How to Become an Amazon Seller

Eric learned how to become an Amazon seller and to grow his business through the teachings of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). Eric’s business made $1.5 million in 2017 after he used the tools and training he received from the ASM course.

Amazing Selling Machine Review
What is Amazing Selling Machine?
The Value Behind the Amazing Selling Machine Community
Getting Started Through Amazing Selling Machine
Expanding the Business Team: Hiring Help at the Right Time
Life After Amazing Selling Machine
Amazon Brand Registry and Trademarks
Tips for Starting an Amazon Business
Conference for Amazon Sellers: SellerCon
Amazon is the 2nd Biggest Company in the World – This Guy is Making Serious Money Because of it: Full Video Transcript

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Eric Toohey went from a single dad, fed up with his construction job, to a successful Amazon business owner after taking the Amazon course – Amazing Selling Machine.

Eric shares his story and explains how he got started selling on Amazon. He was a single dad, struggling in a job that didn’t fulfill his passions. After months of thinking “This isn’t what my life was supposed to be,” Eric began looking for a solution. He was introduced to the Amazing Selling Machine course, launched his first product, and quit his job just three weeks later. 

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM is an 8-week online course that trains sellers on what it takes (the exact steps) to make and launch a product on Amazon. The course provides everything from coaching, mentors, and a community of experienced sellers to tactics for getting traffic, increasing conversions, and developing brand strategies.

The Value Behind the Amazing Selling Machine Community

Eric has browsed other Amazon FBA courses  and has found the founders unresponsive and the communities lack willingness to help. Eric found that no one cares like Amazing Selling Machine’s coaches, mentors and community. ASM is currently offering free live training videos, providing tips for finding hot products and suppliers, using a freight forwarder to ship products from around the world, launching a product and getting it ranked at the top.

Getting Started Through Amazing Selling Machine

After Eric had his daughter, he went from a touring musician to a single dad struggling to find his passion and support his daughter. Eric found himself the lowest man on the totem pole at a construction job. After months of grunt work and being constantly being covered in dirt, he knew something in his life had to change.  So, he dedicated himself to his Amazing Selling Machine training course and his new Amazon business.

Eric attributes his continued success to his willingness to fail. Not every product is going to be a star, and there might be some that fail, but he does not let this stop him. It’s that attitude that allowed Eric to make enough in Amazon sales to supplement his income and quit his job, just three weeks from the launch of his first product.

Life After Amazing Selling Machine

Once worried about their lack of time and money, Eric and his wife have used their Amazon business success to put their worries aside and focus on what they are truly passionate about, philanthropy. Eric lives solely off his Amazon business and now has the time and funds to focus on various the charities he is passionate about. In the coming weeks, Eric will travel to Canada to speak at a fundraiser.

Eric now cherishes his ability to wake up every day and do what he wants. He can maintain his business with a couple of emails and an hour of work a day. Eric notes that to grow a business, it is necessary to dedicate more than an hour a day. Some days he works all day, and some weeks he only works three hours the whole week. His true goal is to hire a full staff to run his business, so he can focus on the things he is truly passionate about.

Expanding the Business Team: Hiring Help at the Right Time

One year into his business, Eric decided to hire help. Now, approaching the four-year anniversary of his business, he employs two people, one in the United States and one overseas. One assistant handles customer service, social media, reviews and emails to negative reviewers, while the other provides new product ideas and executes product launches.

The idea to add to his Amazon business team came after someone told him efficiency is not about micromanaging every little thing, but finding someone he could trust to handle the little things.

After realizing the opportunity to increase his mental bandwidth, Eric hired someone to help take some things off his plate. It was hard to give up control in the beginning, but now he recognizes that scaling his Amazon business includes adding members to his team.

Why hire someone? To uphold positive metrics and ratings on Amazon, Amazon requires sellers to meet certain specifications. Answering customer emails within 24 hours, for example, affects an Amazon seller’s metrics and ratings. By hiring help, Eric alleviates some of his time and increases the amount of freedom he has to do what he wants every day.

Amazon Brand Registry and Trademarks

Trademarking your brand is extremely beneficial. Eric trademarked his first brand when he first began, and trademarked his second brand this past year. Once trademarked, Amazon allows sellers to register their brand.

If you are a new seller and unsure of these terms, no worries—the Amazing Selling Machine explains the value that trademarks and brand registry add to becoming a successful Amazon business.

Tips for Starting an Amazon Business

  • Take action! Over-thinking will get in the way of your success. Don’t ponder about whether this is the right thing or if it’s going to work, just get started.
  • Go back and look at trainings when something isn’t going right. When Eric feels his product is having a hard time, he goes back to review the Amazing Selling Machine training videos (which are always available) to stay updated on tips for success.
  • There’s nothing you can’t outsource. Once your Amazon business has developed, start hiring virtual assistants to increase bandwidth and dedicate more time to the things you are truly passionate about.
  • Trademark and brand register sooner rather than later! The more Amazon likes you, the better chances you have at selling your product, and Amazon likes those who play by the rules.
  • Content is key at live events. Eric says hearing from experts and learning from presentations at conferences are what have changed his business the most.

Conference for Amazon Sellers: SellerCon

April 6th – 8th, is hosting SellerCon, an Amazon seller live event, in Orlando, FL. Eric has attended’s SellerCon over the past four years, gaining inspiration and strategies to grow his Amazon business.  Sellers who cannot attend the conference but become a member of Amazing Selling Machine before the end of March 2018, will receive free access to the live stream and a recording of the event to keep.

Amazon is the 2nd Biggest Company in the World – This Guy is Making Serious Money Because of it: Full Video Transcript

Mike McClary:              Hey, everyone, welcome to another live session here at, along with the Amazing Selling Machine, I am Mike McClary. We have Eric Toohey here as our very special guest. We’ve actually talked to him a couple times before but he’s got such an awesome story and I actually got a chance to spend time with him down in Florida a few weeks ago and learn more about he and his wife [inaudible 00:00:29]’s story, he brought his daughter down, it was fantastic. So I want to bring him in again and share again exactly how things are going for them.

Mike McClary:              However, before we get into that, I want to welcome everyone here to our next Facebook Live, we always have a lot of training and interviews here from other successful Amazon sellers, so if you have not had a chance to watch our free training and see the other interviews, you can see them right here on Facebook on the Facebook page. You’ll see all the videos here that have all the different people we’ve interviewed, the free training on how to find products, how to find suppliers, how to find a freight forwarder, take care of all your shipping needs, how to launch a product and create the perfect product listing, and then how to scale your business. All that training is right here on the Facebook page.

