The Best Selling Niches on Amazon [2020]

Do you want financial freedom? Lifestyle freedom? The freedom to go and do what you want? When you want to? Well, Amazon is one of the best available opportunities to make that happen.

For today’s episode, join Matt Clark and Mike McClary as they show you how to capitalize on this industry with 12 little known products selling at least $500K a year on Amazon each!

So today you’re gonna learn the first steps of this business model, and we’re actually going to give you a brand new niche that we’ve never even talked about before on any other video or blog…

We want to start off by showing you this very special niche that we found, and it’s PERFECT for building a brand right now, and finding some amazing product opportunities too.

Ready for the niche… it’s one word you’ve heard a lot… SOLAR.

You know solar energy? Solar power?

Solar power is a HUGE topic right now, not just for Elon Musk, but for so many ordinary people as well. From solar powered fans, charging banks, and led lights, there’s plenty of affordable items entering the solar niche that can be branded and sold. There are TONS of products related to solar, like way too many.

We just pulled out a dozen random products from this niche, looked at them and they’re doing awesome on Amazon right now… for starters one of those products is a solar lantern, and you’ll see plenty more examples in the video above.

The way we found this niche was not by accident, we challenged ourselves to find a profitable niche hiding in plain sight on Amazon!

We’re going to share with you some really cool products that are ripe for the picking right now in solar! AND we’ll show you what an ideal product looks like in almost any niche!

Discover one of the HOTTEST niches on Amazon today. Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all-time, has invested $15 billion in this industry and says there’s “another $15 billion ready to go” to double his investment…

Look if you want more financial security, or a new plan to leave your 9 – 5 behind, then you 100% NEED to check out the full video! Or go here for a full transcription!

Transcription Contents

  1. The Hottest Niche on Amazon
  2. How Many Products Do I Need to Sell?
  3. Focusing on ONE Quality Product
  4. Minimum Amount Needed to Start on Amazon FBA
  5. Do We Sell Products Ourselves?

Matt: Hey there! Matt Clark here with Mike McClary, so welcome to our first Million Dollar Brands live daily show. So we’re gonna have a lot of fun on these shows, we’re gonna be doing them every single day, every single weekday that is, and we’re gonna cover a lot about the business model that we’ve been working for the past eight years or so. Each daily show is gonna have a different topic and it’s kind of gonna go in order about building this business. We’re gonna first talk a lot today about the opportunity. What is this business we’re talking about?

Then we’re gonna go into things like product selection, finding suppliers, marketing, beating big brands, and a whole lot of other stuff. So thank you very much for joining us! If you’re watching this on Facebook give this post a like, if you’re watching it on YouTube give it a thumbs up to let us know you can hear us loud and clear! Feel free to comment below also if you have any questions, we’ll try to get to some of those live but worst case we’ll always try to get them afterwards. So if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to give us a comment below and we’ll get to as many as possible. So what’s happening while we’re doing this live show is we’re releasing a brand new four-part video series. That actually starts tomorrow, on Tuesday, so that’s gonna be part one of four of this video series.

It’s all brand new content, and it shows you how to build an entire business following this model. I started with this model years ago, ten years ago, building my own e-commerce business. Mike was one of our early students and since then we’ve taught over 30,000 people this business model. I’ve had some incredible successes and so this four-part video series walks you through that entire business model from start to finish. The video series is a hundred percent free and with each and every video that we’re releasing including the one tomorrow we have amazing downloads for you. The first download that you get with video one of the series is a brand new software tool that we’ve developed to help making finding product opportunities easier and better than ever. So is there anything else you wanna mention about the series?

Mike: So the four-part training series is gonna be you know spaced out over a couple days each and it really takes you through the entire process. From finding products to finding suppliers to launching the products and scaling, it’s the entire business and so we’re gonna follow along with that. We’re really gonna go into more detail so you know we have some great training there you’ll get. But we even want to go above beyond that and let you ask us questions on these live sessions here so we can interact with you. Plus we’re gonna bring in some other live guests as well as people that you’ll be seeing and hearing from in our training series who’ve had some incredible success stories, who started up just where you’re at today, watching these live sessions. From watching these videos and now onto, you know, owning their own brands and businesses that are doing up to half million dollars a month. We’re gonna bring them on these calls, interview them, and ask them exactly what it’s like to build their business and then let you ask them questions as well. So there’s lots of other things in these live sessions and today we’re going to also share with you some really cool products that are ripe for the picking right now.

