The BEST Amazon Product Research Tool [2020]

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We’re gonna show you exactly how to find the best products to sell on Amazon using our brand new tool. And the cool thing is… Amazon is constantly growing, so there’s new and better product opportunities that pop up all the time!

You know, a lot of people wonder if Amazon is too competitive nowadays, because there’s something like 2 million reported sellers.

BUT most “sellers” aren’t doing hardly anything… it’s maybe somebody that has an Amazon seller account because they sold a couple used books, or they’re selling other people’s branded products.

The amount of sellers who are doing what YOU are going to learn in this video are actually only a small percentage of Amazon.

So… Do you want the best possible product research tool for Amazon? Want to learn the best selling niches on Amazon? Because we’re going to walk you through installing it, downloading it, and making sure that you’re set up and ready to go.

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Join Matt Clark and Mike McClary as they unveil our newest software tool that makes finding million dollar product opportunities on Amazon faster and easier than ever.

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Transcription Contents

  1. How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon FBA
  2. Best Sellers Rank
  3. Number Of Reviews
  4. Five Pounds or Less
  5. Priced Between $15 & $70
  6. Private Label
  7. How to Download & Install Profit Miner

Matt: Hey everybody! Matt Clark here with Mike McClary, so welcome to this episode of the million dollar brands live Daily Show. So we’re doing this basically every weekday at 3 p.m. Central right here on our Facebook channel. You’ll also see the edited versions posted to our YouTube channel, so thank you very much for joining us today we’re gonna show you how to find the best products to sell online. Now if you’re joining us here, you’re likely interested in building a business, and one of the first things you have to figure out if you want to build a business is what the heck you’re gonna sell and that’s what today’s episode is all about.

How do you figure out what the best products are to sell? Ideally you go out there and find something that has a great potential for profit but with low competition. That’s a good product you want to look at, and we’ve developed a whole step by step process for finding these kind of products, using one of the best sites out there. This site has tons of data, billions of products for sale, and about 300 billion dollars in revenue and that’s Amazon. Amazon is an incredible place to find good products to sell because pretty much all the data is public you just have to know how to look through it and find it. So in today’s episode we’re gonna show you exactly how to find the best products to sell on Amazon. The cool thing is is that it’s constantly growing, and changing, Amazon keeps adding you know tens and tens of billions of dollars each and every single year in revenue.

That means there’s new and better product opportunities that pop up all the time. You know a lot of people sometimes wonder, oh is Amazon too competitive now? Because you know they hear that there’s something like 2 million sellers. So the thing is, first of all, most of those sellers aren’t doing hardly anything. It’s maybe somebody that has an Amazon seller account, sold a couple used books on there, that kind of thing is the majority of people that have Amazon seller accounts. The other ones are a lot of times selling other people’s branded products, maybe they’re you know reselling like iPhone charging cables and stuff like that. It’s a minority who are doing the kind of business that you’re gonna learn today, so something to keep in mind. But the cool thing is is that because Amazon keeps growing, and because it’s share of retail keeps growing and online total retail keeps growing, the opportunities are nearly endless. There’s new opportunities that pop up on Amazon every single month, and we’re going to show you how to find those.

Mike: Absolutely. Alright so uh you know one of the things Matt mentioned also that Amazon keeps growing are that the opportunities are growing. But also they released just this past year the number of sellers that are making significant money. We’re talking about sellers that are selling over a hundred thousand dollars a year hit over twenty thousand this year. So even though you know, you may think that’s only just a few a handful of sellers out there that are able to make significant revenue on Amazon, Amazon is really giving more and more tools and helping sellers just like us more every year. I mean that’s a hundred thousand dollars a year for over twenty four thousand different people out there, and that number keeps growing. Now it’s over half of all of Amazon’s products are sold by people just like you and us.

Matt: So I mean we’ve got an awesome process we’re gonna show you how to find these products, and some products on Amazon do millions of dollars every single month. So now we’re gonna show you how to find products that may do twenty grand a month, fifty grand a month, hundred grand a month. A lot of money over the course of a year, some products do significantly more, but the cool thing is is the process works for all of them. So you know without waiting any longer we’re gonna go ahead and get into it. Mike has this computer pulled up over here and we’re gonna be able to show you what’s going on, so we have a step-by-step process for finding products but the first thing is to get into the right kind of category. We’ve got kind of a tricky way to do this, but things change all the time on Amazon, this is currently working really well we’re always on top of this stuff. Mike maybe show them the first step of how do you even go pull up a list of products to begin with?

