Grow Your Amazon FBA Business in 2020 By Reassessing Your Data

Guide Contents:

  1. Deprioritizing Certain Products
  2. Yes, China is Open for Business
  3. Adapting to The Current Market

If your planning or you had this launch plan for 2020 and you had sort of I don’t know, five, ten skews on there that your planning to launch over the next 12 months. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do that. Yes, the economy is gonna take a bit of a downturn. Yes, there’s gonna be some turbulence. But in a downturn there’s always opportunity and there will be products doing very well as I’m sure we’re about to find out.

All you need to do is reassess the data and as I went through ASM11 quite extensively. Use that data to inform your decision making. You may find that the prioritization of those products, your planning to launch now changes a little bit, because the market conditions now lean themselves towards one type of product than another.

Deprioritizing Certain Products

One type of product may be a luxury or a nice to have or something that maybe is a bit higher priced. You might find now that you may want to de-prioritize that, because its not really in demand right now, and given the way the markets going, the economies going it’s not really a necessity. Were as you may have some products on there that are more commodities, or everyday items that consumers and shoppers on Amazon are gonna feel more comfortable purchasing online, because now they don’t want to go to the shops to get that item. You may prioritize up that chain.

Yes, China Is Open For Business

I saw some questions coming through around sort of is China open for business. Are they shipping? Um, now your gonna hear varying mixed sort of feed back here. China’s absolutely open. We’ve got 40, 50 plus agent on the ground in China. And then across Asia we’ve got even more than that. And our factories are back on line. Some of them are running skeleton stuff. Um, but for the most part they coming back on line quite strong. Now, distribution globally is obviously gonna be affected, with flights being grounded. Air freights gonna be more difficult. In and out, but with see shipments The channels are still open.

Adapting To The Current Market

There are definitely delays, because of manning and all that sort of stuff. But, the global trade is still moving and continues to move and its in everyone’s interest for that to continue to happen. Regardless of whether people are ill with Corona or not. So remain positive with this guys. Remain positive, remain dedicated, stick to your plan and think accurately about every decision you’re making. And just be smart, use the data. The market conditions are changing you change with it and you just apply the tactics to deliver the strategy.

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