REAL $500,000 Per Month Shopify Sales Funnel



I wanted to show you a single sales page built inside of Shopify that for us drives about a half a million dollars a month in sales. So what I want to show you first is inside of our Facebook ads account, just to show you the kind of volume running through this page.

This right here is the last 30 days, if I’m clicking up here this is the last 30 days in our account and this is the amount spent. So this is like 400 grand spent in the last 30 days on different campaigns for this business, and then here’s the total amount of sales about seven hundred thousand dollars in sales from these Facebook ads in the past 30 days.

Now about 75% of this traffic runs through one single page that I’m about to show you and this really isn’t even the full picture because that alone is a half a million dollars a month. We also have other traffic going through this page from affiliates and from other sources.

So it’s not really even the full picture, it’s probably more like six, seven hundred grand a month in sales, but this is the data right here. I’m gonna say half a million dollars a month in sales.

A lot of people think they need a Shopify store that has tons of different pages, super well built out, a nice custom design, all that kind of stuff. Optimize every product page, category page, about page all that sort of stuff. I don’t think you have to do any of that.

I think until you get up to at least half a million dollars a month in sales you can literally run everything through one single page. You don’t need a bunch of different pages. You don’t even need a bunch of different products. If you literally have one single page that works really well for you that’s all you need.

I’m gonna show you what this page looks like for us so we’re selling a very healthy coffee product, and we did a lot of testing to figure out what’s the main angle that gets people to buy?

So it’s kind of like the health focused angle with a lot of endorsements from credible sources. We’ve got a headline related to the health aspect. We’ve also got this is my business partner Charles, and so we’ve got some copy that I wrote here that kind of is very fact based which is a great way to sell rather than just a bunch of hype.

If you include actual facts that support your arguments it’s going to make it a way more effective copy, so just general copy that kind of tells the story. We start having a bunch of credible sources here so this is a doctor, this is a doctor, he’s a dentist, another doctor, a medical doctor, a ton of other health professionals.

So we start really giving a ton of credibility and social proof here continuing with the story. Then we sort of get into all the features, so the offer that’s worked the best for us is giving people $50 off their first order to get them in the door and then we try to turn them over into subscription, and so then we talk about all the different features of this product written in the form of benefits.

We go through all of that stuff in as much detail as possible, we keep going, more features, more benefits, and then we sort of have some credibility logos that we have here that we’ve done different press releases and that kind of thing to be able to get all of these, and get our business featured on these different sites.

Then we’ve got a ton of testimonials and reviews. We’ve got some more copy here about the product. We’ve got some more information about this $50 off giving them as much detail as they need. It’s 12 ounce bags so it’s enough for 40 cups, so there’s no confusion at all in terms of what they’re getting and then we have the different options of products they can purchase.

What we found out worked the best for us was making people either choose three bags or six bags up front, there’s no one bag option on this page. It just got a lot of the wrong kind of customers in the door for us and plus shipping cost is very expensive on one bag whereas on three bags it’s only a little bit more, but we’re getting three times the amount of revenue.

So we found, just make them buy a minimum of three bags, maybe six bags, and that’s worked best for us. Then we have some trust logos, more reviews, we’ve got a bit about how we donate a portion of all of our profits to the rain forest trust. So we tell them that, we tell them where the coffee’s coming from, we have more credibility and more social proof.

As you can tell we’re just drowning them in every bit of credibility and social proof we can come up with, and this is all 100% legitimate, but you can build this stuff over time. These are just different influencers, these are some businesses that have featured us, that we’ve done some deals with, different news sites that we’ve gone through press releases.

If you literally go to and load up a press release there, you can get your site on, or your business on a bunch of these kinds of sites, and then you can say that you’ve been seen on there.

A ton more testimonials and credibility and stuff. This is actually me in here, entrepreneur investor, I’m showing off that I like the coffee. Also I do drink it every single day.

Tons of other social proof, once again reiterating the discount and some basic contact information. So this in a nutshell is the entire page that we drive about a half a million dollars a month through, you don’t need a full-blown site. In fact for us for the first year until we got up to almost a million dollars a month in sales we didn’t pay any attention at all to the actual store experience.

We focused almost a hundred percent on this one page because once they go to this page they basically go to the cart, and then they check out. Then they’re done so we put a lot of our time and attention and testing on this one single sales funnel for our Shopify store.

Now we built this out, this is kind of a custom coded HTML page. If you get any sort of web developer that you can hire on for example they can create a page like this. We just had it custom coded and loaded into Shopify. If you want something a little bit easier you could use something like Zipify pages created by my good friend Ezra Firestone.

So this is a great tool to build landing pages, specifically for Shopify. So that’s a good option because it ties perfectly into Shopify. You can also use click funnels. We use this for another business, it’s great for building pages, it’s super easy to use, it’s got a lot of cool features, so that’s another option. Zipify is a great option too because it’s built specifically for Shopify. You can use either one of those different options to go out there and build your own site.

Hopefully this is useful, showing you what a real half a million dollar a month sales funnel looks like for Shopify.

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