Peter & Adina’s Secrets To Success (and 70k in monthly revenue)

Peter and Adina joined in October 2014 from Romania. They began their Amazon business speaking English only as their second language. With little money (they took out a large loan to start their business), one salary, and two young children, Peter & Adina had their work cut out for them.  While they had many fears and challenges to face, they were determined to be successful. Now, less than two years later, they are a true inspiration. In this interview, Peter & Adina explain how they’ve approached their Amazon business and how they define success. In less than two years, they’ve traveled the world to meet successful entrepreneurs, sent their oldest child to private school, and reached the 70k mark in monthly revenue for their business.  

Interested in how this determined couple did it? Here are the 3 key secrets to their success…

1. Surround yourself with successful people.

Peter & Adina have traveled the world meeting entrepreneurs and investing in themselves to grow their business.  They strongly believe that surrounding yourself with successful people is the shortest way to success – not only to learn from them, but also for motivation.

Peter: My advice is to stay close to successful people because it’s the shortest path to success.

Adina: The most important thing is attitude and faith.  This is important in success. People don’t believe that they can also be successful.  So we tell people that if you can’t believe, surround yourself with other successful people, so that you can believe it’s possible.

Peter: Before we went to the Maui workshop, we had reached 25k in revenue per month, but our sales had recently slowed. We learned about AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) in Hawaii, but just as importantly, the people we met gave us courage and faith to spend more money on advertising. We’ve spent more on Sponsored Ads and more on AMS at the same time, and we’ve just reached 70k.

Adina: Early on, we decided that education is very important. So for the first year, we launched only one product. In that year, all of our profit went to traveling to Las Vegas (twice), China, and Maui – because we said we had to grow our knowledge first, before growing our business. If we didn’t leave our country to meet these successful people and spend time around them, we’d never be successful. We wanted to see that success was possible for us too. We wanted to invest a lot in building these relationships, and this helped us – it was the most important thing in growing our business. In less than two months, after coming back from Maui, we grew the business from 15k to 70k per month. Now that we’ve accomplished this, we’re ready to add more products.

2) Write down your goals.

Both Peter and Adina have big goals in life. These goals keep them motivated to work hard and overcome any obstacle that comes their way. They’ve already accomplished a lot (in a little over a year), but they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!

Peter: Write down your goals and your dreams, and create an action plan – because a vision, without action, is an illusion.  We created a vision board when we met. It’s a great way to see your dreams. We have a vision board on the wall with all our dreams – places that we want to visit, people and kids that we want to help, good school for our kids, etc. It’s motivated us to jump in, and has brought us to this point. Other things come automatically when you believe in your goal.

Adina: Education is very important to us, so one of our dreams was to be able to afford a good education for our kids.  Within 6 months of building our business, we could pay for our oldest son to attend a very good private school. Peter was also able to quit his job after 6 months of our product being live, which was a big achievement – we can now eat breakfast together every morning with no stress!

We’ve been able to travel to beautiful destinations like Hawaii, and meet so many amazing people – we can’t believe we did it! From nothing, we can now afford these trips from the money that we have made. It’s such an incredible feeling, and we are so happy that we have make it together! This business along with both the struggles and good experiences, has made us stronger as a couple. We love to spend time together and to do this business together!

3) Don’t just do it for the money.

Peter and Adina are caring and charitable people. They recognize that money gives them the freedom to help others and themselves, but money isn’t their end-goal.  We love the way they define their success. 

Adina: Don’t do it for money. I don’t think a successful person is someone with money, I think it’s someone who achieves their dreams – a person who became closer to their happiness and who feels good about themselves.

So we do this because we have dreams, and those are the ones that motivate us to go on, and teach us not to be selfish. We don’t do it just to lead a good life. We think to be happy, we want to help other people be happy.  That’s how we think about success. That’s our goal. We don’t need to be rich people, we just need to live a rich life.

Peter: We do this for the kids and for our family – they are our motivation.  They are our priority, but we have big dreams and targets.

Adina: I love to help people, so a big dream of mine is to open centers in Romania for mental illness. I also want to build homes for kids, as there are many children without parents in Romania. I work on our business, but not always, because I enjoy helping people and doing charity.

Peter: Another dream of mine is to build a business school. There are many young entrepreneurs in Romania, and I want to be able to help in their education. We have referred several people to ASM, and we help them every day.  We have hangouts and everything. I’m a mentor for many of these people.

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