Mike McClary:              In addition, if you want some more structured training videos, we also have them on the page. If you go there, we have four training videos on there, as well. The first one is all about finding the perfect product opportunity and we actually give you a list of 100 hot product opportunities that we’ve looked at and we’ve picked that are selling really well on Amazon right now. The second video talks about finding suppliers, so back in the day when we were all starting out selling on Amazon, we didn’t really know exactly how to find people to make these products, we tell you exactly how to find that no matter where you live. You don’t have to get on a plane, you’re not going to drive anywhere, you can do it from your computer. We’ll walk you through that process. We also teach you in that second video how to have products made and shipped to you from anywhere in the world by using a freight forwarder. And I share with you the exact freight forwarder that I use, that Matt [inaudible 00:02:03] used, Rich Henderson, [inaudible 00:02:05], the exact same ones that we use. So, we’ll give that information to you.

Mike McClary:              And then in the third video, so once you found the product, once you found the supplier, I show you how we launch a product and take it to the top of Amazon all within a matter of days. We go over the new rapid ranking system, we give you a downloadable PDF so you can review it and know exactly what to do, and teach you everything about actually launching your product. And then finally the fourth video, we take all that and show you how you can jumpstart this process and really take your business to the next level with a more in depth training series that’s available to you. So again, interviews and training here on the Facebook page for, more structured training and completely free training on Don’t go away right now because we got Eric here and I want to talk to him first, but after this, if you haven’t seen those, please go ahead and check that out.

Mike McClary:              Now, let’s also make sure that everyone can see us just fine here. Just so you know, if you see me down on my laptop, I’m not ignoring Eric here, I want to be paying attention to some of the questions and comments. If you have questions for me or hopefully more for Eric later on, feel free to post here with any questions, I’ll try to get to as many as possible. Just let me know, like, “Hey, this question is for Eric,” and then when we’re done here, we’ll be sure to hit as many of those questions as possible. So, with no further ado, Eric, welcome again, it’s awesome to have you.

Eric:                             Thank Mike.

Mike McClary:              Yeah. Had a blast hanging out in Florida last time. How are things going?

Eric:                             It’s going great, man, Florida was, God, man, that was beautiful. That was so much fun. And living in Texas and going to Florida and we had barbecue, so it was like I felt bad for enjoying it because … But … No, it was a lot of fun, man, meeting some good people and hanging out with you guys. It’s always fun to hang out with you guys.

Mike McClary:              And you brought a special guest with you to Florida.

Eric:                             I did. I brought my two year old daughter, my little one, she’s funny. She just does just fine no matter the environment and obviously you noticed that.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, we were a little worried planning this out. So, when we were planning this trip to Florida with lots of successful sellers like Eric and then Matt and Rich and myself were down there and the video team here from were down there, I wanted Eric to come down. And luckily he was already coming down to see his wife [inaudible 00:04:19] who is spending time down there right now, but he was like, “I have my daughter with me, too, is it going to be okay? Who’s going to watch her while we’re doing there.” She didn’t need any watching. No.

Eric:                             No. Pair of Beats and an iPad and she was golden. I’m not saying that’s the best parenting advice but every once in a while I feel okay about, “All right, enjoy yourself.” But she got along with everybody, played with people.

Mike McClary:              We actually included her in our next series of launch videos, as a matter of fact. She’s in there and she’s typing away on her iPad playing some games. So, just so you know, we were down in Florida several weeks ago, we are rerecording some free training, just like what you’ve already watched here, we’re rerecording all the free training. We try to keep things as up to date and as fresh as possible. And then later on down the road, we’ll be coming out with a completely new version of the Amazing Selling Machine and people like Eric here are actually going to be in some of those free training videos. You get to hear their take on Amazon, also how they’re business has been going. But, why wait till then? We have Eric here right now, so how was business going for you right now?

Eric:                             Business is good. There’s always ebbs and flows with things but the one thing that I really love about, one of the things I love about the training is that it’s that you don’t have to sit there and be complacent about the times when it kind of goes down. Like this is notoriously a harder time of year for my category and not bad, when I say harder time of year, let’s put it in perspective, it’s like, “Oh, man, whatever,” kind of. But, the beautiful thing that I’ve kind of taken on over the last year or so is no, that’s not okay. They teach you how to be responsible for that and not have that time. So I kind of have been going back and looking at some of the training, which is another thing I love is that it’s always available to be but not just always available, you guys always update it, which I think separates you guys from anybody. It’s a constant update, so you’re always on the cutting edge of things. So I was able to go back and figure out a couple things and actually the sales have normally when they’d be going down right now are actually going up.

Mike McClary:              That is awesome to hear. Yeah, man. And you’re right about that, this is a real business, there’s ebbs and flows to it, but being around other sellers who do the exact same thing we do, positive people who know exactly how to make this business work, that’s always helped me. Hanging out with guys like you and everyone else keeps everything in perspective.

Eric:                             Right. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a challenge. Everyone’s in this business for a different reason, everyone has somebody who’s just like, “I just want to make a bunch of money,” some people like, “I just want to make enough to get by and then go travel,” some people, “I want to do something else and I want to have a money stream.” Which is kind of what my mine and wife’s is, our heart is in other things but we love this business because, not just because we love doing it, it really is a lot of fun to do but it’s also, it feeds what we’re passionate about. And most people either have an issue of time or money or both. We don’t have either now and that’s what’s beautiful. The only thing we ever deal with is like, “All right, I want to work on this but I got to work on this,” and then I put in some time on it and then good, now I can go work on that. It’s really such a blessing, man, it really is.

Mike McClary:              Now, what are your passions? It’s kids, right?

Eric:                             Kids, well, that was what got us into what we do on Amazon is a passion for kids. But, philanthropy is really what we’re … We work with a few different charities and I was just telling you I’m going to go be a speaker at a fundraiser out of town in Canada in a couple weeks and that’s going to be a lot of fun. And it just allows us the time to do that. It also allowed us the time to … We went to a marketing convention in the Caribbean, four times last year, because we could. And there was a lot of beautiful content but it was like, “I can do that stuff.”

Mike McClary:              Was this convention on a boat by any chance?

Eric:                             Yeah.

Mike McClary:              That’s a pretty rough lifestyle, go to a marketing convention on a boat.

