How To Find High Demand Low Competition Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

There’s an endless supply of products to sell through the Amazon FBA program — but not all of them are winners. After all, just because you can sell something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You have to sell a product that people want to buy. Even more, it has to be a product that not a lot of other people sell.

Now if that sounds like finding a needle in a haystack, that’s because it is.

So how do successful sellers sift through millions of product options to find the perfect, profitable one? The key is all about knowing where to look.

That’s why we’re diving into the top three ways to quickly find products with high demand and low competition on Amazon — let’s go!

#1: Steal ideas from Amazon’s search bar

#2: Shopping apps

#3: AliExpress

This is a great way to find product inspiration without breaking the bank. First, start with a basic search term (i.e. keyword). Go ahead and type it into Amazon’s search bar but instead of hitting enter, wait a second and let the auto-complete feature pop up.

Amazon shows you more specific versions of that keyword that other people frequently search for. In other words, Amazon hands you a bunch of high-demand products (and long-tail keywords) on a silver platter.

Now that you have a list of high-demand products, it’s time to figure out which ones have low competition. Go ahead and search for each long-tail keyword one at a time. Then notice how many results there are for each one, like this

Notice how the first search pulls up about a thousand results, and the second one pulls up about five hundred. Your goal is to find products with few results, or low competition.

But we have to toss in a quick word of caution here before you dive in with both feet. Always check the products you find here with some kind of tool with actual data before moving forward. This method is more for finding ideas than it is for building a long-term strategy.

#2: Shopping apps

For this one, we suggest Pinterest — but you can check as many shopping apps and platforms as you want. Either way, this option is a lot like the Amazon auto-complete method because it steals ideas from the platform’s algorithm.

First up, head over to Pinterest and find the search bar at the top. Click your mouse in the bar but don’t type anything in. Instead, scroll down until you find the “Popular on Pinterest” section — it looks like this:

Just like Amazon, you can type a broad keyword into the search bar to snag auto-complete suggestions, too.

Use these suggestions to inspire the rest of your search and always run your ideas through some kind of product checker. If you don’t already have one, we recommend Zoof. It’s packed with tons of helpful seller tools to help you beat out the competition on Amazon

Plus, you can try Zoof risk-free with a 14-day free trial here.

#3: AliExpress

If you don’t know what AliExpress is, it’s one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms and it’s based in China. Lots of Amazon FBA sellers source products here (or its parent company Alibaba) and plenty of consumers shop the site directly, too.

It’s a goldmine for affordable products and if you use the platform right, you can suss out some great high-demand, low-competition products. First, check out the list of categories on the homepage:

Click on one that interests you, like consumer electronics. Then, sort the results by orders:

If products sell like hotcakes on AliExpress, this means they’re definitely in high demand. Now make a list of those products and head over to Amazon to do a quick check for competition.

Type in keywords and notice how many results pop up. If there are lots of results, there’s too much competition. If there aren’t a ton of results, you may have just found your product!

But again, always check the numbers before committing to a product idea. Use tools like Zoof to conduct product research, keyword research, and reverse ASIN lookups. This process builds a strong foundation for your Amazon FBA business — so don’t skip this step … ever.

Change your life with high-demand, low-competition products

The key to unlocking a future of uncapped income and unlimited freedom lies in the product you sell on Amazon. Take your time choosing a product that people want, but no one else sells. To wrap up, here’s a recap of how to find products that are worth your time:

  1. Start with platforms like Amazon, Pinterest, and AliExpress to uncover high-demand products
  2. Type in broad search terms to reveal long-tail keywords
  3. Find out whether a product has low competition by using an Amazon seller tool like Zoo

Most of the sellers we talk to (and trust us, there’s a lot of them) wish they started sooner. So take a minute to think about why you haven’t taken the first step.

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