Matt Clark: 3 Tips on Growing Your Business


Trying to grow your business but not happy with the progress you’re making? Matt Clark, our CEO and co-founder, says these are 3 quick tips you can try implementing into your business strategy to get the results you want:

1. Learn copywriting.

Most businesses that aren’t successful likely have a traffic (visibility) and a conversion problem, but the conversion problem should be fixed first before addressing the traffic problem. In this digital age, copywriting is a critical component of content marketing. If you think about it, every part of your marketing plan needs copy. Copy lays the foundation for your marketing strategy and gives meaning to your designs. By learning the skills of copywriting (check out, you can increase the rate at which people who find you actually becoming your customers.

2. Create a referral program.

Assuming you’re selling a good product, reward people for telling others about it. Incentivize people with two-way rewards: The referrer (current customer) gets a reward AND the person being referred (the new customer) also gets a reward. Word-of-mouth is probably the most trusted source of advertising. A good recommendation from a friend or family member can go a long way. A referral program helps you to focus on the customers who are satisfied with your product, which allows you to strategically spend your marketing dollars and continue to create a cycle of repeat customers and referrals.

3. Show your expertise by giving people content.

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar business, you can get more visibility and more customers by sharing what you’ve learned with the world, especially with video and using YouTube. Create short, 3-4 minute videos on topics related to your industry each week and eventually this will start snowballing into more views and more credibility for you and your business. If you haven’t already subscribed to our Youtube channel, make sure you do so here!

As your business grows, you’re going to realize that you need a process to scale your business. A business’s healthy grow requires a scalable business model. In fact, growing a business is arguably the second hardest thing after starting a business. The goal is to keep your growth steady – not too fast or too slow.

Check out Matt’s video on the 3 steps to scaling your business:

Growing and scaling your business are processes that are constantly evolving. What are some advice you have for fellow entrepreneurs regarding this process? Share with us in the comments!

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