How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon FBA

Mike: Yeah so you know normally you go on Amazon and the first thing you want to do is type in the kind of product that you want to look for. So if I’m going to look for some type of beauty product or teeth cleaning product, whatever it is you would type that in, but in this situation because we want to find just the most popular products in any category we’re gonna type in a very specific search string. We’re gonna use the negative key on your computer and then any random set of numbers. I’m just gonna type on my keyboard it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you have the negative. The negative sign and then any random characters, then hit search and it’s gonna start pulling up all the top-selling products out of all of Amazon. Usually you’ll see you know varied order from the top-selling down now when you do that you also want to start digging into some of the categories because you want to look at a niche or category that you may be interested in. Whether it’s sports and outdoors, whether it’s health and personal care. I’m gonna show you how to do that next, so on the search bar you like to see a little drop-down box, I hardly ever use this when I go to Amazon I just search. But for the sake of what we’re looking for we’re gonna pull up all the categories.

We’re just gonna pick one here just so they know there’s a couple of these categories you kind of want to avoid for the business model. You know we typically teach things like the app store, books, CD, and vinyl, software, all those kind of categories don’t really apply to this. What you’re looking for are the categories that represent you know regular consumer products, like products you find around your house, and around your office. You know stuff for your car that kind of thing, just regular products not anything digital or software wise, because that’s sort of a totally different business model. You’re looking for typical consumer products, so start digging into those categories. Anything you may see on the shelf behind me as a matter of fact, though we have a whole bunch of them, we did a lot of shopping this week.

So I’m gonna go down and just pick baby, personal, beauty, and personal care and once you pick any category you simply hit the search button again. Now you’ll see that it’s starting to pull up some of the top-selling products in beauty and personal care. To make this process even a little easier we’re gonna go even even deeper into this category. On the left hand side you’ll see all the different departments over there and makeup skin care hair care. I’m gonna pick oral care and then we’re going to see a whole bunch of products. As you can see the best sellers are at the top, that’s a sign that they are truly showing us the top selling. So best-selling is down at the bottom, keep in mind though, on this screen right here we’re only seeing about 40 different products. There are billions of products on Amazon so you’d have to dig really deep, you don’t need to do that, just you know search for a few pages to look for some of the products and then we’ll start looking for the criteria on the screen that Matt’s gonna talk about.

Yeah so once we’re on the category page, the first criteria is related to price, and when we talk about price we’re talking about the price that these products are selling for. So in this case you know you see them for $58 $49 $44 is what the current product is selling for on Amazon. The reason this is important is you know the range we recommend is about $15 to $70 selling price, if the price is too low if the product selling for three bucks for example you’re not gonna have a lot of profit margin there and it’s almost not even worth doing unless you’re selling a massive volume, but that’s kind of a totally different kind of business. On the other end of the spectrum even more extreme is you know maybe a product selling for 200 300 400 dollars could still be a great business but if you’re just getting started in e-commerce if you’re just getting started and building your own brand and buying inventory you might make a few mistakes. So you don’t want to be stuck with you know twenty thousand dollars worth of inventory or something crazy like that just to get enough inventory to get one of those products live and so we have found kind of a sweet spot. If products sell between about $15 to $70 then there’s plenty of them available your inventory, risk is fairly minimal, and you can still make good profit because the last thing we want you to do is to go out there and take a whole bunch of unnecessary risk or waste your time so 15 to 70 dollars is what we found.

It’s kind of the sweet spot for selling price and if you look on my screen right here I’m going to share this again. You’ll see that pretty much anything in this category into 15 to 70 dollars those are the most common prices on Amazon. So everything here we see this first one a Waterpik water flosser for $58 some more electronic toothbrushes for $49 we do see one on the right-hand side top which is toothpaste only $13.85 that would be below the $15 but it’s a screwed on. Almost anything on this page is going to meet the first criteria for the price.

