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Mike McClary

How to Advertise Amazon Products

Generate Amazon Traffic – How to Advertise Amazon Products

Mike McClary and Rich Henderson joined forces to teach sellers how to advertise amazon products linking to existing Amazon traffic for increased sales. In this training video, the duo share their knowledge on these Amazon advertising options: Digital Coupons, Sponsored Product Ads, Lightning Deals, Enhanced Brand Content, and Headline Search Ads.

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How To Sell On Amazon Europe

Europe: The Next Step in Expanding an Amazon FBA Business

Understand what selling in the European marketplace entails and if it is the right next step to help grow your Amazon business. If it is the right next step for you, learn how to set up selling on Amazon Seller Central Europe Platforms Profitably.


  • Intro to How to Sell On Amazon’s European Platform
  • How To Sell On Amazon’s European Platform: What will sellers learn in the workshop?
  • 13 Stats that Support Selling in Amazon’s Europe Marketplaces
  • Expanding an Amazon FBA Business into Europe: How it works
  • Single Sign-On with Linked Accounts
  • Build International Listings (BIL)
  • Deciding Which International Program Fits a Sellers Needs
  • Understanding Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Growing Your Amazon Business Internationally

Selling On Amazon Seller Central Europe is not easy, unless you have a proven system for getting top rankings, understanding and navigating through the paperwork pitfalls, and a clear understanding of the differences between Europe and

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Day 8 – Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

One of the things that have the most influence on people’s buying decisions on Amazon are reviews.

If there are more positive reviews we feel more secure when buying. On the other hand, if there are more negative reviews, we’re much more hesitant. And most often, we decide not to buy.

(Think about how you buy something nowadays. We are in the “Age of Reviews”)

But here’s the thing… negative reviews do not mean that it’s a bad product. People can – and will – give negative reviews for all sorts of reasons.

But still, they are an important buying decision factor for the majority of people.

For you, as a seller, this presents a huge challenge.

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A Touching ASM Thank You Note

Our team was touched by this wonderful thank you card from an ASM member, Deb, who attended ASM 4 Live Event in Las Vegas. Jason Katzenback said, “Gotta love this kind of feedback!” and we completely agree. Inside the card it says:

Dear Jason and Matt,

I was at the ASM Event at Las Vegas in February 2015. I wanted to thank you both for hosting a first class event. While I’ve eaten at the West Point Mess Hall with 4400 cadets, but never attended a training event as large as yours. It was run in a way to impress everyone, not only for how smoothly and well executed, but mostly the great attitudes of all. You two really set the tone for a supportive environment. Thank you for making it such a worthwhile event on many levels. When you’re ready to enjoy Paradise in Hilo, Hawaii, please let us know. We’d be delighted to host you.

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