A Powerful Amazon FBA Success Story!

Justin and Channing Dyson are a young couple from Nevada, Texas who have built a half-million dollar a month business on Amazon.

Just 5 years ago, Justin and Channing Dyson’s lives looked very different than today…

At the time, Justin was in college, working part-time for his dad and Channing was a hairstylist. But, in 2015, after they learned about the Amazon opportunity from Robert Kiyosaki, they decided to give it a try. Their first product to sell was a cell phone case.

According to Justin and Channing, it failed. Big time! But, they didn’t quit. Fast forward to today, their new business brought $4 million in sales in 2018. And they expect it to bring in $6 million this year!

But what was life like before they actually had this business? How is life now? How did they choose the best product to sell on Amazon? Check out the entire interview below to hear their AMAZING Amazon FBA success story. This is a powerful one!

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Transcription Contents

  1. Life Before Amazing Selling Machine
  2. Finding Your 1st Successful Product
  3. Building a Brand
  4. 1st Product Order & Finding a Supplier
  5. Earning Back Your Initial Investment in ASM
  6. Reaching Half a Million in Sales Each Month
  7. Advice For Anyone Looking To Join ASM
  8. Future Plans For Their Amazon Business
  9. There’s No Plan B!

Mike: Hey there, I’m Mike McClary with Amazing.com. And while recording in Hawaii, I had the opportunity to sit down with Justin and Channing Dyson. A young couple from Nevada, Texas who have built an incredible half-million dollar a month business on Amazon. Check out the following interview where they share their journey toward building their business and offer some valuable advice for anyone looking to do the same. So I’ve kind of already given away that you guys have been pretty successful already. But what I want to talk about is what life was like before you actually had this business. So, what were you both doing before you had the business?

Life Before Amazing Selling Machine

Dysons: Oh my goodness, so, life before Amazing Selling Machine I was working about fifty hours a week just trying to pay all the bills. We were twenty-four. Yup. We were ASM 4, so 2014, twenty-four living in a starter home that my grandma actually helped us buy ’cause we couldn’t even buy it on our own. And we had a four-year-old so really just trying to figure out how to make money, make the ends meet. And get through the day to day. And what were you doing, Justin? Yeah I was, at the time I was going back to college. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I was working part-time for my dad. I was in college and that’s pretty much when stumbled across ASM. So what was it about your life back then that made you look for something like this or were you looking or did it come across your plate? I think we knew like the type of lifestyle that we wanted, we just didn’t know how to get there.

So we just weren’t really sure what to do or how to do it. So that day when I came home he had watched the videos and he’s like beaming ear to ear sitting on our bed like “Please come over here you have to watch these videos!” So I came in and watched the videos and it really just sounded like that would give us the lifestyle that we really wanted. I was looking for something. I didn’t know what I was looking for. She already had a career. She was like up and going. She knew what she wanted to do her whole life. And you know when you’re in high school and you’re eighteen and you’re seventeen whatever you know the not principal but the counselor asks you “what do you want to do?” And it’s like “I have no idea.”

So I ended up going to like the fire academy and EMT school and doing that thing and that didn’t work out. And then went to work for her dad for a few years and that didn’t work out. Worked for my dad, then I was in college just trying to figure things out so just the thought of having something else that was mine, something that I could grow with and be more than what I was, that’s what appealed to me. It’s the first time we did anything that we could actually scale. We’d pretty much taken over the salon she worked at so we kind of owned that at the time. But it had already been started. This was the first thing we started from ground zero completely by ourselves.

Finding Your 1st Successful Product

Mike: So what was it like looking for this first product that was really successful for you guys?

Dysons: So I was actually pregnant at the time with our second child. And I had told Justin there was this product I was really passionate about. I really wanted one really bad, all my friends were buying them. And so that was how it kind of started and I just told Justin “Hey, I really love this what do you think?” And he put it through ASM’s criteria and he said “Oh my gosh, babe, this is actually a really good one.” Basically just looking, doing everything ASM teaches. Putting my product ideas through the, you know, my spreadsheet with my list of products and she’s like “Well why don’t you do these?
These are really popular” and they weren’t around when we had our first child.

So I was like “Okay, I’ll look it up” and she was she was right, it was a good opportunity. And that’s pretty much how we found our first.

Building a Brand

Mike: Awesome, so you figured out what your product was going to be. Did that also lead to building a brand with that product?

Dysons: That was definitely one thing we wanted to do. We didn’t want to have a bunch of different products that we sold. Even though, yes, you could make a lot of money that way, I wanted to actually have a brand. Right. Something that you know made it easier to grow, yeah so essentially we liked the niche and decided we definitely wanted to start out with a brand that we were passionate about. Or I’d say I’m passionate about ’cause I’m more our customer. But, yeah, we definitely went more brand-focused.

Mike: So you found this product and your excited about it. The next step then is finding a supplier. What was that like for you guys?

Dysons: So, it was interesting because I found some stuff on Alibaba and I found you know just three or four suppliers I found at the time. And I messaged them all and I think I only got one reply or two replies. And I ended up going with one of the guys and really weren’t that difficult you just kinda go back and forth.