Matt: Yep, and just kind of because we are live here we want to call out a few people that have joined us. So we’ve got Reginald we’ve got Sonya from Nigeria awesome all the way on the other side of the planet so that’s pretty cool Renae Annette Colita de Xavier I saw Rob Scholl. I believe you may have been on here with us yesterday also because we are doing the show daily so welcome. It’s the same person welcome back so yeah thanks everyone for joining us live and so the second criteria we look for in addition to price is what Amazon calls best sellers rank. Like Mike said when you search this way the products are pretty much in order from best selling in terms of you know if the product sells a hundred units a day that sells better than a product that sells fifty units a day. Amazon kind of ranks products for best sellers rank according to that and so we like products that are ranked on bestsellers ranked about 300 to 5,000 in their category. So this is category specific a top-level category, which Mike can show you in just a second, we like products that are ranked about 300 to 5,000. Now Amazon starts the ranking per category at 1 meaning that is the first the top best-selling product in that category.

The reason we kind of avoid the first 300 products in a category is a lot of times they’re very competitive. When people are doing their own product research, big brands you know, established Amazon sellers, they’re typically focusing on those top three hundred or so products. So if you jump into one of those with no experience in this business maybe you don’t have a lot of cash available, so you could have a hard time competing, because if you’re doing marketing and everything, everything is just kind of scaled up. You may need more money to get that thing going, you may need more inventory, you may have to do more promotion and spend more on marketing. It’s all possible and once you know this business you can totally go after those, but our whole thing is to help people that have never built a business before especially an e-commerce business. In order to be as successful as possible we recommend for competitive reasons to kind of avoid those first three hundred or so products in a category.

If you’re gonna pick a product, one product to start with, which is what we recommend. We recommend not doing anything that’s kind of above 5,000 because sometimes the sales volume can be too small. You’re gonna have to do all the same work you’re gonna have to create your own brand, find a supplier, order samples, and get inventory to get your packages and then get the listing created. All that sort of stuff, and the last thing we want you to do is do all that work for a product that’s only gonna sell one or two units a day. So that’s why we recommend about 300 to 5,000.

Best Sellers Rank

Mike: Yeah so now even though on the screen we have here you could see all the prices you can’t really see the BSR until you dig in. You click on one of these and look at the actual product so I pulled up one of these this it’s the Philips Sonicare protective clean toothbrush. Now the only way to find the best sellers rank is to scroll to the bottom of this listing here. We’re going to look down past the product description and we’re going to find the section that’s actually gonna say best sellers rank. So finally under product details and I’ll highlight this here, you will see Amazon best seller rank and this one right here is number 823 in beauty and personal care.

Not only is this product in beauty personal care it’s also number two in Sonic toothbrushes, they’ve got an entire category just for sonic toothbrushes. For the rules that we’re talking about, these are between 300 and 5,000, and you only want to take into account a top-level category. The way you can know if you’re in a top-level category is you will see the words, see top 100, in that category after it. That’s how you know which one it is, and for this one, this meets our criteria. It’s number 823 which is above 300 below 5,000 in this category and it’s gonna more likely do a really good amount of revenue every month but not too much competition either.

Matt: Yeah and the reason we use just that top-level category to compare opportunities and find good opportunities is that with that subcategory, you know like you said sonic toothbrushes, you have no idea how well those products do in that category. They could do incredible, they could be you know like iPhone chargers for example or USB chargers that kind of thing. That could be a category that those products all sell you know hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, or you may only be selling you know three units a day. Which is why the only way to really compare good products without using a method which we’ll show you in just a second, is to use that top-level category. So in this case its beauty and personal care, so we recommend in that top-level category not just that one but the other ones, do 300 to 5000. So maybe we want to show them kind of a faster way to do this because the issue with this is as you can tell like unlike price you literally have to click on every single listing if you want to see the best sellers rank to start filtering through products and takes a ton of time. So we’ve actually developed a tool that you’re gonna get for free. But right now we’ll just show you what it looks like and we’ll tell you later how to get it for free. Yeah it allows you to really speed this process up.