Eric:                             Fair enough.

Mike McClary:              But perfect example, so today, like when I asked you to come on in, like you’re not missing your job, this is your business, your career, your life right now.

Eric:                             Yeah. No, I’m not missing my job. I definitely don’t miss my job. I’m here, sent a couple emails out, my personal assistant is taking care of something for me right now, orders are placed. I mean, that’s the thing about how we have our business set up, we can maintain it in an hour a day, maintain, that doesn’t mean I can grow it to the level I want to grow it to, which we’re still working on. But I can maintain it. So on those times where I, because I don’t have the entire staff that I want that can grow it without me having to be there yet, which I’m still working on, and I’m excited because we’re making some headway in that direction, but I can go and do the things that I want to do. And sometimes it involves this business and sometimes it means coming down here and helping the people that help me. And I can and it’s awesome.

Mike McClary:              Well, we appreciate it, you’ve been a huge advocate for the training. And just for everyone else involved in it, too, so thank you.

Eric:                             Yeah, thank you.

Mike McClary:              By the way, Paul says here he wishes [inaudible 00:09:46] was here because she’s much better looking than actually either one of us, I can’t really-

Eric:                             I can’t argue.

Mike McClary:              Can’t really argue with anyone here.

Eric:                             [inaudible 00:09:53] your mom.

Mike McClary:              Do some shout outs, Athena [inaudible 00:09:56], good to see you, how are you? Matt, Victoria, Jack, [inaudible 00:10:01], awesome for everyone. Seeing so many familiar names and faces and also a lot of new ones, too, that’s great to hear. So if you guys don’t mind, we already have well over 120 people on here now, feel free to like and share this video, we want to get as many people out there as possible to hear from amazing people like Eric and to get access to the free training, so share this if you can. I’d love to see this thing get above 200 people live at one time, if we can. Now, you had mentioned also that you were going to speak at a live event or at some kind of presentation, but you’re going to be missing our next live event, right, because of that?

Eric:                             Yes.

Mike McClary:              But you’ve already been to how many live events?

Eric:                             You know, I think it’s four, maybe five of them now. I can’t remember exactly but I think it’s been at least four, for sure. And yeah, I’m kind of bummed about missing this one.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, that’s okay, no, but you’ve been to four, that’s-

Eric:                             But the truth is is usually, because this is how we have it set up, I’m kind of the face of our family, I’m the talker of the family, [inaudible 00:11:06]’s perfectly happy just kind of being in the background. So usually, like at these events, I’ll go to the event and hang out and do things and my secret is because, really, to me, really it’s the content. The content is king there. I get to go hang out with my friends when I go to these things, it’s always a blast, but [inaudible 00:11:29] watches the live stream and takes notes because she’s an exponentially better note taker than I am. I sit there and try to take notes and just try to hear the words and I’m not even processing what they’re saying. I typically don’t do it. She’ll take notes and she’ll watch the livestream, especially when you’re not distracted with all your friends and thinking about where you’re going to head to lunch. But she stays at home and watches the livestream and takes notes and it’s an awesome little combination.

Mike McClary:              That’s great, it lets you go out there and do the networking and then she’s actually getting all the content and learning how to grow the business [crosstalk 00:12:01].

Eric:                             Right, because that is the point of the whole thing, honestly, that’s what I find for me for the live events, the point is the content. I’ve met some really wonderful people and made some good contacts, for sure, but the big thing that’s changed my business the most is hearing what these experts have to say and or even if it’s stuff that I know, you’re looking at something … You could look at the same thing but if you look at it from a different viewpoint or you look at it from another angle, sometimes you can get so much more out of it. Or, I don’t know how many times I’ve had something where I think I totally understand it and then somebody says, “Well, look at it from here,” and I’m like, “Oh, my God, I was borderline wrong the whole time.” And I can either fix it or improve it and yeah, it’s amazing.

Eric:                             And sometimes they just give you ideas. And that is the other beautiful thing is that it’s not just about pushing a button, it’s about creating an understanding of how things work so that you can on your own volition make changes and do things and understand what you’re doing. And that’s one thing I really love about the live event because it gives ideas and it gets you really, really-

Mike McClary:              Inspired to go back and grow your business.

Eric:                             Right, you sit there and like, yeah, you want to get there but you have some knowledge now, some really key knowledge, but it’s exciting because you’re like, “Oh, I’m not even going to do that but that just gave me an idea to do this.” That’s happened to us a bunch of times. Like I’ve no desire to do what he just said but if I do what he said over here, that can make a huge difference in my business.

Mike McClary:              That’s amazing. Thinking outside of the box, what you’re getting [crosstalk 00:13:28].

Eric:                             Right.

Mike McClary:              And so, just in case you’re joining, if you’re not aware, there is going to be a live event coming up in literally a week and a half from now. That’s what we’re talking about. It’s called Seller Con, it is I would say the most important selling conference for Amazon sellers. I’ll be there, Eric won’t be this time, but he’s been to four of them I think already. And the reason I mention Seller Con is because at the end of this call, I’m going to talk about something really cool that we have coming up for anyone who’s not already a member of the Amazing Selling Machine. So, we’ll come back to the special, I guess we’ll call it a bonus, but to get access to all that content for free. But I want to go back to your story, a little bit too, so I’ve heard this a couple times, we got to chat about it down in Florida while eating some barbecue.

Eric:                             It’s a fun one.

Mike McClary:              I had thought like you were a home inspector at some point in time describing what you were doing but before ASM, it was something similar but tell me your story, like what you were doing before you actually joined Amazing Selling Machine?

Eric:                             What I was doing before I joined Amazing Selling Machine was I was in remodeling. Make it super short, I was a rock musician my whole life and then got married, had a baby, and then suddenly when that baby was four or five months old, I was suddenly a single dad with sole custody of a little girl. So, I was like, “All right, music career is done.” The moment she was born, I was like, “I’m done touring. I’m not doing that anymore.” I just looked at her and went … But, I could’ve done other things but at that point I’m like, “Okay, I’ve got to move on,” so I got into property preservation and that kind of evolved into owning my own business property preservation, which I couldn’t stand. I got out of that I got hired by a remodeling company to supervise jobs. And I’m like, “I don’t know anything about construction.” I did that for a little while and I couldn’t stand that.

