6 Reasons You Should Start an Amazon Business

Amazon. The mere mention of the name brings to mind enormity. When you think of Amazon you think of gigantic warehouses humming along busily, night and day. You imagine packages being delivered to all corners of the globe, some of them literally dropping down from the sky. You may even wonder how many people are browsing and buying from Amazon that very second.

And then, if you’re like me, all those thoughts crystallize into one tantalizing question: How do I get into that business??

Here's what a lot of people don't realize: You actually can get into that business, and it's easier than you think.

Amazon has grown to be a $100 billion company by using an extensive network of sellers who keep its tons of products moving. Anyone can become one of these sellers and establish a highly profitable business within Amazon.

This business model offers a lot of advantages over others. Here are 6 reasons you should start an Amazon business of your own.

1. You don't need to manufacture your own products. 

Manufacturing costs are usually a big chunk of a company's overhead. In fact, the cost of producing goods can make or break a company. And price isn't the only concern. Just generally speaking, it's very difficult to manufacture a product and do it consistently over time.

When you set up your business on Amazon, manufacturing is already done for you, because rather than making a product to sell, you're finding a product to sell. It's already on the market, and Amazon customers are already buying it. Your job is simply to boost the supply to satisfy that demand ? and to keep pushing the product's sales higher and higher.


2. Amazon takes care of the fulfillment and shipping for you

All those sales mean you have to do a lot of shipping, and as anyone who's ever worked in eCommerce knows, order fulfillment can cause big organizational headaches. The logistics of completing an order, picking and packing it in the warehouse, and getting it to the customer in a timely manner are mindboggling.

But Amazon has all that figured out, and they do it better than pretty much anybody. As an Amazon seller, you get the world's most advanced order fulfillment system built right into your business.


3. Low cost to get started

There's one factor that keeps people from starting businesses more than any other: the cost of getting started. The thought of pouring big money into a risky venture, even if it's promising, simply paralyzes most people.

Amazon provides a business opportunity at minimal startup cost because, quite frankly, it has already done all the expensive stuff. This means you don't have to build any facilities or implement any complex systems, and you don't have to drop tons of cash to start your business. Plus, Amazon needs sellers to keep scaling up its business, so it keeps the cost of entry low.

The bottom line? You'll pay fees and other costs to sell on Amazon, but these expenses will pale in comparison to what you would probably pay to start some other type of business.


4. You can start making money quickly

Nobody likes the feeling of pouring effort into something big and then having to wait to see results ? all the while knowing those results may never even come.

If you start a business on Amazon, you don't have to suffer through that agony. Although results vary, many people begin making considerable sales within days of establishing their Amazon shop. And it makes sense: With millions of customers browsing every day, it won?t be long before your product is found and purchased.


5. It can help you build an asset, not just a product

All businesses offer some kind of product. Great businesses are built not only on the products they offer, but also on the assets they build.

Assets are those valuable resources that can't be easily taken away from you or your business ? things like your good reputation, your unique expertise, your loyal customer base. It's easy to see how Amazon can help you build these pillars of success. When you're running your business on Amazon, people know that you're credible, and that you're backed by the industry leader in eCommerce.

And when you consistently deliver your customers the products they want, at a price they like, in a timely manner, you build a lasting relationship with a loyal customer base. Speaking of which…


6. Amazon customers are loyal

Amazon Prime members are highly likely to do their shopping on Amazon without checking other sites or visiting a physical store. This is especially encouraging when you consider how quickly Prime membership is growing. Shoppers trust Amazon to deliver them exactly what they want, from the second they start browsing to the moment they're eagerly ripping into that brown box with the curved arrow printed on the side.

Many of those shoppers will want your product. When they find it on Amazon, they'll buy it, because their trust is already solidified. And they'll keep coming back.

Making it happen

So now that you know why you should start your own business selling on Amazon, you're probably wondering how to do it. After all, Amazon is a big, complex organization operating in many countries.

It’s easier than you think it is. I know because I’ve created several highly profitable businesses this way, and I’ve worked with others who’ve done the same. Together we’ve developed Amazing Selling Machine, a comprehensive guide from Amazing.com that walks you step-by-step through the process of starting and growing a business on Amazon.

Amazon and its sellers are making a lot of money every day, and clearly the BIG opportunity for profit is not the only compelling reason to start your own Amazon business. If you do it right, with some expert guidance, you'll have a booming business that you can be proud of.

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