Not Getting Sales On Amazon? Use These 7-Figure Seller Hacks

When Amazon sales plateau, it’s time to shake things up with our list of seven–figure seller hacks!

We break everything down step-by-step so you can jumpstart sales today — here’s what you will discover along the way:

1. How to get the Amazon Best Seller badge
2. How to beat the Amazon algorithm
3. How to save on Amazon seller shipping rates
4. How to win the Amazon Buy Box

How to get the Amazon Best Seller badge

Before we dive into this seller hack, we have to say that this tip isn’t for everyone!

Proceed with caution and do your research first!

Amazon Best Seller badges aren’t easy to earn by any means. But if you can get your hands on one, it’s like winning the lottery.

Getting the Amazon Best Seller badge

Now, since Best Seller badges are based on category, sometimes changing the category attached to your product listing helps. So if you sell garden tools under the Home & Garden category, switching to Tools & Home Improvement may increase your odds of earning a badge.

Pro Tip: We suggest using a tool like Zoof to research competing products before making the switch.

If you do decide that switching categories is best, give it a couple hours to take effect. And as always, make sure to track performance before and after the change to find out whether you made the right choice.

How to beat the Amazon algorithm

How to beat the Amazon algorithm

Another great seven-figure seller hack is paying attention to Amazon’s algorithm so you can outsmart it. There are four parts to this:

Amazon Prime eligibility

If you sell through the Amazon FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon), your products are already eligible for Amazon Prime.

If you don’t sell through Amazon FBA, we highly suggest you do and you can find out why with this free Amazon FBA training.

Keep product returns low

This takes some elbow grease which is what sets apart 7-figure sellers from the rest. Here are some quick tips on how to lower your return rate on Amazon:

1. Make a buyer’s guide with answers to frequently asked questions
2. Take clear product photos that are true-to-life
3. Create an accurate sizing chart with easy-to-follow steps
4. Incorporate video content
5. Write detailed, clear product descriptions

The more information you provide your buyers, the less likely they are to return a product.

Keep product reviews high

For this one, we always recommend tapping your social network for a little help. Ask friends, ask coworkers, ask family members — ask anyone you know to buy your product and leave an honest (and hopefully positive) review.

Also, make sure you log in to Amazon Seller Central and hit the Request a Review button for new orders. Click on usernames to check out each buyer’s public profile and if they leave LOTS of negative reviews … maybe don’t request a review from that particular person.

Incorporate keywords

You have to have an Amazon product research tool for this one (we suggest Zoof if you don’t already have one). Here’s a step-by-step on how to naturally use more keywords:

• Research relevant keywords in your favorite product research tool
• Head over to your product listings on Amazon
• Edit the product description and naturally weave those keywords into the text

Make sure you keep the text as natural and organic as possible. Amazon doesn’t like keyword stuffing, and neither do customers because it makes listings difficult to read.

We also recommend you research and incorporate long-tail keywords. You can learn more about the difference between regular keywords and long-tail keywords to better understand how to do this.

How to save on Amazon seller shipping rates

How to save on Amazon seller shipping rates

There are two kinds of fees here that you can reduce just by double-checking data.

The first is the fee you pay to ship products from your supplier to Amazon. Usually these shipping fees are based on weight and/or dimensions.

Before you sign a contract with a supplier, we recommend negotiating shipping fees. But if you’ve already signed a contract, ask your supplier to confirm weight and dimensions. Then compare the data to the shipping fees you pay to make sure you aren’t overpaying.

Second, the fees you pay into the Amazon FBA program are based on a few things including:

• Product size tier
• Shipping weight
• Dimensional weight

In short, the bigger or heavier your product is, the more you pay. And simple mistakes like mislabelled products can lead to hundreds of small losses which add up quickly over time.

For example, if someone along the chain records your product’s weight an ounce above what it actually is, you could end up in a higher fee tier. So check product measurements and dimensions to make sure what you pay is on point.

How to win the Amazon Buy Box

In case you aren’t familiar, this is the Amazon Buy Box:
this is the Amazon Buy Box

This ONLY matters if you DON’T sell your own private label product on Amazon through the FBA program — here’s how it works:

1. Multiple sellers sell the same product on Amazon (same ASIN)
2. These sellers compete for the Buy Box based on various criteria
3. Whoever wins the Buy Buy box earns what’s shown above
4. All other sellers end up further down the listing as shown below

All other sellers end up further down the listing as shown below

Obviously there’s a huge advantage to winning the Buy Box because there’s less friction between you and your buyer.

In order to qualify for the Buy Box, you have to meet certain eligibility requirements like fast shipping and pricing. And just because you’re eligible, doesn’t mean you “win” the Buy Box automatically. So here are some tips on how to get it:

• Keep an eye on how you price compared to competitors
• Enroll in the FBA program
• NEVER let inventory go out of stock
• Maintain a high seller rating
• Use the same ASIN as other sellers for the same product

If you don’t want to deal with all this hassle, we recommend investing in your own private label product. This way you don’t have to compete with other sellers for the same exact product (plus, there are tons of other benefits). You can learn more about creating your own Amazon brand in this ultimate seller guide.

Become a 7-figure seller on Amazon

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of by building your own Amazon FBA business. Being a business owner takes a lot of work, but we guarantee it’s easier than you think. Plus, we’ll show you EXACTLY what to do with all of our seven-figure seller resources.
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