“To the Owner of a 7-Figure Ecommerce Business Who Wants to Get to $10 Million
Per Year and Beyond”


“To the Owner of a 7-Figure Ecommerce Business Who Wants to Get to $10 Million Per Year and Beyond”

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Right now, you’ve tried a lot to grow your business. If you’re doing over one million dollars per year in sales, you’ve done well. You know marketing. You know ecommerce. You know how to fulfill products and serve customers.

But, you’re likely stuck.

Once you reach over a million dollars in annual sales, you don’t need more courses or advertising tactics to grow your brand. To get to $10 million per year in sales you need to develop new skills.

First, you need to make sure you have the right products. More importantly, you need the right process for continually rolling out new products without risking what you’ve already built.

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Get new strategies 
proven to work

Second, you need a quick way to get new strategies proven to work without spending hours a day going through courses, forums, or YouTube videos.

Third, you need to learn how to build a team so you can work on your business, not in your business. How do I know this is what you need? Because, I’ve built three businesses with over $10 million in sales or company value.

From $17,000 Per Month to $35 Million Per Year in Four Years

In January of 2019, I partnered up with a friend of mine to help him grow his healthy coffee company. That month, the business produced $17,000 in sales. Last year, in 2023, our company produced over $35 million in sales.

We never raised any money. We didn't used any debt. We haven’t even put more money of ours to grow the business 120X in four years. I scaled businesses before. So, I knew what to avoid and what to focus on to grow Lifeboost without much risk. It worked. I know the same process will work to grow your 7-figure business too.

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Increase Your Sales, Profits, and Freedom as Part of a Private, Elite Group of Entrepreneurs Personally Led by a $300 Million Team

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To help you grow your 7-figure business into a thriving 8-figure business, I’ve put together a team of amazing experts to help facilitate a private mastermind group. This team includes me as the primary mastermind leader, top ecommerce expert Mike McClary, an elite group of 8-figure and 9-figure guest speakers. We want to help you take your business to the next level as a member of The Tycoon Tribe, a private mastermind of 7-figure and 8-figure ecommerce entrepreneurs.

At the end of 2022, we allowed people to apply to join our mastermind for the first time. After careful, personal selection by me, we had our initial group confirmed.

We've met in vibrant and. beautiful locations, such as Austin, Texas, Miami, Florida, Cabo, and Denver, Colorado. We've shared strategies, problem-solved, and built relationships.

The results for our mastermind members have far exceeded my expectations. Hear from a few of them below.

Here’s what a few of the mastermind members had to say in the follow-up survey after the first session

Denisse - Tycoon Tribe

"You get your return in the first mastermind... Because you get to deep dive into your business and apply things right away."


Miguel - Tycoon Tribe

"By being in this mastermind, I feel that my initial investment has at least 10 fold... It's worth it."

Derek - Tycoon Tribe

"From the last one, we were implementing things while we were there. We would go home after the event and implement things in our business and your getting revenue almost immediately." 

Join the Exclusive Tycoon Group:

This isn’t about the money for me...

My businesses and investments are all I need to thrive financially. So, after years of resisting creating a mastermind because of the time and commitment involved, I made the leap. I saw too many successful entrepreneurs stuck and unsure of how to get to true freedom. That level begins at $10 million. I decided to create the type of mastermind with the kind of people I would want if I were joining such a group.

If accepted, you'll join a group of amazing, driven, giving, fun people that can help take your business - and life - to the next level of success.

What You Get as a Member of Our
Private Mastermind

Here’s what’s included if you’re accepted into our private mastermind

Up to three in-person, multi-day private mastermind sessions per year

Regular one-on-one coaching calls with me and top Amazon expert, Mike McClary

Live virtual Tycoon Talks in Matt Clark shares what's working to drive his 8-figure businesses forward

(Limited Time Only) The option to bring a business partner to the mastermind sessions for free

Exclusive access to all training recordings from the mastermind sessions

Access to the private online community for mastermind members

Our Upcoming Mastermind: December 5th & 6th, 2023 in Austin, Texas!

We’re opening up a few spots to join the Tycoon Tribe because our next mastermind is a little less than two months away.

This December 5th & 6th, 2023, all mastermind members are invited to join us in the hill country near Austin, TX.

