5 Steps to Creating Your Own WeChat Mobile Business

What is your most-used messaging app? My guess is either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But for the Chinese, it’s WeChat. WeChat is now the most-used messaging application in China, with over 650 million users.

With such a large number of users, the Chinese have turned the messaging platform into an ecommerce platform. The app is also an opportunity for anyone overseas to sell to Chinese customers. Celine Fang, our China ecommerce specialist, recently told the story of how she got her mobile business started on WeChat.

We took her very informative blog post and turned it into this infographic, showing you the 5 steps you can take to creating your own WeChat mobile business:

Have you thought about starting a mobile business? Or do you have a business idea already and you want to include the Asia market as one of your targets? Check in with us regularly for more posts about WeChat and how to leverage the platform for your business.

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