Eric:                             And then I got hired on another construction job where I was basically the grunt on the job but the guy who I worked for was an amazingly wonderful guy and he just wanted to help me out and I could tell. So, here I am at 38 years old, low man on the totem pole almost on a construction job, working in Austin, Texas, and it was like, “This isn’t what my life was supposed to be. I’m a single dad.” Well, I actually wasn’t a single dad at this point, I had met my wife now and she’s mom and has been for years. But I was still working that job and I’m like, “This is not what my life was supposed to be.” And yeah, it’s just … But I did what I had to do, I felt, at the time.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. And then so the opportunity came up, like you said, it was Austin, hot weather …

Eric:                             Yeah, so my wife and I, we were looking for something, I’ve always believed that being financially successful, there’s a certain mindset to it. I’ve always believed that, whether I’m right or wrong, I still don’t totally know, but I still believe it. But can accept that maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. Anyway, so we were looking and then we came across the Amazing Selling Machine from a friend of ours who was doing very well from ASM, too. And so we got into it and we had launched. And it was started to like, “Man, this is working.”

Eric:                             Every day at my construction job, they’d go, “Go do that.” I’m like, “Come on, Amazon. Come on, Amazon.” Every time we got a new sale, I’m like, “Whoa.” And so one day it’s July in Austin, Texas, which anybody who has visited Austin, Texas, it’s not the nicest climate. So I’m working on this house and it’s a pier and beam house, so there’s these little beams and these piers that go across and that’s the foundation of the house, basically, and it’s like that big and I was thinner then so I can fit inside of that. And I promised my wife I wouldn’t put on weight after I quiet, sorry, honey. And so they’re like, “Hey, Eric, I need you to go cut all the galvanized steel out up from underneath the house.” I’m like, “What?” I was wearing shorts because I thought I was doing something else that day, they’re like, “Sorry, man.” I’m like, “All right. Fine. It’s my job, what am I going to do?”

Eric:                             So I go crawling underneath there and I’m crawling and I can barely squeeze by and I’m [inaudible 00:17:35], I’m cutting the galvanized … Comes out, piece of molten metal hits me in the eyes, I’m like, “God, that hurts so bad.” And then I’m like, “Fine,” I get over it, I start crawling. Something I choke on down there and I cough and it’s literally like a movie, I sneeze, I’m sorry, I sneeze and I blow dust off of like a raccoon skull, it’s like right in my face. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” And I was like, “Oh, my God, come on. Come on, Amazon.” Crawl some more. I got more metal in my eyes. Anyway, I finally crawl out of there and I’m sitting there and now I’m just drenched in sweat and dirt and my head’s killing me at this point, I don’t know what I inhaled, and I’m sitting there and the floor is torn out, so I’m standing in the dirt, leaning against what used to be the floor.

Eric:                             And my boss, great guy, looks at me and goes, “Hey, you see all that sheet rock in the dirt?” And if you guys know sheet rock, it’s the drywall, and when you crush drywall it becomes dirt. But it’s just white dirt. And he’s like, “Hey, can you make sure all that sheet rock’s out of the dirt before you leave today?” And I was like, “I got to rake dirt out of dirt? I got to separate the dirt?” He’s like, “Yeah, man.” I’m like … And I think I’ve … But he’s a great guy so I’m like, “Yeah, all right.” And then I crawl out of the hole and I grab my phone and I call my wife and I’m like, “Honey, how much do we have to be selling for me to supplant my income and still have enough for inventory?” And she had been wanting me to quit that job forever and she tells me the amount, I look down, and I’m like, “We’re already doing it, I’m quitting tomorrow.” And she’s like, “Right on, go for it.”

Mike McClary:              That’s awesome.

Eric:                             And so I did and it was, man, it was so nice. It was such a freeing feeling to not have to do something I didn’t want to do anymore. To be able to wake up every day and do what I want to do is … There’s different levels of freedom, I believe, and that is a very, very significant level to hit, to be able to wake up and not have to go somewhere you don’t want to go to.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely, congratulations.

Eric:                             Thank you.

Mike McClary:              That’s amazing. Do you know roughly like how many months was it after you had started selling that you got to that point where you were able to finally quit? We’re talking like a year or less than that?

Eric:                             From the time we launched, like the business is now live, we have inventory in stock?

Mike McClary:              Yep.

Eric:                             Three weeks.

Mike McClary:              That’s incredible.

Eric:                             Yeah. It was three weeks. We launched June, like I think it was June 21st and I remember this because I quit and four days later I went to my first live event and I remember that was in the middle of July, I want to say like July 18th or something like that in Vegas. And yeah, and I had quit the day before or two days before or something.

Mike McClary:              You know, and to be totally honest, that’s not every single seller is going to launch their product and three weeks later quit their job.

Eric:                             Right.

Mike McClary:              We’re not giving the impression but that is a possibility.

Eric:                             Right. And the truth is is if you don’t despise what you do for a living, I think there’s some sense made in staying at your job so you can reinvest as much as you can into the business. I sit there and look back sometimes, I’m like, “Man, could I have held it out longer?” Because I could’ve grown my business faster, but we grew our business pretty fast and I really have no regrets.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, you guys did $1.5 million last-

Eric:                             Something like that.

Mike McClary:              Over a million and a half last year that you’re only, what, three years or four years into this business?

Eric:                             Our fourth anniversary will be this June.

Mike McClary:              Okay, excellent, so three and a half years, a little over that, into this business right now.

Eric:                             Right.

Mike McClary:              That’s incredible, no other business grows this quickly. You mentioned that could you have stuck it out if you want to keep putting money into the business, we have another person coming in on Friday, so today’s Wednesday, on Friday we’re having another member similar situation who’s been selling for only less than a year now, he’s doing that, he’s sticking, he doesn’t hate his job, he’s sticking with his job, however in a few weeks he’s already going to be quitting. But he’s been able to do that. So there’s lots of different situations here, different scenarios. For you, that was the right decision for you.

Eric:                             It was right and my wife didn’t quit for six months, but she was in marketing for an organic supplement company, she loved what she did. But then she got pregnant and it was like, “Well, I’m not going to a job when I can do the same thing for a living but make way more money doing my own thing without having to answer to a boss.”

Mike McClary:              And you mentioned that there’s two different, probably several different models you can follow, but if you want to just maintain this business, like an hour a day, something like that, if you want to grow, you really have to put time into it. So, talk about that, like have you picked one or the other or is it kind of like went back and forth from where you’re at?