Mike: Yeah sure, so I’m back on this screen where we did our search and we pulled up about 48 products. You’ll see this upper right corner this little circle it has called Profit Miner, when I click on that it’s going to immediately pull up all kinds of awesome details on every single product on this page. Now it showed me all 48 products on here and you can see that we have the rank which is what we’re calling the best sellers rank listed right here. So I can very quickly start scrolling down, I can you know, exclude the ones at the top. Number 22, number 13 those are way too competitive they’re selling a lot as a matter of fact, and this very first one if you look over to the right on the revenue it’s doing over a million dollars a month in sales. Not that we wouldn’t want to do that ourselves, but why make it harder, that’s a really competitive product, that’s why again we don’t recommend starting off on one that high.

But as you scroll down you start getting to the different categories we want right here. The Waterpik cordless water flosser number 428 still does a bunch of sales every month. This one does almost $600,000 in sales per month, but it still meets this criteria of BSR, and one of the things before we go to the next criteria as well now, normally we would have to scroll manly through all the different pages. So we get about 40 to 50 results anytime you do a search on Amazon, and you can always click hit the next page and look manually through the next 50 results. The Profit Miner tool lets us do that automatically by simply clicking the button at the bottom that says load next page, and you’ll notice usually within about 3 to 5 seconds it goes out there and loads another 48 products for you. Here we go we now have 96 we could continue doing this and be able to see just you know hundreds of products. You could sort by the BSR, by the price, whatever you want to do all on one screen makes it incredibly easy to find the right products.

Number of Reviews

Matt: Yep and so the next criteria we look for is the number of reviews. So when you’re looking at products that you could potentially go out there and create your own brand up to sell you want products that aren’t gonna be a huge nightmare to try to compete with existing products out there and so we kind of use the benchmark of about a thousand reviews or less and so if you’re out there looking for opportunities you want to find ones that the current options that are selling well don’t have more than a thousand reviews the reason for that is that

You’re going to be starting at zero because you’re gonna create your own brand. You’re gonna have your own Amazon product page just like all these Mike has shown you and it’s got to start with zero reviews and you’re gonna have to build from there. Now if all your competitors have 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 reviews and some products have 10, 20,000 plus reviews, so if you’re starting with your first 5 reviews 10 reviews 20 reviews heck even 100 reviews you’re not gonna look super credible. Your product is not gonna look very credible vs. products that have you know 5000 plus reviews. It’s gonna be a little bit difficult to compete and once again we’re trying to help you get started so you make sales as quickly as possible and it’s totally possible to compete with those products. It may take longer and it possibly may take more money because you may need more inventory. You may need more money from marketing to build up those reviews, and so if you’re just getting started we recommend you find opportunities with less than a thousand reviews. That way you can get started and you can start getting your first 5, 10, 20, reviews and start looking you know fairly credible versus the other products.

People will actually take a chance and buy your product with the right kind of marketing promotions versus competing with ones that just have a huge leg up when it comes to reviews. One thing to keep in mind is that even though it’s going to look like, from our from our initial search here, you’ll see the first several products have you know almost 2,000, 3,000 not till the fourth one where we see it’s under 1000. These are the very top selling ones, they’re the anomaly’s, most products on Amazon have far less reviews, you just need to know how to look and find them. Luckily we do know how to look and find them, and on this screen you could easily scroll down. I’m gonna go back here and we could see just by scrolling on the screen, I get down to the middle, and here’s another one. This Phillips one has only you know less than 300 reviews, as we continue to go down we’ll see the Crest 3d white strips has 849 reviews. The Philips Sonicare lots of products on here have less than a thousand reviews and if we use our Profit Miner tool again, we will also be able to tell pretty quickly.

We can sort by reviews as well over here in the views column and that way you’ll see all the products that do not have a thousand reviews on there. There’s a lot right there that are zero, one, three, six and they’re making some decent money. You know here’s one, 16 reviews opalescence teeth whitener, 16 reviews only and it’s doing fifty thousand dollars a month in sales. That’s a good indication. You know maybe starting off with you know zero reviews, and we get a handful of the first you know month or so you don’t have to have a ton of reviews to compete with the big competitors out there, but we just want to make it as easy as possible. Why make it harder? Don’t start in a category with a product that’s going to put you up against someone with thousands of reviews.