There’s a time zone difference so you’re talking to him in the morning, then at night. And then sometimes they’ll go, they’ll send you a message during your daytime which is going to be their night. So just going back and forth getting everything situated. We got some samples, confirmed that we liked the quality and that everything was good. And placed an order shortly after.

1st Product Order & Finding a Supplier

Mike: And for that order did you order a ton of products or how many did you start off with?

Dysons: No we didn’t have a ton of money so I think in that first order was $800 if I’m remembering correctly, about that much.

Mike: So you got your brand, you got your first product, you find your supplier. How soon did it take to start selling, was it a week, was it months?

Dysons: That was the exciting part. So this is the exciting part, we ended up selling as in they got to Amazon on – I actually know the dates – on June 11th was live on Amazon and June 12th I got my first order. We ended up getting two the next day and I was like “holy crap”.

I still remember like yesterday the first day we got ten sales in one day both of us were just like floored. We were like “Oh my goodness we just sold ten in one day!” I was at my grandparents, we were visiting family when I was looking at my app and it just started going.

Mike: So did you have to reorder pretty quickly, I’d imagine?

Dysons: We did. We ended up placing another order I think in the next month or like three or four weeks later. So and then they just ramped up from there, and then bigger and bigger orders. So we placed that very first order some time in May.

About the time July rolled around we’d placed another order but that one was $10,000. So like sales had really ramped up really quickly and so we’re just like “okay, this is working, let’s actually do something.”

Earning Back Your Initial Investment in ASM

Mike: So I imagine that if you were able to order that amount you realized there was demand. At what point do you feel like you made your investment back in ASM?

Dysons: There’s a couple ways to look at it. I think we could have taken money out of the business sooner than we did yeah, but we really wanted to give it a year. To see you know how much could we grow it how much farther we could take it – because if you take cash out of the business it could suffocate it, right? And it could be bad. So I took advice from one of my business coaches at the time. And it’s like keep everything you can in there. So we waited a year before we ever took anything out. And I mean, ASM was a few thousand dollars so that first payout more than covered that after a year. So for us it was a year, but it could have happened sooner.

Mike: That’s smart though, to keep reinvesting the growth because you guys had a vision.

Dysons: Yeah we kind of decided from the beginning that I would keep working as much as I could to pay for things and we could just keep rolling the business on top of itself. Because we knew how big we wanted to see it grow. So what was it like the first time you actually paid yourselves out of the business? It was like the best day ever. Going into the bank and like “okay so we’re going to put this in our account and not the business account”. Yeah, it was funny. I remember the first time we actually put a significant amount in the bank.

They wouldn’t let us deposit it. They asked us all these questions like “why, where’d you get this money from? Why is this a check coming in?” It was crazy. And it was really cool. The same bank we’d used since we were like seventeen too, so they were like “guys what are y’all doing?” Like “what’s going on here?” It was a very very very unique day.

Mike: So how long was it then after that first product started taking off that you decided to expand the brand?

Dysons: I would say six months. We didn’t – I launched variations of that first product so it, from that aspect was a little easier in the beginning. Because finding a second product, you know, you’re starting over essentially.

Right… I found this first product that worked but I was like “okay” so I launched five variations of the first one. Six months later we came out with the second, and then three months later we came out with a third.

Mike: So you start with one product, launched some variations. How many products do you have right now?

Dysons: Now we have fourteen product lines and I think sixty-eight total hues?

Mike: That’s so awesome, that’s amazing.

Dysons: Yeah, thank you.

Reaching Half a Million in Sales Each Month

Mike: So if you don’t mind sharing, how is your business doing right now? You’ve got a lot of products, I’m assuming you’re no longer in college now?

Dysons: So actually after our first seller con event that we went to, he immediately came back and quit college and quit his little part-time job. That’s when we decided like we’re going to give Everything we have to our Amazon company, our eCommerce company. And so, yeah, it’s changed drastically. I’m not working the hours that I was. I’m able to spend more time with the kids, which is fabulous. He can come with me to school events, all the parents are like “How are you both here?” Like, “how old are you”, “why are you both here”, “how is he not at work”, “one of you work”? “Do you live with your parents”, like all kinds of questions and we’re like “no” so that’s pretty cool that we could do things that we couldn’t do before.

Yeah the business is going really well. We’re doing over half a million dollars a month now. That’s a month, not a year, a month. A month, yeah.

Mike: That is crazy, that’s awesome. Congratulations on that. Thank you. I loved hearing that story. And you mentioned so you were able to go to more kids’ activities. Like what kind of activities do your kids do right now?

Dysons: So we have two kids, one is nine and one is three. And so the nine-year-old is in competitive baseball. So lots of traveling, lots of games, Justin was able to coach. It’s just been really life changing. And then also we actually – our company sponsors him to play. So that’s been such a huge help as well.

Mike: Oh wow that’s amazing. So do – are all the other parents always at these events as well or are you like the anomaly?