Matt: Yeah so there’s a special niche that we found that is great for building a brand right now. Great for finding amazing product opportunities. You know Warren Buffett actually recently put fifteen billion dollars into this market and it’s quoted that he says there’s another fifteen billion dollars ready to go. He’s basically ready to double down on his investment in this space and so we found a lot of cool product opportunities in solar that Mike’s gonna talk a lot about. It’s a great market that you can jump into and build your own business with. If you want financial freedom, if you want lifestyle freedom , maybe you’re working a job but you want the freedom to go and do what you want , when you want. Maybe you want to be able to travel and just spend more time with your kids and not have to be stuck at an office. So what we’re gonna be talking about today is how to build your own brand leveraging the power of one of the world’s largest online retailers and that’s Amazon. We’ve been working with tens of thousands of people over the past eight years or so, and we know this business model works. So today you’re gonna learn the first steps of this and we’re actually going to give you a brand new niche that we’ve never talked about before on any video.

The Hottest Niche on Amazon

Mike: So Matt and I were talking last week about you know how to really kick off these live sessions. What else can we do to share them that’s different? So one of these ideas we talked about was why don’t we just go out there and find some completely brand new categories or niches? It took a search of one word on Amazon, and that word we searched was solar. You know solar energy? Solar power is a huge topic right now not just for Warren Buffett or Elon Musk but so many other people as well, and we realized when we did the search on Amazon that there were tons of products . We just pulled out a dozen random products looked at them and they’re doing awesome on Amazon right now.

One of those products right here, is a solar lantern that’s pretty cool. I’m gonna show you the exact product here , this product only has 189 reviews on Amazon. If I pull it up using our special tool to see how well this product sells , we can see that it does $51,000 in revenue per month, that means per year this one simple product selling for $24 does almost $600,000. That means your profit margin should be great for this product even after taking out all of Amazon’s fees and shipping the product overseas. You still come up with a good 30 to 35 percent profit margin margin on this one product. But again, we wanted to find more than just one solar product because we want to build a brand, and show you an easy way to build a brand. So we went ahead and found some other products. I’m gonna show you those as well. So Matt, right behind you we have a power bank. You know these power banks are critical nowadays, especially if you’re traveling and you need to plug in your iPad , your tablet, your cell phone, or whatever.

But, one of the new features is that you can now get solar charge power banks as well. This is it right here, this one just charges out in the sun, and six to eight hours later it’ll completely be charged. It even has some cool features like a flashlight on here. If we pull it up over here on Amazon we’ll see that this product does $41,000 a month in revenue, and it’s easy to source as well.

Matt: So yeah in the video series that starts tomorrow you’re gonna get a breakdown of how this entire business model works. But one more quick thing that we want to talk about is… you know when we’re talking about these product opportunities your goal is to go out there and build your own brand right? And it’s not that hard to do, I mean this product for example, this part is basically just cardboard and they put their own branding on it. You know when people talk about drop shipping, maybe you can find a way to make money doing that stuff, but the problem is is you never actually own the asset. So you can hustle and do all this work so that you can make a little bit of money, but what happens is that two three four five years down the road you don’t have anything to show for it other than a little bit of cash.

On the other hand, if you build a business where you actually own the brand, and own the products, then you can sell that business for anywhere between three to five times annual profits. So if you’re doing a million dollars a year in profit, that business could be worth three to five million dollars in cash, and that could be a life-changing amount of money as you could imagine. So that’s the big advantage of owning the brand that you’re building and that’s what this whole model is based on. Like I said, we’re gonna go through a lot of that stuff on these live shows, but you’ll get it in a very step-by-step format. If you’re worried about thinking that “I can’t create a brand” well on how to create a brand tomorrow, the first training video, you’ll get a downloadable checklist and it’s gonna tell you how to build your own brand in three incredibly easy steps.

Mike: Even I was able to do it so I know you can too. So we have a couple more products I want to show you as well, so there’s another solar product that I didn’t think of as being powered by the sun and that is this fan right back here. This is a camping fan, I wish I had this many many times when I was out camping with the family. This runs completely off of solar power, you charge it up and this thing will cool down your tent, your campsite, wherever you are all night long. It’s a great little product and this is just one example of another product that’s easy to make. The only branding they did on this is they put their logo right there on the plastic part of it, nothing else. It is selling approximately $400,000 a year in sales. Actually, more than $52,000 a month, so it’s an incredible product to look for.