Eric:                             It’s always gone back and forth. I would honestly say that I really love what we do for a living, I do, I enjoy it. There’s something … My friends, back when I was a musician, they’d come to me sometimes like, “Don’t you miss it?” And I do in ways, I don’t miss most of it because people got to remember, most of it is if you’re on the road it’s sitting around all day or if you’re in a studio, it’s sitting around all day and then you play for a while. I loved the studio, I loved all that stuff, but I’ll tell you, figuring out how to get people to buy something that you helped develop, or even if you private label, you made it your own, there’s still some creativity to that. It’s like putting together, it’s like a game, you sit there and go, “Can we do this? Does this it work? Can we do this? Does it work? Oh, my gosh, that works. Milk that, milk that, milk that. Oh, it’s starting to change. What did I change? What do I have to do?”

Eric:                             And so I really love what I do but it’s not what I stay up at night thinking about. There’s other things that I stay up at night thinking about, there’s other things I want to put my time into, so it’s kind of a combination of the two now, I really have a certain level that I want to be at so I could do the things that I want to do freely, the kind of staff that I want to have. I want to be able to have my business viable and expanding without having to be there, so that means I have to have the right people there so that I can really work on this other thing that just inspires everything in my life or not everything, I love my family, I love all sorts of stuff, but me and my wife are actually aligned on this, it’s kind of the same thing. And we’re going to do it together and it’s like I want to be able to do that.

Eric:                             So, I know I have to build my business up to it but then I’m also currently doing that stuff so it’s like I go back and forth. But for the most part, right now it’s, actually, it really does go back and forth. Some days I work all day, some days, some weeks, I work three hours for the whole week. But once I can get that business to a point where it’s like I have a staff running it, a full staff, I can concentrate on the other stuff. And that’s, for me, the real goal.

Mike McClary:              Right. And right now it’s you and your wife and then you have, what, one-

Eric:                             Two.

Mike McClary:              Two people now working with you on this business?

Eric:                             Yeah.

Mike McClary:              And are they located here in United States, are they overseas?

Eric:                             One is here, one is overseas.

Mike McClary:              Okay. Great. And how long have you had both of those people working with you now?

Eric:                             The overseas has been with us for at least three years now and then the other one’s been with us for a year and a half, two years.

Mike McClary:              Great, so your business has just, I say, slowly grown over the past three and a half years but that’s a pretty rapid growth, really.

Eric:                             Right. I mean, we grew very fast for the first two years and then we started putting a lot more time because we could into the other stuff and so the growth hasn’t been as great but I probably shouldn’t sit and cry in my cornflakes at there was a $50- to $100,000 increase last year and I was like, “Man, we’ve grown 40% every year.”

Mike McClary:              So to reiterate that, so the business is growing 40% every year and then last year they only grew between $50- and %100,000 and he’s kicking himself and beating himself up about that.

Eric:                             Yeah, well, yeah, I know how ridiculous that sounds to some but that’s another beauty of this business, and I still believe mindset. It’s like when I was in construction and being a single dad and even when I had met my new wife, the game was, “Okay, let’s make sure rent can get paid, let’s make sure bills are paid. I want to be able to take my kids to do, my daughter at the time, to do something.” That was the whole game. Now it’s so much bigger. So, when I look at only a $50- to $100,000 increase in my business, I do genuinely look at that as, “Okay, what did I do wrong? It should’ve been more.” It really should’ve and that is my viewpoint. Again, I’m not crying in my cornflakes over it, but i do look at it as going, okay, is that going to get me what I want? And it’s not. So I need to make som adjustments, I have to put more time in at sometimes. Or, be even smarter, and hire people because let’s face it, everybody that I respect and every time I’ve hired somebody and take stuff off of my plate, I can do something else, which is going to grow the business. So the more you hire, I believe, the more you can grow the business. And I need to do better about that, for sure.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, you know [inaudible 00:26:50] used to give me trouble all the time because I didn’t hire anyone till two years ago and so I hear you, yeah. It’s hard to give up control, you got to take time to train them a little bit, but once you do it, it’s amazing how much things can take off once you do.

Eric:                             Oh, yeah, well, I had a guy ask me one time, he’s like, “So what do you take,” this is what led me to hire my first one, he’s like, “What do you do?” And I started listing and he’s like, “You still do that? You still do that? What?” He’s like, “Let go, man. Do you know the mental bandwidth that you’ll get back if you just take something that you don’t have to do and give it to someone else? Be efficient. Being efficient doesn’t mean micromanaging every little thing, hire somebody. Be efficient at hiring somebody that’s good at what you want them to do and trust them to do it. And if they’re not good, get somebody else who is so that you can sit there and actually work on something else.” And my mind was just like, “It’s the simplest thing, you just taught me two plus two.” But I finally heard it, I finally went, “Oh, okay, I got it.” And I went and hired and I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, I don’t have to deal with that anymore? … Thank God.”

Mike McClary:              It’s amazing, yeah.

Eric:                             Right, it is.

Mike McClary:              A mental … The load comes off you mentally, even physically it feels that way, too, this huge relief has been taken off you.

Eric:                             I mean, there’s nothing in this business that you can’t outsource. There’s nothing in this business that you can’t outsource to overseas VAs, really, you just got to find the right ones. And you sit there and go, “Oh, that’s a lot of work.” I’m like, “Is it? Is it really a lot of work?” I sit there and think about what I used to do. I sit there and just like any business you’re going to have things happen that you don’t love, like I have a product that’s down right now and it’s the most ridiculous thing, it’s just, seriously? They’re saying that I’m selling a used item when I’m not. They basically … Somebody went, “I don’t like it. It seems used.” So they took me down. Anyway, so I look at that and I could go, “Oh,” or I can go, “I’m just going to handle it and I’m not going to complain because I know what I dealt with before.” I’ll take a couple days of irritation in a day for the life that I have, all day long. And when I just put it in perspective it becomes easier.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely. Well, you’ve done an amazing job.

Eric:                             Thanks.

Mike McClary:              You also are like amazing at helping people, we appreciate that.

Eric:                             Thank you.

Mike McClary:              Any time that we want someone to come in and just be authentic, Eric’s the first one to hop up and do that. So we love you for that.

Eric:                             I also live 15 minutes away.

Mike McClary:              Well that does help, too, yeah, that’s true. So the location factor does help, as well. But I mean you flew to Florida for that.

Eric:                             I did.

Mike McClary:              That was pretty amazing.

