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  1. Amazon Brand Registry In Weeks (Not Years)
  2. How IP Accelerator Works
  3. Apply For a Trademark Through IP Accelerator
  4. Completing Registration

Hey there, if you’re interested in selling on Amazon and wanna learn how to get access to some of Amazon’s most powerful brand protection and brand growth tools, then be sure to watch this video, the third in my series on Amazon’s war on intellectual property theft.

In the first two videos of the series, you learned about Amazon’s brand registry program, Amazon’s Project Zero, and Amazon Transparency. Each of those programs help protect your brand in various ways and give you access to some incredibly valuable marketing tools. However, in order to get access to each one of those, it used to be one big requirement. You had to have a trademark fully-approved and registered, and getting this can take up to two years or more.

Amazon Brand Registry In Weeks (Not Years)

I’m gonna show you how to get access to all those tools within a matter of weeks. Late last year, Amazon began testing out a new program to help get its sellers access to brand registry services without having to wait for a trademark to be approved. They knew that by doing this, they’d be protecting their sellers from potential intellectual property theft and helping them grow their brands on Amazon even faster.

But they couldn’t just do this all on their own since intellectual property is a legal issue that requires legal expertise. So what did they do? They partnered with some of the best intellectual property legal services in the industry and put together a program that would accelerate the entire process. They call this the IP Accelerator. Since then, it’s been rolled out to everyone.

How IP Accelerator Works

Here’s how it works. Instead of having to wait for a trademark to be filed and registered before you can get access to brand registry, Amazon is now letting you bypass that waiting period, but only when you use one of their approved law firms. Here’s a site right here that you can go to in order to get access to their services. You can check out the reviews and specialties, but pretty much any one that you choose from here has already been pre-vetted by Amazon, so you can feel pretty confident in their services that they’ll be providing to you.

Apply For a Trademark Through IP Accelerator

Once you choose a firm, you simply click on the button and then contact them, letting them know that you’d like to apply for a trademark using them through Amazon’s IP Accelerator program. Usually within an hour or so, you’ll receive an email directly from the firm explaining their services and their pricing. Most of them have similar pricing, with trademark registration services running anywhere from 600 to $1,000.

If their offer sounds good to you, then you’ll begin working with them and they’ll let you know exactly what information you need to provide. This is usually your company details, the name that you wanna trademark, and some details about your product. They’ll also tell you how to pay for their services. Once you’ve given them those details and paid, the law firm takes over and files everything on your behalf. They also notify Amazon that you’ve registered for the trademark, and to be prepared for your registration for brand registry.

Completing Registration

It doesn’t take long to complete the registry, and they may have a few questions for you before they finalize their submission. But once they submit it, they then contact Amazon again and let them know that the trademark registration process has begun and that you’re now eligible for brand registry. From there, it only takes a few days for Amazon to get back with you and ask you to complete registration for brand registry.

As you can see here, I signed up for the IP Accelerator on December 10th and I received approval for brand registry 13 days later on December the 23rd. The moment that happened, I had access to all the incredibly valuable protections and tools that come with brand registry, and all this within two weeks instead of waiting two years or more.

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