Five Pounds or Less

Mike: Yep, and so then the fourth criteria is the weight. Now weight is very important when you’re selling a physical product, because if the product weighs too much, shipping cost can kind of be a nightmare. It can be very expensive, it can take longer, there’s a lot of reasons. If you have to deal with refunds and that kind of thing, and shipping out there additional units, it could be a huge nightmare. So you want as a new seller to start with products that are five pounds or less. That allows you to have a relatively inexpensive shipping cost that’s not gonna you know greatly affect anything one way or another. It makes your life a heck of a lot simpler. If you can get a product that is light and small like you know for example this supplement we’ve got kind of rotating up here. We used to recommend people only sell products that are that kind of size because shipping is so cheap and fast. If you sell a product that’s even three pounds and a little bit bulkier, I mean even something that doesn’t weigh a lot like a yoga mat for example, but it’s kind of bulky, those products are the only way you may be able to be profitable selling. They’re likely to come all the way from China, so if you ship them by sea, and it’s perfectly fine that’s how a lot of products, I’d probably say the vast majority of products that are sold in the U.S. are coming from China or probably shipped by sea on these giant cargo ships.

That’s probably how most of them come because it’s just way cheaper, the only downside is it takes about five weeks from the day that sort of leaves your manufacturer in China until it gets all the way to the U.S. It can be about five weeks as opposed to shipping by air, which can be a matter of days, a week, or less.

Matt: For sure so there is a little bit of a delay there but as long as you’re sticking under five pounds you can make it work one way or another. So yeah we recommend selling products that are 5 pounds or less to keep your life a lot easier, especially at first while you’re just figuring out this business. I’ll just say the only way to find out you know the weight of a product is with a dig into that product. I’d go into the details again. Luckily in these types of toothbrushes, toothpaste, we’re probably not gonna find anything over five pounds. If you wanted to find every product you’re looking at where the weight is right, we are going to scroll down again to the bottom. You will see a section that actually has the item weight right there, and so this one is only 2.4 ounces, this would be one that if you want to get going quickly you could easily have this air shipped in with like I said within a week. When you’re sending something that’s light, the shipping costs are not bad. I’ve seen situations where products are cheaper to ship in via air versus over ocean because they don’t take up too much space on the airplanes, and you can get them here faster and cheaper that way. It’s not all the time but that can happen sometimes.

Yeah so maybe before we move on to the last and final fifth criteria let’s just kind of show them like putting all this stuff together. We are doing this live so hopefully this goes pretty smooth, but we could put these first four criteria together on this product page just to kind of show you what this looks like. This tool we have, which once again we’ll show you how to get for free. You know like we said you can do all this manually.

Mike: Totally that’s how we used to teach it, we’ve just developed a tool to make your life way easier. But yeah let’s see if we can put these five criteria together. So I’m going to click on the Profit Miner tool and pull this up now, you’ll notice on here we have all the different columns of information. We have the price, we have the BSR, we have the reviews, we even have the weight in here for you too so that’s everything you need on here. You could sort and manually look, and that would save you a ton of time, but we’ve added a really cool feature called filter. So when we click that it’s gonna allow us to put in the minimum and maximum for any different characteristic we want.

Priced Between $15 and $70

So let’s start with the price. The lowest price we want is $15 and as soon as we enter them in, the tool starts working. It filters out anything that is lower than $15. We also know that the maximum price is $70, so it’s going to filter those out as well. We know that for the BSR we’re gonna go anywhere from 300 to 5,000. Then before we add the last two criteria, you’ll notice that you know it’s starting to limit the number of products. Typically before we’d run this, like if you were doing this on your own, we just didn’t want to take a whole lot of time up here, is that the bottom-left thing it says load next page. You would typically want to have anywhere from like five to ten pages, so then it can start filtering a lot more products. So there’s a chance we could filter these and there would be nothing left, maybe not, hopefully not, but your first step would typically be to add more products in here so that you have more options. What’s really cool and you can do it at any point in time if you realize, oh my gosh you know, we’re really nerd on the criteria, click the button, load more products and instantly you’ll have a whole other set. These are already pre filtered, again I just did that once, and now we have 96 products these are already filtered down to the first two criteria. But we’re gonna go look at the reviews, now we want the max to be 1000 and then the last criteria is to make sure that the weight is no more than 5 pounds.

