ASM 12-Month Buy Back Guarantee

The Guarantee:  If you don’t generate at least $3,000 in combined sales on Shopify and Amazon within 12 months of joining Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), then we will offer you a full refund for what you paid to join the Amazing Selling Machine and buy back your membership.

All we ask is that you take action and complete the following steps using the methods taught in the program:

  • Purchase 300 or more units of a new product that meets our criteria for a good product opportunity
  • Have your product reviewed and approved by one of our Client Success Managers
  • Create a Shopify landing page and an Amazon product detail page for your product
  • Ensure your Shopify landing page includes at least one upsell and one product bundle
  • Launch your product on both Shopify and Amazon within 8 months of your purchase of the program
  • Advertise your product on Amazon and Facebook with a minimum ad spend of $500 on each advertising platform
  • Have completed all lessons within ASM

If, after 12 months from your date of purchase of ASM you have completed all of those actions as taught in the training and still have not generated at least $3,000 in combined sales we will offer you a full refund on what you paid for the Amazing Selling Machine upon verification that you qualify.

Who is eligible:  This  guarantee is only available to those who purchased the Amazing Selling Machine between July 14th and July 21st, 2023 through either the Lifetime Access option or Pay-As-You-Go monthly membership option. If you refund your purchase or discontinue your monthly membership prior to the end of 12 months, you will no longer be eligible.

How to submit your request:  If after 12 months from your purchase of ASM you have completed all of the required steps and feel you qualify, you must submit your request within 30 days to Upon receipt of that request, our team will provide you with instructions for verifying your qualification.

To do so, we may require documentation verifying the actions taken as well as access to the following accounts: Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Advertising. Failure to do so may disqualify you from this guarantee.