For two full days, we’ll share the best we have to offer to grow your ecommerce business. We’ll also bring in a surprise guest or two as usual :)

Here’s an overview of the agenda:

  • Monday, December 4th: Arrival and Welcome Reception at night
  • Tuesday, December 5th: All-day mastermind session and group activity at night
  • Wednesday, December 6th: All-day mastermind session and optional group dinner at night
Note: You can depart the night of December 6th anytime after 6 p.m. or anytime the following day, December 7th (recommended)


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Agenda For A Typical Mastermind Session


Day 1

  • 7PM: Welcome reception

Day 2

  • 9:30AM to Noon: Strategies & tactics
  • 1PM to 2:30PM: Strategies & tactics
  • 2:45PM to 5PM: Workshop & group discussion
  • 6PM to 10PM: Dinner and activity

Day 3

  • 9:30AM to Noon: Strategies & tactics
  • 1PM to 2:30PM: Guest speaker (high-level e-commerce expert)
  • 2:45PM to 4:40PM: Hot seats & group discussion
  • 4:40 to 5PM: Wrap-up
  • 7PM to 9:30PM: Farewell sunset dinner

What’s in each
mastermind session


What we cover for each
mastermind session:

  • Meeting room cost
  • Event management cost
  • Meals & unique activities for you
  • Meals & unique activities for one business partner (limited time only)

What you cover:

  • Your transportation to the mastermind session
  • Your hotel room

More From Our Members


Who this
Mastermind is For

Here are the qualifications to join The Tycoon Tribe. You must:

  • Be the owner of an ecommerce business with at least $1 million per year in sales (all channels combined)
  • Sell high-quality products and do honest, ethical marketing (no scammers allowed)
  • Be willing to share your products and strategies with your fellow mastermind members in the private mastermind sessions (no personal information is distributed with the recordings)
  • Attend at least one in-person session per year
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The Big Vision: A Billion Dollar Alliance

Our vision for this mastermind is to create an alliance of highly successful ecommerce entrepreneurs representing a billion dollars in company value or sales. We plan to do this without making the group too big.

To achieve this goal, we need to get multi-million dollar ecommerce business owners in the group and then scale together. Our goal is every member owns a business with a minimum of $10 million per year in sales (some much higher).

Imagine being a part of an intimate group of entrepreneurs representing a billion dollars worth of business…imagine the power of having this elite group support you, help you, and be there to make sure you keep pushing higher.

That’s why The Tycoon Tribe exists.

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Your Investment to Join the Mastermind

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With one connection through one mastermind, I built a business with $100 million in sales and changed thousands of lives. If I trace back my biggest leaps in business, every leap is connected to meeting the right person at the right time. The power of being in a private group with motivated entrepreneurs in the same business as you who have your back is almost priceless.

However, I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you. I know most elite masterminds are priced between $25,000 and $100,000 (my business partners and I have been in masterminds at both of those prices). The power of being in a group like this can't be overstated. Just one connection or one insight can double or even 10X your business.  I truly want to create a mastermind with the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s mastermind, The Junto, almost 300 years ago: a “club of mutual improvement”. 

With that said, there are real costs to putting this group together, organizing the sessions, and maintaining the mastermind. My goal is you get 10X what you invest every year.

Only 10 spots available.

Attend Your First Mastermind
Session Risk-Free

You likely see the value in the mastermind to group your business. However, how do you really know what it’s like until you experience it in-person? You don’t. That’s why I’m inviting you to attend the first mastermind session 100% risk-free.

If you’re accepted into The Tycoon Tribe, you’ll pay your first month’s mastermind fee to complete your registration. Next, you’ll get access to the private community to meet the other members. Then, we’ll provide you hotel and logistics information for the next mastermind session scheduled.

Once you attend your first mastermind session, if you decide it’s not right for you, just let us know by breakfast on the second day. Talk with me or one of the other hosts to let us know you’ve decided the mastermind is not a good fit. Turn in your mastermind materials from the session. Within 24 hours, we’ll issue you a 100% refund for your mastermind fees paid to-date.

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  • You must let me or one of the other hosts know you want out the second morning of the mastermind session before the mastermind starts (9AM.)
  • You must attend your first mastermind session within six months of joining the mastermind.
  • Your transportation, hotel, and other costs are not included in your refund. Only your mastermind fees will be refunded to you.
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Apply to Join The Tycoon Tribe

If you own a 7-figure ecommerce business and want to scale to $10 million per year and beyond, then we’d love for you to apply to join our mastermind. Here’s what you get:

  • Access to up to three multi-day in-person mastermind sessions per year.
  • Access to regular virtual monthly mastermind sessions.
  • Access to all recordings from the sessions
  • Access to the private online community only for mastermind members
  • Ability to bring a business partner to each mastermind session for free (Limited Time Only)

Spots are limited. We want to keep this elite mastermind to a small size. Our goal is for every person in the mastermind mind to know each other. This isn’t possible if the group gets too big.

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Only 10 spots available. Anybody else will have to wait to join! So apply now before all spots are taken.

Your Mastermind Hosts

Matt Clark
Mike McClary
Mike McClary