some of her secrets to success!

About my Amazon business

Sancho & Lola’s Closet is a Premium Pet Products brand sold online on Amazon and at select boutique pet shops, whose mission is to help abandoned Pointer and Pointer mixes find their forever homes. One day I will say our company helps ALL dogs. I will get there, but you have to start somewhere; I chose to start with Sancho and Lola?s Rescue here in Texas.

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Seth Anderson “The Mindset That Helped Me Quit My Job”

Seth: The Mindset That Helped Me Quit My Job

When Seth Anderson joined Amazing Selling Machine in October of 2014, he made a goal for himself.  He would quit his job as a FedEx driver and reach his $10K revenue badge by September 1st, 2015. Well, not only did Seth quit his job on August 29th and earn his $25K badge, but he celebrated by taking his family on a beach vacation to celebrate his parents’ 50th anniversary.  Now if that?s not what this business is all about, we don?t know what is! We loved chatting with Seth and hearing his positive outlook on building his business and earning his freedom.

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Jesse Jacobs: How I Got Featured on Good Morning America

How I Got Featured on Good Morning America

Jesse Jacobs, an ASM 2 student, was recently featured on Good Morning America for a baking life hack. After seeing Jesse share this in our Community, we had to reach out and see how he did it. We found out Jesse has struggled with getting his business up and running, but believes that this is his big break, now that he’s getting a lot more traffic to his YouTube show. Read his story and find out how Good Morning America found him, what advice he has for those of you looking to get mentioned in national media, how to use YouTube as a sales funnel, and the most important part about believing in yourself.

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Alexandra: How I Got Over $6000 in Funding with Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is the hottest new way to fund your startup. One of our very own students  launched a Kickstarter campaign and reached her goal! She shared her story with us: the successes, the challenges, and everything in between.

Alexandra, an Amazing Selling Machine member who joined in April 2014, has two private label products live on Amazon. She decided to test the Kickstarter waters to fund and launch her third and newest product. Before the 2015 Live Event, Alexandra hadn?t even heard of Kickstarter. At the Live Event, she watched a presentation by John Galley on using Kickstarter to fund and launch a product, and she knew she had to try it.

There is risk involved with Kickstarter: it?s all or nothing, depending on whether or not you hit your funding goal.  The end of Alexandra?s 34-day campaign is only days away and she has already surpassed her goal!  Here are some of the lessons that Alexandra learned from researching and running her Kickstarter campaign:

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Brad and Jack’s Epic Lunch with Richard Branson was honored to have Sir Richard Branson speak at ASM 4 Live Event in February 2015. His entrepreneurial insight and giving spirit were nothing short of inspirational for us and our ASM students. After posting about Liat’s exciting opportunity to ask Sir Richard Branson a question on stage at Live Event, another two ASM students reached out to us in the blog comments about their chance meeting with him in the following message:

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A Touching ASM Thank You Note

Our team was touched by this wonderful thank you card from an ASM member, Deb, who attended ASM 4 Live Event in Las Vegas. Jason Katzenback said, “Gotta love this kind of feedback!” and we completely agree. Inside the card it says:

Dear Jason and Matt,

I was at the ASM Event at Las Vegas in February 2015. I wanted to thank you both for hosting a first class event. While I’ve eaten at the West Point Mess Hall with 4400 cadets, but never attended a training event as large as yours. It was run in a way to impress everyone, not only for how smoothly and well executed, but mostly the great attitudes of all. You two really set the tone for a supportive environment. Thank you for making it such a worthwhile event on many levels. When you’re ready to enjoy Paradise in Hilo, Hawaii, please let us know. We’d be delighted to host you.

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