How to Become an Amazon FBA Seller

Guide Contents:

    1. Requirements to Become an Amazon FBA Seller
    2. Learning to Source Products
    3. Amazon Advertising Strategies
    4. Earning Potential From Amazon FBA
    5. Building Your Brand
    6. Sourcing Products
    7. Become an Amazon FBA Seller!

So you want to know how to become an Amazon FBA seller? There’s a million reasons why you’d want to become an Amazon FBA seller right now. One major reason is the ability to work remotely. Most of us would prefer to be our own boss, and work from home when possible, and with Amazon that’s all possible. You benefit from a lack of commute, and you’re mostly free to work when you’d like on your own schedule. Oh yeah, and the more you work on a side business like selling on Amazon, the more money you can make!

Amazon is easily one of the most significant opportunities at this moment in time. One of the best parts about learning how to become an Amazon FBA seller too, is that you can gain more freedom! So in this guide we’re going to try and quickly bring you up to speed, as well as break down exactly how to become an Amazon FBA seller. You might genuinely be surprised to find out that the entire process is easier than it sounds.

Requirements to Become an Amazon FBA Seller

First things first, you have to begin the sign-up process to be accepted as an Amazon FBA seller. To sign up, Amazon requires a US bank account to pay you, some form of tax ID, and a credit or debit card. It is possible to use your social security number for this, but using a separate EIN or TIN would be useful to help separate this business from your own personal finances.

Keep in mind that you should sign up as an Amazon Pro seller, it’s only $39 a month. Plus it’s free for the first month, and when you start selling over 40 items a month, you’ll need to have this type of account anyway.

Learning to Source Products

So we cover the process of product sourcing in a couple of other posts, including this one, Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA.

Anyone can learn to source products for Amazon FBA. All you need to start out is a product finder tool, and we can easily recommend this product finder for best results. Of course, it would be best if you also had a little bit of knowledge regarding the latest strategies. Luckily there are five easy steps on how to find products to sell on Amazon. The steps to source new products are as follows. Whenever you’re looking for new products for your brand, remember these five criteria.

  • Criteria 1: Product’s Best Sellers Rank is Between 300 & 5000
  • Criteria 2: The Number of Reviews is Less Than 1000
  • Criteria 3: Product Weighs Five Lbs or Less
  • Criteria 4: Product Price is Between $15 and $70
  • Criteria 5: Product Has Private Label Potential

Following all of these criteria will ensure your product has the best chance of selling on Amazon without getting buried by the competition and lost for good. By finding a product to sell on Amazon FBA that meets all of the listed criteria, your product listing will be able to rank highly and sell many units. If you don’t follow these product criteria, you may lose all of the money you invested in becoming an Amazon FBA seller, that’s why it’s so critical to master these five steps to choosing a product.

Amazon Advertising Strategies

Once you’ve successfully signed up for Amazon, and selected your first product, you’re ready to start advertising your listings. One of the most effective ways of marketing your Amazon products is by optimizing your Amazon product listing. You can also use social media to drive paid traffic to your product.

We’ve previously covered several different methods for increasing your product sales with different paid advertising methods, including Facebook ads. So before you start spending too much on advertising, please take a look at different advertising strategies, and see how to use them properly to maximize reach and minimize spending.

Earning Potential From Amazon FBA

Now let’s take a look at the earning potential from an Amazon FBA business, as well as the amount of investment that is required to get everything going.

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is one of the biggest opportunities to earn a living at the moment, and possibly the best chance of our lifetime. No other online money making opportunity has produced such stability and consistency for online sellers as Amazon FBA.

When it comes to earning potential, what matters is how much money you’re willing to invest. Sure, it’s possible to become an Amazon FBA seller with as little as $500 to $1000. However, you may not scale your sales up as quickly as other sellers. As long as you reinvest all of the money you make in this business, right back into the business, then it’s possible to start with a small investment and slowly increase your amount of inventory and sales. Just be patient, always reinvest in your business at the start, and then once you’ve got a reliable product and better understanding of the whole system, you can start taking your earnings out.

So the other major aspect of this business to consider, when you’re thinking about how to become an Amazon FBA seller, is, what are your business goals? How much money are you trying to make with Amazon FBA? Do you want to replace your current income and work completely remote? Are you just experimenting with trying to produce some income on the side? This is important to consider because it will help you realize how much time and money you’re going to have to spend in order to reach your goals. If you want to replace your income completely, then you’ll have to invest more money into your Amazon FBA business than someone who is just trying to earn some extra cash.

It’s necessary to approach this business opportunity with a reasonable outcome in mind. If you have a ton of money to invest in becoming an Amazon FBA seller, then you can expect more substantial returns. Since the amount of money you can make in sales is directly tied to the amount of inventory you can afford, among other variables. If you’re realistic and say, “Ok, I want to make $1000 a month selling on Amazon FBA,” then realize you need to be able to afford the inventory to sustain those goals. You’re in charge of how much inventory you have at any given moment, so with the right product to sell, you can make as much money as you’re willing to invest with Amazon FBA.

Building Your Brand

We recommend that sellers only choose products with private label potential. Selling generic products is not enough these days, so Amazon FBA works best if you create your own brand of products rather than sell other brand’s products. The only way to achieve this is by finding generic products that you can add your own private label to. This allows you to launch your very own brand of products on Amazon FBA. As customers become accustomed to your brand and product quality, future product launches will have higher and higher sales numbers.

Many people don’t realize that most products sold through Amazon FBA are just generic products that sellers slap their own branding on. We have several guides that go in-depth on the entire strategy of private branding. With enough knowledge and patience, anyone can follow these steps and launch their very own Amazon FBA brand.

Sourcing Products

Whether you’re sourcing products from the USA, or overseas, we have several video guides within the Amazing Selling Machine, and also some handy guides on our blog to assist you with communicating with manufactures. Within Amazing Selling Machine, we also have email templates you can use to work with manufacturers on pricing, and order product samples. By signing up with ASM, you’ll sound like a professional from day one when dealing with sourcing products.

Even if you’ve never sourced products before, we’ll provide everything you need to do so, including the best sources to use and the methods for knowing exactly which manufacturers to avoid. Once you’ve successfully sourced your first product to sell on Amazon FBA, you’ll feel much more comfortable launching new products for your brand.

Become an Amazon FBA Seller!

You have very little to lose investment-wise, and a whole lot of experience to gain. So if you’re tired of your 9-5 gig, and if you’re sick of the same old commute, then why not give something new a shot?

To start, you only need a thousand dollars worth of inventory and advertising. As you improve your product listings, drive traffic with paid advertising, and learn the latest techniques to maximize revenue, you’ll be earning the skills you need for almost any remote business opportunity you can imagine.

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