From there we can see lots of great product opportunities. So the first one, let’s just check, it’s priced at $26.95, it’s BSR or the best sellers rank is 933, it only has 401 reviews, and it weighs just a few ounces. It does one $136,000 a month which is awesome, and then if you go down here almost every product on here is doing close to one hundred thousand dollars a month. So we have an entire list of million dollar products right here, and one last thing, in the tool if you ever forget where these products are, we have the ability to just hover over the name, and it’s gonna show you a picture of it. It’s gonna show you the title, it’s gonna show you the price so you can quickly compare and look at all these products that the tools dug up for you.

Private Label

The last criteria is the only one that’s kind of hard to filter out automatically. It’s called private label, basically meaning that you can go out there and create your own brand of this product. We do not recommend you sell other people’s brands of products, your margins are going to be way less. You’re going to be heavily restricted on how you can sell that product, where you can sell that product, and you’re going to be competing against likely tons of other people selling literally the exact same product. The only thing you can compete on at that point is price, and so you want a product that you can create your own brand of. So when you start looking at some of these opportunities you’re gonna need to avoid products that are you know, sort of have a ton of research and that sort of thing behind them, like an iPhone for example. Products that would be very hard to find manufacturers for. Like in the next step, once we create a list like this, you can hopefully make a judgment call on a couple of them.

But for the ones you can’t, you’re gonna need to pop over to a site like and look over there and see if you can find a similar product that a manufacturer is making that you can put your own brand on. That’s usually a good sign, if you want to go in even a step further, you can always do a bit of a patent search. Trademark search online, hire an attorney, if you really want to go further because we’re not here telling you to go rip off people’s products that’s not a great business to be in. You want to create products that ideally are a little bit better, which a lot of times is not a huge hassle because like for example this product that is pulled up here, this water flosser, you can likely look at the reviews and find stuff that people don’t like about this product. You can go to the manufacturer and a lot of times they can just make a few small tweaks without reinventing the product, doesn’t really take any extra time, and then all of a sudden you have a better product that’s got your own brand on it that’s not infringing on anybody’s patents or trademarks or any of that kind of stuff.

Most of the products sold on Amazon are gonna be very generic I mean it’s like the whole thing, like it’s not really a great example anymore because nobody uses VCR’s, but there’s a time when you know VCRs had gone downhill. I think there was literally one manufacturer over in Japan or China or somewhere that was basically supplying everyone’s VCRs and they were basically just slapping their own brand names on there, same business people have done forever, so there’s a small number of products that may be protected by some sort of patent or trademark or that kind of thing, everything else is kind of open for fair game. You take a yoga mat for example, there’s probably one out of a thousand yoga mats that you couldn’t sell because they’ve done some weird design patent thing, all the other ones are just people slapping their logos, swapping out materials, most people are not gonna go through the hassle of doing all that because it doesn’t really make sense. So you’re looking for products like that, that you can put your own brand name on, and typically if you can find a supplier that’s making a generic sort of version of that one, that you can put your own brand name that’s usually a good sign that it’s a potential product that you could sell that does have what we call private label potential.

You know that was an eye-opener for me when I got into this business about six seven years ago. I didn’t realize that you could go out there and make these products like just looking at what we’re looking at here, you think that you know Crest is the only company that’s making toothpaste. You think that you know Oral-b is the only company making these toothbrushes, or maybe these Sonic you know cleansers for your teeth, but in reality they’re just the biggest brand names out there. There are hundreds of other products just like them that are you know completely non big-name brands. This one right here we’re looking at I can tell you that this is a private label seller, they don’t have their brand name on it they’re just calling it the cordless water flosser. So that’s not some big company out there selling to us it’s just a person like you like and me who has decided to go out find a product that works, as good if not better, than another water flosser.

Come up with some good packaging on it, they have a great image of water splashing there, and they’re selling for thirty five bucks. If they are generating a hundred thirty six thousand dollars a month in revenue with this product, and if you figure they’re probably making twenty five thirty percent of profit, that is a pretty significant amount of profit. What maybe fifty thousand dollars a month in profit off this one product right there? Which is pretty incredible.

