Is Selling on Walmart Worth It In 2022?

Tim Jordan and Norman Farrar from Private Label Legion are back at it again this week and this time they discuss whether it’s worth it to sell on Walmart’s online marketplace in 2022.

selling on amazon worth it in 2022?

We’re not going to beat around the bush on this one, people.

Selling on Walmart is 100% worth it for marketplace sellers in 2022 (for a metric boatload of reasons).

That’s why today we’re jumping right into Walmart’s marketplace and why it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for most e-commerce sellers.

1. What is the Walmart marketplace?

2. Walmart’s marketplace is WORTH IT for sellers

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5. About Tim & Norm

What is the Walmart marketplace?

what is walmart marketplace

In case you missed it, Walmart’s e-commerce sales are exploding and they’ve opened up a marketplace for online sellers. This means e-commerce sellers can now list products on Walmart’s website and ship directly to consumers 🎉

Now, we already know what lots of you marketplace sellers are thinking.

“Oh wow … so I’ll just copy all my stuff from Amazon over to Walmart and double my profits!”

That thought kind of captures how it works, but it’s not 100% accurate because the two powerhouses couldn’t be more different.

After all, Amazon and Walmart have unique target audiences and infrastructure. This means each marketplace is its own special beast. Not everything from Amazon (or any other marketplace, for that matter) will translate over to Walmart effortlessly and seamlessly.

So you gotta put in the time, the research, and the elbow grease to get the ball rolling because …

Walmart’s marketplace is WORTH IT for sellers

Yep, it’s totally worth it and we’ll tell you why.

#1: Walmart isn’t over-saturated with sellers (yet)

walmart isn't oversaturated with sellers (yet)

Walmart has put up a high barrier to entry with its application process — sellers have to be approved before they can start listing. They also have to submit things like their company name, company address, bank account details, and tax info (among other documents) for approval.

This process not only takes time, but it also prevents sellers who don’t take e-commerce seriously from joining.

In other words, Walmart gatekeeps who can and can’t sell on their website which naturally keeps saturation low.

That’s a VERY good thing for any marketplace seller with a papertrail documenting their success on other platforms.

And this isn’t to say that new sellers can’t “make it” on Walmart. They can, it just takes a little more work (and don’t worry, we’ll get into that another time).

#2: Joining Walmart is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor

get in on the ground floor

Ever wish you just bought bitcoin ten years ago? Wonder what your life would be like if you invested in Apple stock early on? Daydream about what it’d be like if you were one of the first sellers on Amazon?

Well … we STRONGLY believe that selling on Walmart is an opportunity just like that because:

• Nine out of ten Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store*
• Walmart has heavily invested in its online-to-store shopping journey (i.e. pick-up and curbside orders)
• 95% of shoppers make at least one purchase from Walmart each year*
• Walmart finished last year with more than $572 Billion in earned revenue*

In other words, Walmart is crushing it left and right and there’s no end in sight.

So … if you knew you could get in on the ground floor of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … why wouldn’t you?

*According to Forbes and Walmart

#3: Walmart gives sellers access to new customers

Walmart gives sellers access to new customers

Like we said earlier, Walmart has its own unique target customer. And Walmart has spent the last sixty years refining their message, their stores, and their brand experience according to the needs of their customers. In short, Walmart knows what’s up.

So when you join Walmart as a marketplace seller, a whole new channel opens up between you and their customers.

Depending on what you currently sell, this means you get to increase profits for products you already offer. Or, it’s a chance to scale up your brand and offer new products that better match Walmart’s target customer.

Either way, both of those strategies = more money … who doesn’t want more money?

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