Dysons: Yeah, usually there’s just one that’s able to go. So it’s pretty fun to be able to do it together. Even when I grew up you know you have multiple kids it’s hard just as a parent to work and to go to everyone’s stuff. So a lot of times like me, my siblings, you know my parents didn’t go to everything that I had and like did the same thing with my siblings. So it’s really cool to do that with my kids. Like even not just baseball but if I don’t – if we decide to go swimming tomorrow we can just go swimming. We go swimming all day.

But knowing that our parents were obviously trying to support us but we were able to have something that we can support our family but also go to everything and go on trips with them and be able to a lot of fun things. That’s just a game changer. I agree.

Mike: So how do your kids feel about the business? Do they realize how successful you are?

Dysons: Well they’re still small. They don’t understand the success behind it, but my oldest definitely wants to be a business owner. He’s like, he sees it, he sees the free time and he sees the you know, we have bought a bigger house and things like that.

So he sees the changes or he has seen them. And yeah, he definitely has already said “okay I want to be an entrepreneur” Although he might not know fully what that means he’s seeing all the stuff that we’ve put into it and how big it’s grown.

Mike: That’s wonderful. So you mentioned doing half a million in sales each month. Is that all in one place or in multiple countries right now?

Dysons: No we’re just in the U.S. Yes, we haven’t even branched out anywhere else yet.

Mike: That’s awesome. There’s more expansion out there for you. Have you guys thought about that yet?

Dysons: We’ve thought about it, but things are going so good right now in the US and just the logistics behind trying to figure all that other stuff out in other countries just haven’t attacked it yet. Haven’t’ gotten there.

Mike: So do you guys do this all on your own or do you have, you know, people helping you out now?

Dysons: We have people helping us out now. We’ve got two full time employees that are in the US that actually live down the street. So that’s really cool. We’re still like all remote, but we kinda get together every once in a while and have a little pow-wow. We’ve been able to build a team though, so that’s been really cool. One of them is actually a stay-at-home mom that lives close to us. We were able to give her extra income and she can still stay at home with her kids but she can also help with our brand as well.

Mike: That’s awesome. You can build your own dream business and help other people at the same time as well.

Dysons: And the other guy in the company is my best friend, so it works out really well. It’s just, it’s nice.

Future Plans For The Amazon Business

Mike: So what are your plans for the business? Are you guys planning on keeping it. Are you guys going to sell it? Or you haven’t even decided yet?

Dysons: I think that’s a really hard question. I think we’re still enjoying it so much right now and building it and growing it and like we said we work with some of our best friends. So I don’t think we’ve fully decided yet. But we’re still really enjoying being involved in it right now.

Advice For Anyone Looking To Join ASM

Mike: One last question then, if anyone was here looking to join Amazing Selling Machine and they asked you guys for advice, what advice would you give them?

Dysons: I would say to definitely have an open mind and be willing to learn. Just like with anything, riding a bike, you have to learn how to do it. So if you have those two things I think you can definitely be very successful with it. To add on to that I always get the same question from most people who obviously know we’re doing well and they ask us about it. And they always ask the same thing: “well is it going to work for me?” you know “Does it work for everyone?” and I think that’s the wrong question.

There’s No Plan B!

You should be asking yourself are you committed enough to yourself to make it work? We know the content’s good. We’re living proof of that. I know hundreds of other sellers that I met personally who have multi-million dollar a year businesses. So don’t get hung up on “is the content worth the money” and if it is going to work. Ask yourself like “Are you committed enough to yourself, to your dreams, to your goals, and to your future to make it work.

It can’t – the course can do nothing without your effort. So I think that is the bigger question to ask and that’s what I would pose to them. Are you going to make that commitment to yourself. And this became I think true for us. We went to the live event after ASM 4, the one where we got back and Justin quit his job. Yeah, so like three or four months after we went through the ASM course and Matt and Jason are on stage and the whole theme of that event was “No Plan B”. So it was basically making a commitment to yourself to make sure that you’re going to be successful.

And I took that to heart. Like I remember sitting there like at the end of the last day and Matt’s giving his keynote at the end of the day about to dismiss everybody and has everybody stand up and just yell “NO PLAN B” It was so empowering. And like I did that and I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it because I literally remember sitting in the thing like “I’m going to do this” I went home the next week like she said and I quit my job, I dropped out of college. And we said “No Plan B” here we go! Yeah and I think you have to – you don’t necessarily have to quit your job and drop out of college but make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to make this work. And that I think is what is more important.

You’re doing this for you. Don’t try to do it for some arbitrary reason. You know this is going to give you the freedom that you want to do whatever you want. And you just need to decide what is that going to be and use that as fuel to run with it. Just like anything that you invest in. Like you invest in a house you have to take care of it. You invest in a car and you have to change the oil, or your husband does, to take care of it.

Anything, you have to take care of it, so if you’re willing to have an open mind and be willing to you know learn new things and then also take care of your business I think you’ll go super far.

Mike: And you guys certainly have. That’s amazing advice. Thanks so much for sharing everything with us today. If you want to hear more about Justin and Channing’s story check out AmazingSellingMachine.com We also have some free training that teaches you everything that they also learned when they were just starting out as well. So thanks again. Thanks Channing. Thanks Justin. Hopefully we’ll get together and see you guys real soon.


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