Eric:                             Oh, man, it was a blast. Yeah. I was going but I was landing the day of the thing, so yeah, we just switched the flights. The truth and I’ve told you this a million times and not on camera so everyone, what these guys have done for my life is nothing short of spectacular. And I definitely believe you help those who help you and you help those who need help and these guys care. You guys, your care for everybody is so awesome and so genuine. I’ve done other online courses, I’ve checked out other Amazon selling courses just to check it out, and nobody gives the car that you guys give, nobody constantly updates like you guys do, nobody checks in. You go to some of these other Facebook groups of other guys and you’ll see the founders of the course, they don’t respond to people. You’re all over the place. Rich is all over the place. It’s … Yeah, it’s … So yeah, man, I will always help you guys out. I look at my life and my ability to do the things that I’m passionate about and help others as a result of your guys’ willingness to help me, I’ll never say no. Never.

Mike McClary:              We appreciate and we got that on video, so [crosstalk 00:30:43]-

Eric:                             Damn.

Mike McClary:              You know, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them here. As a matter of fact, so, here’s one right here from Aden, why do you think some people fail when they’re opening this business or any business?

Eric:                             It could be a number of things and I’ve thought about this, it’s a good question. I believe action rules all. I believe thinking destroys your ability. And what I mean by that, let me clarify, you sit there and you look at something, you go, “I like that. I want to do that.” Your next step is to do that not think about how it could work because the moment you do that, every reason why you can’t comes in. And then you start pondering, well, what about this or what about that? The people that I find are the most efficient and have the highest level of ability to get things done don’t think about things. I mean, I’m not saying be an idiot and go, “Wow, I want that piece of candy that’s on the desk right there. I’m going to run and run through the glass and break my nose.” Don’t be an idiot. But, there’s a level of, “I like that, I’m going to look at it, I like it, I decide I’m going to do it,” and then just do it, you act, you just go. Go, don’t even think about it.

Eric:                             I really do think, I think thinking is the killer in this business or at least the people getting started. Because you get overwhelmed, you can think yourself into nothing and it doesn’t work. I know for me, I concentrated on what I saw it could be. I was so excited when I was doing the training. I would call my wife who was at her office, I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, this is what we’re going to do. Oh, my God, this is brilliant.” And you guys have it in such a way laid out to where you really shouldn’t be thinking because it’s like, “Good, here’s the theory, good, now go do it. Don’t even watch the next video until you do.” Which I think is so key to this training and yeah, I think that’s it. Just don’t think. I mean, there’s lots of things.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, take action.

Eric:                             Yeah. There’s lots of things. Just don’t stop yourself because you are the only person that is going to stop yourself. This training is almost scientifically accurate. I’ve never seen anybody actually apply what you guys say and fail. Now, they might have a dunce in the beginning, it happens, usually because they didn’t do something you guys said, but you can always go again. The most successful people in the world say it all the time, like, “I’m successful because I’m willing to fail.” But they don’t look at it as failures, you look at it as hurdles, everyone’s got hurdles. And an enology that I’ve used in the past is if you’re a sprinter and somebody puts hurdles in front of you, you’re going to go, “What? Why is that hurdle in front of me?” Everybody’s got the hurdles. But a hurdler doesn’t go, “That’s a barrier.” A hurdler goes, “That’s a problem,” they take care of it and they jump over the hurdle. And they don’t think about it and they don’t dwell on it and they don’t complain about it. And the sprinter’s going to trip over the hurdle and then whine and blame someone else for it, whereas the hurdler … So, become the hurdler is kind of what I think.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, that’s a great analogy. Someone here, as a matter of fact, asked a question, Matt [inaudible 00:33:57] asks, “How many staff do you have and then what roles do they do?”

Eric:                             I have two, one of them handles the bulk of my customer service, she handles social media posting, bulk of my customer service, handling reviews, and, well, she kind of shares the reviews with someone else. She tracks them down and then my assistant here has a better grasp of English, so, well, she’s American, so she does. So she handles the emails to the negative reviewers. So social media posting, basic email answering, and, oh yeah, searching out products and suppliers for me for extension.

Mike McClary:              Okay, excellent.

Eric:                             And then my one in town, she watches [inaudible 00:34:50] for me sometimes, that’s true. She’ll help me out with my kids sometimes but, really, that just frees up time for us but she also handles, like I said, handling the reviews and special projects. She does all my little, “Hey, I want to check this out,” or, “I want to try this. Get this going and get this launched.” Or something like that. And she’ll take care of that stuff for me.

Mike McClary:              But you didn’t need these people to start this business off?

Eric:                             No, no.

Mike McClary:              [crosstalk 00:35:14] got later on.

Eric:                             Yeah, yeah.

Mike McClary:              Like, what, about two years into it you think?

Eric:                             About a year into it we got the first one.

Mike McClary:              Okay, good deal.

Eric:                             Something like that.

Mike McClary:              So yeah, just for Matt, so there’s the explanation of what they do but absolutely anyone looking to do this business, you do not need an employee to start out, not until you start doing some significant business.

Eric:                             No, oh, God, no.

Mike McClary:              All righty, so let’s see. David [inaudible 00:35:37] from ASM [inaudible 00:35:38], hey David, how you doing? Started on February 1st and his first inventory is on the way and launching in two weeks here. Awesome, congratulations, David. That’s great to hear. I can’t wait to hear how that goes for you. Let’s see. I’m trying to see, I don’t have a lot of other questions out here. Nate, “Loved meeting you in Florida and also met your daughter.” Again, another comment on how your daughter’s much better looking than both you and I are. Can’t really disagree with anyone here. [inaudible 00:36:09] says all he can hear is strength, strength, and more strength, go well. That’s awesome. So everything, I have to reiterate that, too, everything Eric talks about is positive, pushing forward, don’t focus on the negative, absolutely. Nick [inaudible 00:36:24] says he spent 18 years in the corporate environment but never ever again. Awesome. Great, that’s fantastic. I’m not seeing … Okay, here we go. So, Joan [inaudible 00:36:36] asks, “If you’re only working a few hours a week, why would you hire someone?”