We found easily a dozen different products that you could build an entire brand around. I have them on this screen right here and we’ve made it real easy for you to find these as well. There are solar string lights you could sell, there are poolside inflatable water globes. Oh yeah, the security industry is pretty big right now too. There’s cameras and motion sensors that can all be solar-powered. I know that when we installed it at our house, we had to like attach wires and power to everything , but nowadays all this can be solar powered. There’s also all kinds of yard stakes that are LED solar driven. There’s also a Bluetooth speaker you can put in your yard, and all day long you can play music for a barbecue or a picnic or whatever.

How Many Products Do I Need to Sell?

Matt: So one of the big questions we always get is, you know how many products do I need to sell? How many do I need to sell to meet some financial target? To build a successful business? The way we always recommend starting is just with one product. Do the research, which you’re gonna learn a lot about in a lot more detail tomorrow, but go do the research and find a good product opportunity. Create your own brand and start with just one product. Then that allows you to go through the full process of finding a supplier, creating a brand, setting your social media accounts up, and doing all the marketing and getting this product going. Then once the products are going and producing consistent cash flow, then you can start adding to the same brand. Don’t go jumping into multiple markets or multiple brands, stick within the same exact brand.

So in this case, you could just tick off each one of these products one at a time. So maybe your brand is focused around the solar market, or energy efficiency, and so you could start with that as the focus of your brand. Start with just one of them, maybe it’s the fan, maybe it’s the solar bank, or any of these things. Then you start looking, once that product is doing well, say okay what are my customers buying more of. Which fortunately Amazon makes that super easy, so you can you can see sections on their page where Amazon actually tells you what else your customers are buying, and then you can just start adding those products to your brand one at a time. The cool thing is, for some of these products, they’ll likely come from the same exact manufacturer which makes your life even easier. So then you start building this brand one piece at a time, which is how we ended up building very successful larger businesses. People we’ve taught have built businesses well into multiple millions of dollars per year in revenue, and that’s and that’s how it starts, it’s just one product and then you sort of go from there.

Focusing On ONE Quality Product

Mike: You know when you get that one product, and you focus on that one product, getting some sales and some reviews. You eventually get some velocity moving up and another really cool thing that you’ll find out that happens, Matt kind of alluded to, is that you’re gonna oftentimes have the same products or new products come from the same supplier. Maybe initially you’ll be asking the supplier like hey, what’s another product I can sell to go along with this solar lantern? To go along with this fan? What will happen is that very shortly after that, once they see how well you’re selling, is they’ll be coming to you with new products. Either new products that they’re coming out with now or in the future because that’s what they do, they make these products to sell them online and their job is not to market and sell on Amazon, their job is to manufacture and make these products. So once you prove that you know exactly how to find the right opportunities, launch them, and get sales, they’ll be coming to you with new ideas.

My suppliers, right now every month they’re coming to us and sending us samples. Like hey, what do you think of this product? Because they trust us, and they know that if they partner with us and give us good products that we’ll sell those products for them. It’s a great symbiotic relationship and it all starts with one product. You build one relationship, and then you build an entire brand out of that. Now speaking of entire brands, if you see my screen right here, I pulled up the sales for all 12 of the products that we found that were solar related. They’re all different you know, different kinds of items like string lights, floating pool lights, motion sensor cameras, yard stakes, the little speaker we talked about and oh there’s our Lantern. There’s a birdbath that actually has a solar-powered water fountain on it, there’s the fan we had, there’s some wind chimes which I never thought of being solar-powered but I guess in case you don’t have any wind they’re still gonna be chiming for you so it’s kind of a cool idea.

Then we also have, and this is a really interesting one, this one is an actual portable generator. Matt and I started talking bout this a few months ago when we started thinking, you know what kind of products are out there that you can really make a huge margin off of? So we naturally start going towards little more expensive products and these generators generate a huge amount of revenue and their profit margins are huge as well. Because if you’re selling something for $160 and buying it for $40 then the amount of money you can make off just one two or three sales a day is oftentimes the same or more then you can make off of even less expensive products. When I use our tool here to pull up the sales for all these products here you can see that on average they are making almost 2,000 sales a month. So you don’t need to have all these different products, you can just start off with one one product, that does even just one or two hundred thousand dollars a year. It’s a great way to start a brand and you can pick from these, or you can pick from something else it’s really simple.

