Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

Is selling on Amazon worth it? Of course it is! But, you’re only going to get as much out of this business as you can put in.

Guide Contents:

  1. Rule 1: Filter By Best Sellers Rank (300-5000)
  2. Rule 2: Less Than 1000 Reviews
  3. Rule 3: Under Five Lbs
  4. Rule 4: Products Priced Between $15 and $70
  5. Rule 5: Private Labeling
  6. Get Started Today!

Believe it or not this question is very common, especially with brand new sellers. Since they know nothing about the business, they assume it’s too crowded. The fact is, Amazon is still the BEST opportunity for people who want to leave their 9-5, find financial freedom, and start owning their own business.

Thinking about selling on Amazon? When you’re building a business one of the first thing you’re going to have to figure out is what exactly you’re going to sell. Here’s a look at the criteria for finding your first product. If you’re brand new to this business then this is the PERFECT way to get started as you gear up to launch your own brand on Amazon!

First things first, grab a product finder tool and then use the following sections to fine-tune and filter out any product ideas that just won’t cut it on Amazon today.

Rule 1: Filter By Best Sellers Rank (300-5000)

You can eliminate a majority of products if you start by setting a BSR range of 300-5000. We recommend only selling products within this BSR range, it helps guarantee your item will be a success. This BSR range quickly removes products that would be too competitive.

Rule 2: Less Than 1000 Reviews

If you want to know what to sell on Amazon to make money, ideally you want a product that you can build up with marketing and not get completely buried underneath competitors. Create a filter that sorts out any products with less than 1000 reviews. Since you’re starting with zero reviews, it’s important that your closest competition doesn’t have thousands and thousands of reviews already.

All of the top-selling products you see are the exception, not the rule. What you don’t always come across during your regular Amazon browsing are the thousands of products that have way fewer reviews and still sell a ton because they fulfill a specific need. Your product will start to stand out and be seen as highly credible after you’ve gathered only a small number of high praise reviews. Keep in mind, we break down the entire process and make it much easier inside of Amazing Selling Machine!

Rule 3: Under Five Lbs

Sourcing a product that is both lightweight and small is a place to start, then make sure the product meets all of the other criteria mentioned in this post.

To recap, any product that is less than 5 lbs, and also meets all the requirements of what to sell on Amazon to make money, is a viable option. Create a filter within the product finder tool and sort out any products greater than 5 lbs.

Rule 4: Products Priced Between $15 and $70

Your potential product should be between $15 and $70. It’s the optimal price range. This price range ensures that your profits will be high enough to offset the cost of your inventory reorders safely.

Place a price filter within your product finder tool. That way, you only have to sift through products ranging from $15 and $70. This will significantly reduce the number of products you’ll need to dig through, saving you HOURS of work.

Rule 5: Private Labeling

The final criteria when you’re looking for the best products to sell on Amazon FBA is private labeling. If you want to grow your own brand and maximize sales then this is the best route. The ideal product to private label will be something generic and easy to source.

When you’re looking for products to private label, you have to avoid products that have a ton of research and patents behind them.

So once you’ve put together a list of potential products, then it’s time to head over to a site like There you can see if you can find a similar product that a manufacturer is making in bulk, which you can then put your own brand on.

Get Started Today!

Just because you think a product is going to be the best, it doesn’t mean it will work out. Keep a level head when you’re doing product research and remember to focus on the criteria.

You have very little to lose investment-wise, and a whole lot of experience to gain. So if you’re tired of your 9-5 gig, then why not give something new a shot?

Plus as you learn to improve your product listings, drive traffic with paid advertising, and learn the latest techniques to maximize revenue, you’ll be earning the skills you need for almost any remote business opportunity you can imagine!

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