to Pay $1,000,000 Per Month to Course Instructors in One Year (or Less)

In one year or less, our monthly payments to course instructors will exceed one million dollars.

Our month-over-month paid subscriber growth is currently over 50%, and we pay a large chunk of the revenue generated from subscription payments to instructors at the beginning of every month.

Based on our growth rate and future plans (see below), will be one of the most lucrative platforms for business experts to share their knowledge by sometime in the middle of 2017.

Last month, our top instructor’s share of monthly royalty pool was about 20%. At the future monthly royalty pool value of $1,000,000+, that equates to over $200,000 in earnings in a single month, for just the two courses he currently offers on

The second most successful instructor locked in roughly 10% of the royalty pool last month. In the future, this will mean more than $100,000 in monthly earnings for just one course she has on our platform.

How Instructor Earnings Are Calculated

An instructor’s earnings each month are based on two factors: (1) the royalty pool size and (2) the instructor’s share of the total viewership that month.

For example, if an instructor has two courses on our platform and they each receive 5% of the total viewership for that month (based on the number of minutes viewed), that instructor would receive 10% of the monthly royalty pool for that month.

Each month, instructors are earning a growing amount of income from courses they’ve published on

High-Quality Courses by Proven Experts

We’re rapidly ramping up our membership base – and therefore the royalty pool – by building the best eLearning platform available, and curating the best business and entrepreneurship courses available.

Unlike some other big eLearning platforms, we don’t want to waste our members’ time with poor quality courses by instructors with no real business experience.

We only want high-quality courses by people who actually know what they’re doing.

Our goal is that every single course on is taught by an experienced entrepreneur who has actually applied and gotten results with what he or she is teaching. This authenticity leads to better results for our members. It’s much more effective to learn from someone who has tried and failed, rather than just theorized about what might work.

Upgrading Our Platform for Web and Mobile

Early next month, we’re releasing one of many big enhancements to our platform with the launch of our mobile app.

This app allows anyone to watch any course on our platform on any smartphone within a native iOS (Apple) or Android experience.

Currently, the app includes a catalog over over 100 business and entrepreneurship courses on everything from selling on Amazon, sourcing products from China, launching an e-commerce store, to building a mobile app business.

Soon the app will include the ability to watch full courses offline. Members will be able to download the courses or modules they want to watch and enjoy them on-the-go, while on a plane, train, or anywhere there’s no easy access to high-speed internet.

Later this year, we’re releasing our upgraded website and brand new community. We know building a business can be tough. This is why we’ve always emphasized the value of community interaction and learning beyond what’s included in the courses.

The community will allow members to interact with and ask questions of other members and instructors, and receive nearly instant expert help.

This is just a small sample of what we have coming. We’re building the best platform for people to learn how to start and scale businesses, and the most lucrative platform for business experts to share their knowledge.

Got a Course or Course Idea?

If you’ve achieved real world business success and either already have a course you’ve created or want to create a course, contact our Director of eLearning, Melissa Tothero, at

Please include your course topic and a paragraph or two about your experience with the subject (the results you’ve achieved and/or why you’re qualified to teach it).

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