When we give you the criteria to find products, you can go out there and find all kinds of product opportunities. If you want to get some ideas, go out there and look for some different niches. Look for energy efficiency, solar, or I don’t know fitness. The way that I found these products is we go and search for a specific product. So I may go out there and, say I want to find a solar lantern? I just typed in the word solar and then what happens is, Amazon is actually incredible because they share with you so much information if you know how to find it. So when I just typed in the word solar, you’ll notice Amazon starts suggesting all different types of products.

So it actually gave me tons of ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of, and then I just went in there applied our criteria to each one of these products, and I was able to find dozen of products easily. All of this in about 30 minutes that met our criteria, and that sold an average of $900,000 a year in revenue. If our average profit margins that we look forward to is a minimum of 25% then you’re looking at well over $200,000 in profit just for any one of these products. So these are just fantastic opportunities and there are so many more on Amazon you can find.

Matt: We’ve had people you know that have met all their financial goals with one single product. Most people I would say that they need at least two, three, or four products or so over maybe twelve months, two years or so, and that will kind of get them where they want to go. Most people you know when they’re looking to start this kind of business, they’re not trying to start the next Facebook or something they just they have a job and maybe at that job they’re not making enough money. Maybe you kind of feel this way yourself, and so they want a little more money and they want that coming from their business as opposed to them having to work a job to make that same amount of money. Your goals may be completely different but that’s what we’ve seen a lot, and so a lot of times, you know like mike said some of these products do a million-plus a year in sales and a lot of times we see a profit of anywhere from twenty to forty percent. So you can make a couple hundred grand, four hundred grand, from a single product and then that just gets multiplied when you start adding more products. So don’t think you need a hundred products, and you’re just gonna have this massive business you have to manage. You can honestly do it with a handful of products and either 0 or just one or two sort of low cost people that are managing some of the operations of your business. Most people just start by themselves so don’t think you have to have a bunch of products to make this happen, you need very few and in some cases literally just one.

Mike: Matt reminded me, we’re gonna have a special guest Wednesday who is only selling one product right now and doing over a hundred thousand dollars a month with that one product. She just started selling about a year and a half ago, and she’s already doing incredible with that. I’ve been talking to her for a while to expand into launching her second and third products, but she was doing so well in the first product that she’s like you know what, I just want to focus on this and enjoy my life right now.

So we’re gonna bring her in on Wednesday, you’ll meet her and you can ask her questions about it. You can finally ask her when she’s launching her next product. It’s happening here in a few weeks I know that, but she’s been doing so well with the first one that she just didn’t feel like there’s any stress or pressure to do that. So that’ll be Wednesday’s live session, now tomorrow at the exact same time on the live session we’re going to show you this really cool tool that you saw me pull up. The tool that actually tells you and shows you the sales, the rank, the reviews, how much revenue it’s making per month. We call it the Profit Miner and we’re going to show you how you can get that tool completely for free.

Tomorrow we’re going to walk you through installing it, downloading it, and making sure that you’re set up and ready to go. Then we’ll walk you through going onto Amazon and using it to find product opportunities like this. Not only will we show you how to use it, but we’re gonna show you how to use it to automate the process by applying our five criteria into the filters. This way you can make sure you’ll know that the products that are showing our products that meet our criteria are already. Compared to going in and doing it manually it saves you not just hours of time but it saves you literally days and weeks of time of mining through you know Amazon’s three billion plus products.

Matt: Yes so you get access to this and all the other live sessions that we’re gonna be doing if you follow along. We can also take a few questions, so if you have any questions post them in the comments and we will try to answer those literally right now while we’re live. If you end up watching the recording we can actually answer them in the comments afterwards, so go ahead and leave a comment right now. We can handle some of those right now live, but we should let you know how to get access to all of these live sessions first. We’re gonna be doing this on Facebook, if you look up above us I believe it should be in your top right. there’s a little button that says “follow” and if you click the follow button that’ll mean you’re following our Facebook. Obviously if we’re not delivering value to you, you can unfollow anytime you want, but especially over these next two or three weeks you want to be following our Facebook page because that’s how you’re gonna get notified of all these live sessions.

