$17K to $569K Per MONTH on Shopify

Guide Contents:

  1. Thinking About The Customer
  2. Testing Headlines
  3. Selling Off Amazon
  4. 3x The Price of a Single Product
  5. Only Two Buying Options
  6. Upselling – More Units & Complementary Products
  7. #1 Key To Scaling Fast
  8. Nail The Hook

Hey there! So I’m gonna tell you how we scaled a Shopify store from 17,000 dollars a month the five hundred and sixty nine thousand dollars a month in just about eleven months. So just last year at the beginning of 2019 I ended up having a little bit of extra free time believe it or not and so I ended up partnering up with a friend of mine who kind of had this eCommerce business that was just sitting there and treading water.

You know I really love the product, I actually used it a lot myself and so I was super happy with the product. It was really high quality and I saw the customers kept buying again and again. So they liked the product also but he just wasn’t able to scale the marketing.

He didn’t really have the time to just scale it himself and maybe couldn’t do it either way. So I ended up getting involved with him and he and I partnered up very complementary skill sets. He’s great at dealing with the customer support, dealing with email marketing, and a lot of those sort of parts of the business that he’s been able to specialize in, I specialized in bringing customers in.

Thinking About The Customer

So the way we were able to scale so fast is we really nailed the hook, the offer, the headline, and the entire sales funnel. Now that took a lot of testing, it took about two or three months worth of testing. What we did is I thought about who the customer is, and then I thought about here are all the features and benefits of the product, and I tried to put those two together. I thought what do I think is the main reason people would buy this product? Then I came up with about you know 15 or 20 different reasons and those became hooks, and I turned those into headlines.

Testing Headlines

As you know if somebody’s scrolling through their Facebook news feed or on Instagram what is that thing that’s gonna make them want to stop and pay attention and look at the sales page and eventually buy this product? You know you think you may know that reason but it really helps to test and so we ended up testing about 15 to 20 of these until we really found the right angle.

Based on that we ended up testing about 15 to 20 different headlines specifically within there because if you’ve ever read any, a lot of old copy writing stuff, old marketing stuff, you’ll know how important the headline is. You know some people will say it’ll make up 90% of the results of the entire sales letter is nailing the headline. So spend a lot of time on that and then because this was a direct marketing funnel on our own website not on Amazon or anything like that, we had complete control over the sales funnel.

A lot of people in this sort of situation you know people that I’ve seen that have failed you know they’ve had a lot of success on Amazon maybe they’re doing millions of dollars a year on Amazon then they try to go to their own website and it doesn’t work, and it’s because of the offer.

Selling Off Amazon

On Amazon, you can be targeting keywords and getting away with selling say a $25 product because it doesn’t cost you a lot to get those customers. On your own website, if you’re paying with you know ads or affiliates to get those customers you have to be making more money per sale than what you do on Amazon. So for example I’ve seen people that have had like a twenty five dollar product on Amazon doing very well so they put it on their own website. They start sending ads over there and they’re losing money all day long because maybe it cost them fifty or sixty dollars to acquire a customer straight out of thin air from Facebook to their own website but they’re only selling it for $25 so they’re losing money.

3x The Price of a Single Product

You need to be able to make about three times the amount of a single product sells for so if you sell a product for $25 you want each customer who buys from you to spend on average about $75 or more. The way you do that is by really nailing the offer and by offer I mean how many are they buying? What are they buying for their first order?

Only Two Buying Options

So we’ve tested different options such as buying one unit at a time, three units at a time, six units at a time. So we tested two units, four units, eight units everything you could imagine did the same discount across every quantity different discounts all across all the quantities. What really ended up working for us, which may not be the same for you, you’ll have to test this for yourself, is we made them buy a minimum of three units of the product up front, or they could buy six units, only two options.

Upselling – More Units & Complementary Products

Now we’ve had other people that have made different quantities work but that worked for us, and then on top of that we offer, up sells. We get them to buy more units, we also get them to buy complementary products. So we have an order bump on the “Add to Cart” page and after adding all that stuff in there, an average unit of our sells for about $21 dollars, and we got that up to about $66.

#1 Key To Scaling Fast

So a random person coming to us cold from Facebook is spending on average about three times what we sell a typical product for, about sixty six dollars, that key part is what allowed us to scale so fast. We were able to do that, we knew that we could out spend competitors on Facebook and Instagram ads. We knew that we could go to affiliates with a better offer than anyone else and that’s why we were able to scale so fast. Like I said, in January we did about $17,000, and in December of 2019 we did about $569,000. The same product, same store, and that’s how we were able to scale so fast.

Nail The Hook

So for us to recap it was really nailing the hook you know what is that core thing that’s gonna make people want to buy really nailing the headline really nailing the offer and then everything kind of went from there because when you’ve got those pieces dialed in and you’re able to spend more to acquire a customer than anyone else you can make just about any traffic source work and for us that happened to be Facebook Ads Instagram ads affiliates and also we back it all up with email marketing

So what I want you to do right now is I’ll tell you more about how we scale this business more specific strategies Shopify apps that we use and a lot of other cool things that we’re doing in this business which right now is a hundred percent off Amazon, which is pretty cool because we’re gonna add that piece on later. If you want to learn how we’re doing all that sort of stuff subscribe to our YouTube channel right now and you’ll get to hear all about it. So if you like this video go ahead and like it but more importantly subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get everything that’s coming up next.

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