Amazon FBA Branding – How To Build a Brand That Stands Out

Guide Contents

  1. How to Build a Brand that Stands Out
  2. Create Lifelong Clients
  3. Three Rules For Your Brand
  4. Rule 1 – Credibility
  5. Rule 2 – Relevancy
  6. Rule 3 – Uniqueness
  7. Being Credible, Relevant, and Unique

How to Build a Brand That Stands Out

Hi, my name is Re Perez and I’m the CEO and founder of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE. And I run a branding agency helping entrepreneurs and small businesses take their brand to an entirely new level. And I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a tip that you can apply.

Create Lifelong Clients

See the thing is, your brand is not your logo, it’s not your tagline, it’s not your website, it’s not your product photography. It’s so much more. Branding is about creating a perception in your target audience’s minds, such that they either want to buy from you, recommend you, follow you and become a lifelong customer or client.

Three Rules For Your Brand

The thing about branding, is that there’s three things that you wanna look at. And this is a framework that you can apply when you’re creating your brand.

Rule 1 – Credibility

The first thing is, your brand has to be credible. In other words, if whatever your product is selling, usually the founder or the CEO or the people behind the product have some credibility, establishing why they’re a trusted authority in offering that product. So that’s the first thing, your brand has to be credible.

Rule 2 – Relevancy

The second thing, is your brand has to be relevant. And how you can be more relevant is by solving the problems of your target audiences.

Rule 3 – Uniqueness

And then the third thing is, your brand has to be unique or different in the category. How are you solving the problem uniquely or differently than everyone else in the same category as you?

Being Credible, Relevant, and Unique

So it’s the intersection of being credible, being relevant and being unique, is where you want to best position your brand and have that be the guiding force that drives all of your product marketing, your websites, your social media and even the culture of your company as you start to grow and build this into a bigger business. So hopefully you apply those tips into your branding today, and if you wanna learn more information, feel free to check out, my name is Re Perez, thanks for watching this video! And for even more tips on brand building, check out these guides to long-term brand success on Amazon and Amazon FBA tips for building a multi-million dollar brand.

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