There’s also a little setting on there that says see first because you know Facebook is crazy you’ll get 82 million different posts from friends and family members. If you want to make sure you get these live sessions check the see first button or the see first option under follow and that will make sure that you see our posts in these live sessions as soon as we go live. So that’s option number one, option number two, and I actually recommend doing both is to go to and we’ll post this link in the comments and in the description after this is over. But go to and you’ll see a page where we’re gonna have a list of all the sessions. You’re gonna be able to access the current one that’s going on right now which you can actually see over there there’s a link that’ll take you right back to us but there’s also a button there that allows you to get notified on Facebook Messenger. That’s how we’re gonna be letting people know about these live sessions, so go ahead and register over there either now or as soon as this is over, and make sure that you find out about every single one of these that we’re gonna be doing coming up.

Mike: I know you’re gonna get a ton of value out of it, you’ll also make sure that they’re not boring, they’ll keep you interested the entire time and it’s great awesome training with free downloads every time we launch a video too. So we’ll make sure that not only do you watch the training and get training we give you tools that can help you start your business even faster.

Matt: Yep, and so Rob here has a good question he says what time is the live training tomorrow? So it’s at 9:00 a.m. it’s actually not live training, but what time is the first training video which is pre-recorded it’s at 9:00 a.m. central tomorrow on Tuesday. Now these videos as soon as they’re posted they’re gonna stay up there for a little while, but they will be moved and be taken down pretty soon but you’ll be able to have you know about a couple weeks to be able to watch all of them. They’re released one at a time so the first one goes live tomorrow and 9 a.m. central the second one Thursday at 9 a.m. central and then you’ll see the schedule and everything else like that on those pages as they keep coming out. But the first one is tomorrow at 9 a.m. central.

Minimum Amount Needed to Start on Amazon FBA

Mike: We have a question here asking what’s the minimum capital to start on Amazon FBA and to succeed? You know it’s always the more you can invest in inventory, the faster you’ll be able to get going, but we know people that can start with as little as five hundred dollars in inventory. We’ve seen them for less than that we’ll bring someone on next week who started out with about $50, we don’t recommend that but we know people have gotten going for even a really small amount. if you can’t afford that much, if really you just gotta stick to that $500 you know it’s all I can afford then you can still get going with this business. You might just find that’s gonna take you a little bit longer because you’ll need to watch your money a little bit more upfront. It’s just that the more you can put in upfront, the faster you can get things going so you can turn over the inventory, turn over your profits, and really keep ordering more inventory every time.

Matt: Yeah and we’re getting a couple people that have been saying you know maybe it’s freezing, don’t worry about it, because either way Facebook will automatically record this live session and you’ll be able to watch it here afterwards and that should probably fix all your issues. We’re also going to be editing a copy of this and putting it on our Youtube channel. So if you just look up you know in Google then you will be able to find our Youtube channel super easy.

Matt: So one of the things you’re gonna hear us talk a lot about in this video series, that I kind of want to go ahead and make clear right now, is that you know we’re known for talking a ton about Amazon. We’re kind of probably the leading experts when it comes to selling products on Amazon, as a company, as an organization but the purpose of this whole business is not to go help Amazon. It’s not to be you know sort of an employee of Amazon or help them build their business. Amazon is just an amazing tool right now to start a business with zero experience whatsoever. So if you’ve never built a business before, especially never sold anything online, never done any e-commerce, never created a brand any of that kind of stuff. Amazon is a fantastic place for a couple of reasons. One, is it makes it super easy to find what products are selling well, but also ones that have low competition, so we’re gonna go into product selection and tons of detail tomorrow including the new tool that we have.

But, Amazon has a lot of that data publicly available, so if you know how to dig through it and find the good opportunities it’s a great research tool. It’s also a great tool to get started selling products because they handle a lot of the stuff that you would normally have to deal with on your own. When I first started you know back in 2009 or so I started my own my own e-commerce website that was kind of how everyone did it back then. I had to deal with payment processors. I had to deal with tons of refunds and charge backs and fraud especially around the time we start getting into the holiday season. You know people started doing crazy things with credit cards and you have to deal with all that stuff yourself if you own the store. Whereas Amazon will take care of almost all of that stuff for you now, you just list your products on there, they take a small fee it’s about 15% of your sales but totally reasonable considering all the stuff you don’t have to deal with.

Then they take care of a lot of the stuff for you. Like most of the customer service issues you’ll get in an e-commerce business are shipping related. Probably 80% are people that for whatever reason because you know it’s not necessarily your fault it’s the shipping company messed up. Amazon takes care of that for you that’s why we recommend doing this business. What you’ll learn more about in video 2 is using their system of warehouses all over the world called fulfillment by Amazon. You’re actually storing your inventory in their warehouses and then you can basically just sit back and when people buy on Amazon, they buy your product on Amazon. Amazon automatically ships those out for you and you don’t have to do anything.

