Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales



Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales:

  1. Zipify
  2. Affiliatly
  3. In Cart Upsell
  4. Bonus App! ReCharge

So just this past year I’ve been able to scale a business on Shopify about 33 times. Yes, in one year 33 times growth from the first month’s revenue to the last month’s revenue. Now with Shopify the cool thing is is there’s a ton of apps you can go and use and install on your store. Some are free, some are paid, some have free trials, some are better than others, and so I want to give you the best Shopify apps to increase sales that I think have made the biggest difference to letting us scale this business.


So the first one is actually by a good friend of mine Ezra Firestone. It’s called Zipify one-click upsell. So with running sales on your own website using Shopify as the e-commerce platform being able to do upsells is absolutely critical. It’s free money you know this is after somebody has actually entered their credit card information, entered their billing information, clicked checkout, the first transaction is pretty much done at that point. Then the upsell screen pops up and they can add more stuff to their order. So you’ve already locked in that first order, it doesn’t put that at risk whatsoever. Then you’re able to put an upsell in front of them called a one-click upsell and they can add or decline it either way and you can have multiple series of these. So that is an absolutely critical it allows us to add thousands and thousands of dollars straight to our bottom line every single month. So would definitely highly recommend Zipify.


Second one is an affiliate platform affiliate app we use called Affiliatly. So this is just a standard affiliate platform, ties in with Shopify, and allows us to go out there recruited filly ‘its they get paid on all the sales generated. Now we typically offer a fixed amount per sale. We actually do $30 per sale. You can also do a percentage of the sales that they drive any of that sort of stuff you want. So the affiliate platform Affiliatly has worked pretty well for us and has allowed us to tap into a completely diversified traffic source that’s not Facebook Ads, it’s not email, that’s not Instagram ads, it’s not influencers or any of that sort of stuff. It’s just regular affiliates that have blogs and websites and email lists that go send us people and we make money off of that.

In Cart Upsell

The next app that’s been super helpful is one that we used to do order bumps. So order bumps are different than upsells. An order bump is typically on the cart page where you know you add a bunch of stuff to your cart. You’ve probably seen it on other websites and you can click a button to add even more stuff to your cart. So we’ve added something there that has added a lot of additional revenue for us. We actually add two complementary products with a single click of a button, and the app that’s allowed us to do that is called In Cart Upsell.

Once again you’ll see the links below this video. So this app has worked really well for that purpose. It’s got a few missing features. Can’t do some split testing and stuff like that but I kind of wish that it had, but it has worked pretty well for us. So at first we had one order bump there and then I wanted to see if we could increase results, so I ran that for a week took, that off of there, replaced it with a new one, ran it for a week and sure enough on a per order basis and increased results. So kind of had to do some manual testing there but either way that one’s been super helpful for us called In Cart Up Sell.

Bonus App! ReCharge

So those are the three best Shopify apps to increase sales, but I did want to give you one more bonus one. So another bonus one that we’ve been using, a fourth one if you will, it’s called ReCharge. This is a standard one a lot of people use for subscription products. Cool thing with your own e-commerce site is that you’re able to add subscription anytime you want. Now maybe this isn’t going to apply to every single business out there, but if you can work subscription sales in there absolutely do it.

Now for us most of the time we’re trying to push subscription sales using the ReCharge app is after somebody’s already bought. They bought the product, they like the product they’ve tried it out, and then we start telling them hey you can get a big discount if you sign up to receive the product on a regular basis. So ReCharge has allowed us to do that.

Now there’s hundreds and hundreds of probably at this point thousands of Shopify apps out there that are really really good, but these are ones that have been super helpful for me. So I’ll pop those in the description below but if you want to hear more stuff about how to grow an e-commerce business on Amazon, off Amazon on Shopify, subscribe to our YouTube channel and I’ll see you in the next video you.

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