Eric:                             So that I could only work a few hours a week. Honestly. Well, that’s the thing is I don’t want to worry about the things that you have … You know, Amazon has a thing where they really want you to answer all of your emails within a 24 hour period. They track it, it affects your metrics and your rating. So that is a standing thing that I don’t want to deal with. I will deal with the complicated situations once in a great while and it’s usually just my assistant writing me and saying, “How do you want me to handle this? This seems a bit complicated.” But those are things that I don’t want to spend my day doing because not only does it take time but it can take mental energy. When you have the volume of reviews that we have at this point and you’re dealing with somebody telling you you’re horrible all day long, you’re just like, “I don’t like the way I feel right now.” But it is a part of this business. Not everybody’s going to be happy. I get reviews saying, “It’s too big. It’s too small. It’s too thin. It’s too thick. It’s too pretty. It’s too ugly.” You can’t make everybody happy and you got to deal with that. And I go into it knowing that, so I don’t really let it bother me, but after a while dealing with that, you’re just like, “You do it.”

Mike McClary:              I agree, we did the same thing, too. I think you have to do this yourself starting off, you don’t want to hire one the first year or so.

Eric:                             Yeah, learn it.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely.

Eric:                             Yeah.

Mike McClary:              And then the first thing that we passed off was dealing with customer reviews just because I want to focus on the positive.

Eric:                             Number one.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, I just don’t want to deal with them.

Eric:                             And that was the thing he was talking about, “You know the mental bandwidth you’ll get back if you don’t have to deal with that?”

Mike McClary:              It’s true.

Eric:                             Oh, it is so true. And we didn’t have that many at the time but it was like one would come every few … But in the beginning, you get a bad review, you’re like … The first one star review I got I remember my brother was in town, I showed my wife, we’re like, “No wonder sales are slowing … Oh.” We freaked out trying to find the person, trying to get it fixed. And I was freaking out. I was genuinely freak … I look back now, I’m like, “Wow. That was ridiculous.” But I did. But I learned how to take care of it and you need to learn how to handle that stuff and pass it on. You could check in once in a while, you monitor. I have a whole spreadsheet, I can see every one that comes in. I see what the gist is of what they say. I see what’s been sent to them, when it was updated, if they changed it, if they didn’t change it, if they delete it, whatever. I can go track it. I can look at the messages that my assistant sends. So once in a while I’ll just do a little sneaky quality control.

Mike McClary:              All right. So, let’s see. See if we’ve got a couple more questions here. Is this still a good business to begin with if you have zero experience like me and from Europe? I don’t know, are you guys selling in Europe right now?

Eric:                             No, we’re not. We’re not just because of the size of our products and we manufacture in the US, so exporting would just be a nightmare right now.

Mike McClary:              But we do have several people, this is from [inaudible 00:39:33], another one from [inaudible 00:39:34], also, we have several people, not several, we have hundreds if not thousands of people who live in Europe, sell in the United States, who live in Europe and sell in Europe, and vice versa who live in United States selling in Europe. And then [inaudible 00:39:47] asked me about from Brazil, we have lots of members from Brazil. If you’re living in Brazil, best thing I would recommend is start selling in the United States. That’s the easiest thing to do. That’s just the biggest market to go from. Let’s see. Erika [inaudible 00:40:03] agrees with you, “Never seen a course and people that keep giving information without charging you again and again.” Man, awesome, thanks. Thanks so much. Oh, here’s a great question from Michelle [inaudible 00:40:14], “Are you still selling the very first product you launched?”

Eric:                             I am.

Mike McClary:              Awesome.

Eric:                             I am. We’ve made improvements, one thing we’ve made a habit of is listening to our customers and trying to make changes or just go, “You know what?” The big thing for us in the beginning, we just wanted to get it up there and I looked at what we wee charging for it, and we charge a little less for it now, but I also looked at like, “Do I feel good about this product?” And I went, “No. Let’s make some improvements to it.” And so we’ve made improvements to it. But yes, we still sell the first product we launched.

Mike McClary:              Awesome. And same here, we do as well. David [inaudible 00:40:52] has a question, “Tell me a little bit more about your brand strategy, how many brands do you have? Do you have a trademark? And have you gotten brand registry?”

Eric:                             I’m launching my second one right now. Yeah, that’s been an ongoing process. We actually wound up trademarking the name of the second brand last year, so right now we’re literally at the point where we got to just get something launched before we lose the trademark. And so I’m working on that. And the first brand, yes, I absolutely trademark and do it right now, it’s worth it. If you’re more than 50% sure this is going to work and you’re going to keep that brand, trademark it. It’s worth every dollar. The brand registry, I;ve had some things happen because I wasn’t trademarked that is just … I mean some of the foremost experts in this business looked at me and went, “Dude, I don’t know, man.” And if I would have been trademarked, it wouldn’t not been an issue. So yes, absolutely trademark, brand register, do everything you can to get Amazon to like you and Amazon on your side. Including playing by the rules. Like I heard [inaudible 00:42:04] say it one time, he’s like, “There’s jaywalking and there’s murder. I don’t commit murder. I might jaywalk once in a while.” I even think about jaywalking, you know …

Eric:                             So, yes, I absolutely trademark, 100% recommend that. And then once you’re trademarked, then you can brand register and I would absolutely brand register. Now, there’s a misconception, that doesn’t always mean brand gating and things like that, that’s kind of an arbitrary thing going on right now at Amazon. Where they’ll gate some people, they won’t gate some people, and you can’t really ask for it. So anyway, so there’s that, yeah.

Mike McClary:              Yeah, so if you’re hearing all these terms and you don’t know what they are, if you’re not selling on Amazon yet-

Eric:                             Yeah, sorry.

Mike McClary:              No, that’s totally fine. If you’re a new seller, don’t worry about that. If you’re a member of the Amazing Selling Machine, we go through all these and we actually cover all these questions on coaching calls, which we have every single month. So we get more in the details there. And all the things such as trademarking, brand registry, again, they’re inside Amazing Selling Machine, we go through them. And you don’t have to worry about doing it from day one, just once you get your product picked out and you start selling, there’s a lot of benefits to getting a trademark and to getting this process called brand registry. One of the things we’re changing, in the next iteration of Amazing Selling Machine we’re going to be telling people that they should consider getting trademark and brand registry sooner rather than later. We used to say don’t worry about it for years down the road, now we’re going to say once you’ve launched, start the process. It’s an investment in your business that you will easily see back 10 times over that first couple years as we’ve all seen.

Eric:                             Oh, my God, easily. Coca-cola’s said it more than once, the most valuable asset they have is their trademark.

Mike McClary:              Absolutely.

Eric:                             By far.

