How to Sell on Amazon, Step by Step

If you’ve ever wanted to start selling on Amazon, you need to watch this video to learn how to sell on Amazon. We’ll give you a step by step guide for starting your own business on Amazon and be able to quit your full-time job to pursue your dreams.

Danna joined the Amazing Selling Machine community a year ago to learn how to sell on Amazon, step by step. She has already hit $200k in sales. She built her Amazon business selling in the U.S market while living in Panama and working a full-time job. She shares her insider tips for testing product listings to rank on Amazon, reinvesting to grow the business quickly, launching a second product, and building a customer email list.

During her interview with Mike McClary and Matt Clark, Danna explains how after finishing her Amazing Selling Machine training and launching her product, she began to see a couple of sales a day. Every day Danna worked to read and learn how the Amazon market operates, and within two months her products sales exploded. Inventory she thought would last a month ended up only lasting her a week.

How to Sell on Amazon (What is Amazing Selling Machine?)

Amazing Selling Machine recently closed its doors after accepting many new entrepreneurs looking to sell on Amazon. The course provides access to a brand new 8-week web class, weekly live coaching calls, the private ASM community and mentors, the private resource vault, and more. ASM comes with a 6 month buy back promise. If a new seller follows everything in the course, gets their inventory placed, launches their product, and decides this business is not for them, ASM will buy back the inventory and give back the money spent to sign up for the course.

Is the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Course Necessary?

Danna followed everything she learned in the course. She reveals she probably could have built her business without the course, but it would have taken her over five years and thousands of dollars.

ASM taught her everything in such detail that it set her up to create a successful business. Before committing to ASM, Danna did her research about all the available courses. Every review she found told her not to waste her money on anything else because ASM was the one that worked.

Testing Product Listings to Rank on Amazon

Danna followed Amazing Selling Machine’s tips for product images, listing titles, and bullet points. After following instructions properly, she began to test to see which versions of titles, images, and bullet points worked best.

When people were clicking her product but not buying, she found out that they liked how her product looked and the title, but not the bullet points. When customers were not clicking on her product at all, she found that they did not like her image or title. Working to adjust her listings allowed her to rank her product on Amazon.

Encountering Struggles and Never Giving Up

Danna’s advice to new sellers is to never give up and keep learning. If you keep going, you will make it in this business. Danna had problems with her first product, such as listings disappearing, mixed up variations, customers receiving wrong products, and more. If she gave up then, she would have never been able to grow her company. She had to decide that what was happening might be crazy, but it was worth it to keep going.

Reinvesting to Grow the Business Quickly

Danna did not take any money out of her Amazon business until the end of her first holiday season. Every sale she made she invested back into her account to buy more inventory. She ended up selling $80k in 30 days.

Danna set herself up for this success by making a plan, knowing how much she was able to invest, understanding the cost to restock her product, and reinvesting to grow her business quickly.

Amazing Selling Machine Helps Find Products in All Categories

Some new entrepreneurs may feel that all the good products are taken, or that members on Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) are selling the same products. Danna reveals she has four or five friends who signed up for ASM the same time she did. They are all selling different products, in different product categories. They all followed the guidelines and requirements set by ASM, and found successful products in a variety of categories.

Launching a Second Product

Instead of adding new products to her brand, Danna started by adding variations to her existing product. A year later and she is just now starting to work on her second product.

For a business to grow, you cannot depend on only one product. When picking her second product, Danna stuck within the same category of her existing product to target her existing customers. She has worked to build her client email list, and will reach out to them when her second product launches.

Building Your Customer List When Amazon Does Not Give Emails

Amazon does not provide customer emails when sales are made. To combat this, Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) provides tips and techniques to encourage customers to sign up for an email list. Danna uses a software called Manage By Stats that provides her access to customer emails, keeps track of her sales, and manages her outgoing emails (sellers receive 8 months free of this software when they sign up for ASM).

Daily Routine – Business and Full Time Job

Danna’s average day consists of her going to work, and using the Amazon app on her phone to check sales. She has partnered up with her sister, who manages the paid per click advertisements and monitors clicks and impressions.

Unless there is something out of the ordinary happening with sales, Danna mostly monitors the app, and that is it. At night, she researches new products, sends out emails once a week, and keeps up with social media.

End Goal – Leave Full Time Job

Danna’s goal is to make a couple million a year in sales. She wants to make this business her full-time job, once she makes the sales needed to supplement her income. She reveals the advantage of having something that is hers is working whenever she is free. She manages her business according to her schedule, and can work from anywhere in the world.

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