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The 5-Step Guide to Starting a Business on Shopify

Welcome to our 5-step guide for launching a Shopify business! We'll take you through the steps necessary to set up your Shopify store.  This manual will help you open your store quickly and effectively, regardless of whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your current business. To get started, download your free guide right away!


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Selling online made easy
Anne Ferris

"I made a firm commitment to myself that this would work no matter what. I wanted to be doing $50,000 a month in sales... I hit that goal within the first nine months... And this past month I did over $81,000 in sales."

Amazing.com Member
Paul Nicholl

“I have been selling for just under 11 months now and have 6 products. My monthly revenue is $86k with an overall bottom line profit of $13k. I am far more passionate about what I do now.” 

Tatiana James

"I was able to build a very successful eCommerce business with no prior experience. Now, I enjoy a lifestyle I never even dreamed possible."

Steve M
“My phone keeps dinging with sales from my Shopify store! With the guidance of this course, I was able to launch a few landing pages and FB ads and within a few days, I'm already profitable!”
Mae C.
“I just reached 20k revenue this morning! It has been less than 4 weeks since launch!”

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Start Your Online Business with Confidence: A 5-Step Guide to Shopify Success

Are you looking to launch a successful online business, but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Our 5-step guide to starting a business on Shopify is here to help. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to get your online store up and running, from selecting the right products to setting up payment and shipping options. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve success. Check out what’s inside!

  • Learn the 5 essential steps to starting a successful business on Shopify
  • Get a clear understanding of how to set up your online store
  • Discover how to maximize the potential of Shopify's features and tools
  • Avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions for your business
  • Save time and effort by following a proven roadmap to success.

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