Scale Your Business in 2020 with Amazon Advertising

Learn insider strategies to potentially double your business using Amazon advertising: has teamed up with Amazon advertising expert, Cherie Yvette, to launch an 8-week Amazing Showdown Bootcamp. The training course will reveal the exact strategies, tools, and processes that Cherie uses for her 7, 8 and 9 figure Amazon clients. You will learn how to scale your business with Amazon advertising.

Sellers will learn the answers to the most common problems Amazon sellers face, such as competitors out ranking products, cutting advertising expenses, and reaching high volume sales. The Amazing Showdown Bootcamp reveals strategies and insider tips for competitive and keyword research, establishing market share and campaign strategies, search term mining, developing plans for campaign structure and search campaigns, campaign placement and new product launch, scaling and restructuring campaigns, understanding the advertising dashboard, and optimizing process and high ACOS.

In addition to the 8-week training, Cherie will provide a special bonus training, “7-Steps to Doubling You Amazon Sales…Fast.” This is the exact formula Cherie recently used to double her clients’ sales on Cyber Monday, year over year.


Meet the Amazon Advertising Expert Instructor

Cherie Yvette is the founder of The Urban Cowgirl, a digital agency devoted to providing entrepreneurs with proven advertising strategies. Since 2016, Yvette has focused entirely on proving the best strategies for Amazon advertising. She has played a huge role in developing and implementing winning pay-per-click strategies for Amazon Sellers. What Will You Learn in the Amazing Showdown Bootcamp Course?

The Importance of Competitive and Keyword Research

In the course, Cherie will reveal her strategies for competitive and keyword research. It is important to determine which of your competitors have the highest market share. Those are the competitors you can model yourself after. By using their top performing keywords, you can optimize your product listings to improve your organic rank. Cherie will reveal how you can discover more keywords that will generate the most sales and leverage match types for the best possible search visibility.

Establishing Market Share and Campaign Strategy

A few tips Cherie will cover regarding market share include tracking which products are frequently bought together, calculating category market share to set goals, and powering product giveaways with consistent sales velocity.

She will explain how sellers can determine the most important keywords and competitors as they are diving into their campaign strategy. Based on search demand, sellers will learn how to plan an advertising budget. Cherie also reveals how to to select keywords to drive business growth.

Search Term Mining

Cherie shows how sellers can discover 100’s of high converting search terms each month. She reveals a secret formula for knowing which keywords are profitable. She will also explain how to use negative words to lower costs.

Campaign Structure and Search Campaigns

There are simple ways to organize campaigns that allows tracking sales and performance to be seamless. Cherie will share how sellers can combine manual and auto campaigns to gain maximum reach. She will also dive into managing bids and budgets to scale advertisements efficiently and profitably.

Cherie knows just exactly how to bid for rank and win top positions on competitive keywords. She will reveal how sellers can increase their brand searches year over year to drive profits and power organic ranking with paid ads.

Placement Campaigns and New Product Launch

Advanced keywords help sellers target and overcome target competitors’ pages. Cherie will explain how sellers can secure product page placements with contextual keywords and track a shopper’s path to purchase, creating the best opportunity to capture market share.

When launching a product, it is important to select the right keywords and establish a sales history. In the Amazing Showdown Bootcamp training, sellers will learn how to determine their product’s unique features and benefits while analyzing competitors with high organic search rank.

Scaling and Restructuring Campaigns

Segmenting keywords into a single Ad Group improves velocity. Cherie shows how sellers can expand their keywords with modifiers and group parent/child ASINS for the highest sales velocity.

Before scaling, sellers need to know which products will have success in advertising. Sellers will learn how to analyze existing ad campaigns to date to create winning strategies for all of their products. In addition, they will learn how to reorganize keywords to minimize any wasted ad spend.

The Advertising Dashboard

The Amazon advertising dashboard might seem frightening to some, but Cherie explains every last detail in her training. She shows how sellers can pull weekly, monthly and quarterly campaign metrics, track advertising performance to spot important trends, and calculate true advertising costs based on total sales.

Optimizing the Process and High ACOS

Once sellers have learned all the steps to creating their process, Cherie will teach sellers how they can optimize through limited budgeting and various systems. Sellers will find out how to troubleshoot campaigns with high ACOS on velocity keywords and increase organic rank while lowering advertising costs.

The Amazing Showdown Bootcamp comes complete with a 30-Day Training Satisfaction Guarantee. If by January 10th, you decide you are not thrilled with the bootcamp, you can contact for a full refund. Doors close December 7, 2018 and will not open again for 6 months.


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