The Top 5 Questions About Starting an Amazon Business – Answered!

Top 5 Questions About Selling on Amazon AnsweredI am one of the Amazing Selling Machine mentors; you can read about my Amazing Selling Machine story here. I hear a LOT of questions about starting an Amazon business. I’m going to answer the top 5 questions we get, so get ready to learn!

1) What do I need to get started?

You can get started selling on Amazon very quickly and with minimal costs. There is a small monthly Amazon fee of $39.99/month to have a Professional Seller Account. You will also need to purchase inventory and the cost will vary depending on the product you want to sell. You will also need time to dedicate to getting your Amazon business started. The beauty is that the upfront work is the hardest–once you’ve launched and learned the process, the work is less time-intensive. A majority of Amazing Selling Machine students launch successful Amazon businesses while working full time.

2) How soon can I start making money?

After launching a product, some people start making sales on day one, for others it can take up to a few weeks. It depends on how you launch your product, the competition, and the efforts you put behind it. Ultimately, you are building a long-term business and your focus should be on the long-term success. The more action you take the more results you’ll ultimately see.

3) Will I need to ship out packages to my customers?

You absolutely will not have to ship out packages to your customers; all you need to do is ship your product to Amazon and they will handle shipping for you! No reason to be a warehouse when you don?t have to be. There are so many Amazon Prime customers and  they love to shop on Amazon because they can count on their quick shipping and consistency.

4) Is selling on Amazon a get-rich-quick scheme?

When you start your business on Amazon, you are building a tangible asset that you can continuously grow. Amazon’s growth potential is exponential, with sales hitting $100B in 2015! Their international expansion is also creating a great deal of global opportunity. Selling on Amazon is not a get-rich-quick scheme…those who have been successful selling on Amazon have invested time, money, and energy into their business. You are the entrepreneur, Amazon is your launchpad, and Amazing Selling Machine is your blueprint.

5) How do I get started?

So you are probably asking yourself, “How can I start my business on Amazon?” Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post showing you exactly how to create and build your very own Amazon business.

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