Mike McClary:              All right. So I think we’re getting kind of low on time here and I want to talk about something else before we get to it but everyone else asking all the questions, Carmen, Victoria, Mandy, Aden, Courtney, I can’t even name, we have tons of people on the call here, thank you all for that, but I want to mention something else. So, first off, Eric has been around now for coming up like three and a half, coming on four years, he started off with the free training from the Amazing Selling Machine, so if you’re on this call and you’re not already a full member of the Amazing Selling Machine, first thing to do, go check out the free training that we have. And as a matter of fact, I have an incredibly complicated marketing toy here, a ploy here. If you want to get easy access to it, go to This is not really a hyperlink, if I click on it, it’s not going to take you there, but if you type that in, it will take you directly to our training and by going to this link, you’re going to learn about a very special offer we have right now.

Mike McClary:              So we have the free training, that’ll take you to the free training also, we have the free training just like we all took to start off. There is a paid version of the Amazing Selling Machine, this is going to talk about that as well, about how you can get the full training program, an eight week training course all done online. You get free coaching calls with myself and Rich Henderson and with the mentors, we have those throughout the course. You also get access to the private resource vault, which has all of the contacts that we have. Photographers, videographers, freight forwarders, all kinds of tools for managing your business. You get all that in there. And you also get the templates for how to contact freight forwarders, how to contact suppliers, how to learn how to sound professional, even if you’ve never done this business at all.

Mike McClary:              And then the other component of the full version of the Amazing Selling Machine is the online community. So we have both a Facebook community and we have a private online community where you can go in there and talk to other sellers that are starting out, other people like Eric and myself have been selling for years and doing millions of dollars. You also get access to the mentors that are there that are helping you all along the way. If you have questions … The Facebook and the community, it’s crazy, if you have a question, if you post it there, within a few minutes you have answers right away. So all that comes with the full version of the Amazing Selling Machine and by going to this and I think we probably have a nice logo showing up over my head sometime pretty soon with a better …

Eric:                             Oh, that’s not it?

Mike McClary:              Yeah. No, that is the actual version.

Eric:                             It’s you holding that piece of paper.

Mike McClary:              We’re going to have another one on the screen here. But going there, you’re also going to learn about a very special offer that we’re making only for the next couple days. So for anyone signing up for the Amazing Selling Machine, you are going to get access to the live stream of the next Amazon Seller Conference,

Eric:                             Really?

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Mike McClary:              Also, keep in mind that at the end of this month on the end of March, Amazing Selling Machine goes away for a while. As I mentioned, we were in Florida, we’re recording new launch videos, Rich Henderson and I are rerecording all new content, redoing all the training, so at the end of this month, no one can get access to Amazing Selling Machine until we open it back up again. So if you want to get in and start your business as soon as possible, get at least a month head start upon everyone else who’s going to get access later on when we reopen it, you want to get in before the end of the month, otherwise it’ll be shut down until we redo all the training, which is quite an endeavor. And we are rerecording every single video this time, adding in new launching strategies, new product selection strategies, so you definitely want to get in now while you can, otherwise you won’t be able to get in the course for at least a month after that.

Mike McClary:              Anyone who signs up now, anyone who has signed up, so if you’re a new member and you signed up something in the past couple month or so, don’t worry and think, “Oh, my gosh, I want the new training.” You get that for free. We’re giving the new training to everyone for free, so don’t worry about that. Once we have that new training out there, we’ll be notifying all existing members how to upgrade to the new training again for free. But if you sign up today or tomorrow or the end of March, you’ll get the latest version right now of Amazing Selling Machine, you can get a jumpstart on your business, and then you can also get the free videos from the Seller Con taking place in Orlando, Florida next week, and you’ll also get a free upgrade to the next version that’s going to have all new content for Amazing Selling Machine as well. So all that’s included when you sign up for Amazing Selling Machine.

Mike McClary:              Hopefully, anyone who’s kind of on the fence, go watch the free training, that’s why we have it. It’s free. It’ll show you the basics of the entire model and we’ve had people who actually watch a free training and were able to launch products and then they came back and said, “Wow, if this is the free training, I want the full blown version of it.” So if you’re on the fence, go to the free training and be sure to get it before the end of March because that goes away for a while, too.

Eric:                             I have a friend of mine that’s actually a successful seller that did that.

Mike McClary:              Did that, actually? Yeah.

Eric:                             It took about a year and a half before he came back and did it and he was already full-time, making a very good over $100,000 a year living off that free training. It’s pretty wild.

Mike McClary:              Yeah> Free training is-

Eric:                             He picked my brain a lot, I’m not going to lie, I got a lot of phone calls, but yeah, it’s pretty impressive.

Mike McClary:              And if I were to describe the full version of Amazing Selling Machine versus the free training, again, you get all the coaching, the mentoring, the community, it jumpstarts your entire business. So it’s a significant investment, don’t get me wrong, but compared to starting your own franchise or starting any other business, it’s nothing compared to that. All the details are there at, all the bonus, what you get involved in the entire full course, how it’s going to jumpstart you to getting your business up and running, successfully, and profitably, quicker than any other way possible out there right now. So hopefully as many people as possible will see inside the community, if you are on this call, you’re an existing ASM member, Amazing Selling Machine member, awesome to see you, thanks so much for hopping in. Hope to see as many people as possible in Florida next week at the Orlando Seller Con conference and if not, then I hope to see as many people as possible in the community taking the training. Now, before I go, one more time, I want to put up my really fancy marketing hyperlink, Be sure to go there, if you’re not already an Amazing Selling Machine member, and then hopefully I’ll see you in the community as soon as possible. Eric, thank you so much, it’s always great to see you.

Eric:                             Of course, man.

Mike McClary:              I’ll be seeing you real soon, too. Good luck speaking at that event in Canada. But I am going to try to see you at the next live event.

Eric:                             Yeah.

Mike McClary:              And I’m sure I’ll be down to see you again. Thanks for coming out to Austin. You guys can’t see this but Eric was drenched, it was pouring down rain right before this live session, absolutely walked in with a completely wet shirt, luckily he and I talk enough so it’s been long enough that his shirt is dried out by now.

Eric:                             Yeah, yeah. Pretty much.

Mike McClary:              All right, so thanks everyone for another live session. And again, this Friday, we have another live session coming up with someone who is very similar to Eric and is quitting their job in a matter of weeks because if the Amazing Selling Machine. So thanks everyone, I’ll see you Friday, and take care.

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