That’s a great system to have, especially if you want to keep your life stress-free and as simple as possible when you’re first starting a business. Amazon will do over three hundred billion dollars in sales this year so there’s a massive amount of sales and it’s an incredible tool to get started especially if you’re brand new to ecommerce.

Do We Sell Products Ourselves?

Mike: We have a good question here, we get this one all the time, she asks why don’t we sell products ourselves? So we do, I have multiple brands of products. To give you a hint one of them is camping related, I have all kinds of camping products. I don’t have a solar one, but I may add that to it now because I have a lot of products. Matt and I also have a brand together. We’re launching a brand new product right now as a matter of fact, and we may be sharing them with you later during the few weeks here. But we do we sell, and Jason the other co-founder of the business he’s got multiple brands of product as well. We absolutely do what we teach, we just don’t go out there and teach like so many people do, we live and breathe this business.

Actually I got my start in this business because of Matt and Jason, they taught me exactly how to build a brand, and I became incredibly successful after one year. I was able to quit my job and focus just on building a business. Since then I’ve launched multiple brands and now I get to share all this type of information, training, and strategies with everyone out there and I absolutely love it. Right now as I speak I am making money with my brands, and I don’t have to really do anything with them. I have one person handling customer service, and like Matt said Amazon takes care of almost everything so these are just issues where they need to speak with someone about a product that maybe isn’t working right. Things like, I want a replacement, it’s usually just four or five emails you know a day or two it’s not that hard to do. It’s truly the kind of business where I can do this, and still travel to Austin, Texas to come here and do so much of the training without worrying about the business.

Amazon takes care of so much. They store the products, they pick and pack them, and they ship them out. They accept returns, they collect the payments, they make deposits into your bank account every two weeks, and they take care of any type of customer service issues. The only issues you’ll get are few and far between, like I said it’s only if it’s a very product specific issue. This is an incredible business model, and we do live and breathe it selling products every day.

Matt: What we found out a long time ago is that, what you don’t want to do in this business is try to own and create tons and tons and tons of different brands in different markets. It gets very chaotic, very stressful, and it’s just hard to manage. You can build a massive business, I’m talking about like, depending on what your goals are, a million, ten million, or fifty million plus in a single market with a single brand. You don’t need a ton of different brands, it’s actually probably the least efficient way to do this business because then you’re having to manage all the multiple social media accounts, multiple email accounts, multiple customer service teams, all kinds of stuff. You’re better off sticking with one brand, so we have no problem giving you all the secrets and all the strategies that we know work. We’re all in only a handful of markets you know, only two I guess or so for me and Mike, probably about the same thing for Jason. The thing is there are hundreds and probably thousands of different markets to get into, like solar for example.

So there’s tons of other stuff out there that people have done very well with, all the strategies work the same, so it’s not like it’s gonna affect us at all. We get to stay sharp, build these other companies while we’re able to teach and help you build the same kind of businesses, so this is incredibly rewarding. We’ve had people that have had their lives completely transformed as a result of showing up for a live session like this. Then maybe opting in for the training which starts tomorrow, starting down this whole path until they’ve built their freedom. Then they join us at a live event, like we have coming up next year, and they tell us about their story and it’s incredibly reinforcing for us. So number one, we don’t have to worry a ton about our businesses being affected by this, and also, we get to help a heck of a lot of people so that’s why we’re here doing.

Mike: I don’t know if I see any other questions other than you mentioned. Someone wants to see it, the live event next year. Awesome! Can’t wait to see you down there – that’ll be here in Austin, Texas right?

Matt: Yep! Ok cool yeah, we can wrap up for today. So like I said we will post all these links in the description here, and there will also be an automatic recording posted here on Facebook. If you haven’t already, go ahead and follow us here on Facebook. Check out the links, go to to register for the next live sessions and get notified. Other than that we’ll see you tomorrow at 9 a.m. Central when the first of the four videos goes live, and we’ll also be back here every single weekday 3:00 p.m. central for each live show! Lots of new stuff coming up like Mike said we have guests coming up new content new strategies, all complements to the four-part video series. Also you can check us out on YouTube, so we’re going to be posting these recordings, other videos, and lots of cool stuff so we hope to see you in one of these and thanks for joining us!


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