Matt: Yeah and supplements and beauty products are often like an easy example to kind of explain this. You know those products they typically have fairly generic ingredients. Like take a probiotic or vitamin D or like vitamin C serum which i think is probably still super popular or at least was super popular as a beauty product. Those ones are all super easy to create your own brands of, and a lot of them a lot of times like Mike was just talking about some of these products can be doing incredible amounts of revenue and profit and there’s still tons of opportunity for new brands there. So yes so those are the five criteria and you know we’ve talked a lot about this tool and like I said it’s a hundred percent free, and so Mike maybe we kind of show them real quick how to get access to it.

How to Download Profit Miner

Mike: Yeah so I’m gonna pop a blank tab here and all you need to do to get access is go to and that is going to automatically take you to a page that will tell you about the Profit Miner tool. So you can you can read everything about this, how it’s free right now, all the details you want. It’s going to have a button that just says click to get access to Profit Miner right now, when you click it, all you’re gonna need to do is put in your first name and your email address and when you click get access you’re then going to get taken to a screen that’s going to give you the instructions to download it.

If you watch this video you will hear my voice actually walk you through the entire steps of getting the tool. It’s pretty simple and we have all the steps right below the video as well. The first thing to know, is that this tool uses the Google Chrome browser which is by far the most popular browser right now. If you don’t have chrome it’s completely free, we even give you the link right here go to that’ll take you to the download page. There you can download and install Chrome it works on tablets, works on phones, works on desktops, and laptops, so it’s real easy to do. Next then is once you have the Chrome browser installed then we have another link that will take you right to the Google Chrome store. Just click on it and it goes right to the chrome store where you then install the tool and get access to it right away.

The only last step is when you’re using the tool for the very first time you will need to input your email address and that way it’ll know that you’re authorized, that you’ve download the tool and you’re authorized to use it. Then you can just start looking for all the products on Amazon just like we did here, and get instant results. It’s one of the fastest tools we’ve seen. This tool also, it’s not estimating it is pulling in actual real Amazon sales data from thousands of sellers who actually have real data from selling products every month, so it knows how much they sell. I know this because I’ve tested it with my products in there so I know that the sales volumes are accurate. You know that when you’re looking up products on Amazon and getting access to the BSR, and the weight, and the daily sales volume, the monthly sales, you’re getting the most accurate data.

Matt: Good yeah, so uh we got a couple questions here so one is from Michael who asks does a tool show estimated shipping cost? It does not right now but we may actually add that feature in the future. But right now it does not show estimated shipping cost, but maybe we are getting that, as a matter of fact oh so we are gonna be adding an estimated shipping costs feature that include all of Amazon’s fees. Because you know Amazon they do a lot for you, they box them up, they ship them to the customers, they accept returns, and you pay for that service called fulfillment by Amazon service. It’s very reasonable probably the most affordable fulfillment service out there, they do that for you and there’s a fee for it that they’ll tell you the tool is gonna be updated to actually give you exactly what that fee is gonna be. So you’ll know that every time you sell a product for $30 there’ll be a certain twenty or thirty percent that’s gonna come out of there for Amazon and it’ll calculate exactly what that is.

Also the tool works on for the entire US market right now and we’re already updating it to work on the UK market, the German market place, several other European market places as well. We’re going to expand to all the Amazon marketplaces, we just wanted to get this one for you guys, free, working as accurately and best as possible.

So Mohammed is asking if there’s a limit to the number of searches per month. No there’s not that kind of limit, it’s not like you’re gonna search five times and then it’s gonna try to charge you, it’s a hundred percent free. Somebody was asking like is it gonna cost money later? We plan to keep this free, it may only be available for a short period of time though, we do actually plan on pulling it here fairly soon. But if you get access now it should be no problem whatsoever, so there’s not really a reason why you wouldn’t jump over there and kind of get your access to lock it in. But we do plan to keep it free yeah we don’t ask for any credit card or any payment information at all. Only thing I want you to do is just enter your email address, you can activate the tool when you get it off the Chrome store.

Yep, Alex says where can I get the tool? You’ll see a comment here on Facebook that if you just scroll up a little bit says and with the recording we’ll edit the description. Our team members already put that link inside of the comments, but it’s just and that will take you directly to that little web page Mike showed you where you can opt-in and get access to the tool for free.